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  • Name: Artyom Tkachenko ( Artem Tkachenko )
  • Date of birth: 30 April 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Kaliningrad
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Artem Tkachenko: biography

    Artem Valerievich Tkachenko was born April 30, 1982 in Kaliningrad. To 9 grade I went to regular high school and the theatre was not even thinking. But when it came time to choose future profession, my mother told Artemas or to enroll in circus school, or go to school in a class with a theatrical leaning.

    Guy was so-so, not particularly fond of either the exact or the Humanities, so I decided to try something new. Later Artem Tkachenko with humor recalled:

    «Remember, classify me, teachers were told that I may be even older. At that time my height was about 165 centimeters, I had big eyes and ears, but by nature I was very active, sometimes nervous, but not violent».

    The second after mom’s the person who influenced the choice of the acting profession, was Boris Iosifovich, Benenson that in the theater Studio, taught acting and theatre history. He pushed Artem after school to go to the capital and to enter the Higher drama school named after M. S. Schepkin.

    Interestingly, classmates Artem Tkachenko was a popular actress Olga and Tatiana Arntgolts. Then they studied together in «Chips».

    Film career

    The school Shchepkin Artem graduated in 2002. In 2005 played on the stage of the Moscow Jewish theater «Shalom.»

    Biography of Artyom Tkachenko movie were much better than the theatrical and was launched in 2000, the second year of theatre school. An aspiring Actor debuted in the film «wishcraft». Another trial Director Evgeny Lavrentiev Artem advised to «relax and hold the theater.» The fact that the aspiring actor moved to the set manner of work on the theatrical stage: he screamed loudly and vigorously gesticulating.

    His first prominent role Artem Tkachenko has played in the film Ruslan Baltzer «don’t Even think 2: Shadow of independence». The tape was released in 2004. It was a fun teen Comedy about three lucky named Marat, and Nick White. Tkachenko played White.

    Successful for Artem Tkachenko was 2005: he met the famous Director Alexander (Alec) Tsabadze. First, Tsabadze Tkachenko was invited to play in its successful mini-series «the Bay of Philip», and then in the title role of the painting «Russian triangle». The film received good reviews from critics and audiences.

    Truly Golden Chapter in the cinematic biography of Artem Tkachenko was enriched after the release of a fantastic Thriller Philip Jankowski «swordsman» with Chulpan Khamatova. This tape brought Tkachenko long-awaited popularity. The character that played Tom, reluctant killer, the man the world has turned into a monster.

    I must say that the artist is with great joy took up this role because after a few Comedy to Artem almost rooted the stigma of the actor comedic roles. Distinguishing characters Tkachenko has always been brilliant. The fans of Artem Tkachenko in was reminded of this after seeing his work in the popular TV series «the Life and adventures of Teddy jap», where he played «dark horse» Rzhev-Rajewski.

    Among the last works of the actor today – romantic Comedy «Zolushka» and the 12-serial film «the dragon Syndrome».

    Personal life

    A few years Tkachenko was married to Russian actress Ravshan Kursovoy, known for the TV series «Barvikha» and «Golden. Barvikha 2». Their relationship began in 2004, but in 2008, the marriage broke up.

    Some believe that the cause of the rupture was Ravshan, who had an affair with a well-known secular photographer Dmitry Isakov. Others argue that the blame for Arthur himself, who cared for the star of the show «Two destinies» Ekaterina Semenova.

    Former wife never accused each other of anything and did not comment on the divorce. Moreover, Artem Tkachenko and ravshana Kurkova has kept a cordial relationship, they often go together.

    Personal life of Artem Tkachenko of maladies 2012, when the actor married a second time. His wife was Eugenia Hrapovicky model and actress. In January 2013 the family had a son Tikhon.

    In early June of 2015 in the media talking about the fact that the relationship Tkachenko and Krapovickas come to the final. Cause of discord was the relationship Evgenia and Igor Vernik.

    After parting with his wife, Artem Tkachenko was often to go out with actress Catherine Stabling. The young people did not comment on their relationship, but in June 2016 Tkachenko said that they are preparing to become parents.


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    Artem Tkachenko

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