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  • Name: Artem Suchkov ( Artem Suchkov )
  • Date of birth: 3 August 1992
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Artem Suchkov: biography

    Artem Suchkov was born and raised in Nizhny Novgorod. In adolescence I became interested in the cinema, but more as a spectator. He studied at the music school, piano class, self has managed to learn guitar. After graduating from high school, the young man decides to approach the beloved and entered the Nizhny Novgorod theatre school named after Eugene Evstigneeva in the drama Department. Until graduating from College in 2012, his creative Director was honored artist of the Russian Federation Alexander Myurisep.

    After graduation Artem Suchkov moved to Moscow and gets a job at the theater «Hermitage», which is the artistic Director the honored artist of the RSFSR Mikhail Levitin.

    Over 2 years of work in this theater of Knots have been involved in many productions, but is most clearly manifested itself in the productions of «Kapnist», «Destiny of the drummer», «Evvel» and «Courage». Later, on the recommendation Levitin, the actor has entered the Russian University of theatre arts GITIS on the second actor’s education.


    Since 2013, the young actor was involved in many series, at first playing mostly the role of adolescents and schoolchildren. But later his creative Arsenal expanded: Suchkov played the role of bully in the TV drama «Second chance» and took part in the promotional video on the image of a Tibetan monk.

    In the Comedy «Mixed feelings» Artem played a friend of the protagonist – DJ Phil Kalatozov, who, after the electric shock starts to experience shared emotions of a perfect stranger to him a man. It was the first big role of the actor.

    Real career success Suchkova should be a rap the musical «Bonus» about teenage dreams to achieve success, the difficulties on the path to glory. In the series Valeria Gai Germanicus, which will be released in 2016, the actor playing the drug dealer Reverend green is the best friend of rapper Bonus, the main character.

    Artem got to sample quite by accident. He auditioned for a company with a friend, but demonstrating your abilities, almost immediately, was included in the cast. However, first he applied for a job Vova Bonus, but in the end the role went to another aspiring actor Alexander Sudarev.

    Also Artem Suchkov involved in the filming of the fantasy-fiction Thriller «the Eternal cold». It performs the role of one of the hockey players who came to the Museum, where exhibits are stored mythological creatures and nonhuman entities.

    Personal life

    Artem Suchkov several years met with actress Lydia Paperboy, and in 2014 they were officially signed. Lydia took her husband’s name.

    The main hobby of the young actor is horse riding and travel.


    • 2013 — Island of luck
    • 2013 — Between us girls
    • 2013 — Moscow. Three station
    • 2013 — the Last station
    • 2014 — speak of the devil
    • 2014 — Mixed feelings
    • 2014 — Dad for growth
    • 2015 — Mafia: the Game of survival
    • 2016 — the Eternal cold
    • 2016 — Bonus


    Artem Suchkov

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