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  • Name: Artem Semakin ( Artem Semakin )
  • Date of birth: 12 July 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Chelyabinsk
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Artyom Semakin : biography

    Many viewers remember this actor for his role in the sitcom «born Not pretty». Artyom Semakin has played nick Zorkin, senseless and insecure bespectacled friend of main character Katya.

    Artem was born in July 1980 in Chelyabinsk. He grew up in a single-parent family. Him and younger sister Dasha was raised by my mother Natalia. She had to work hard to make ends meet and to put on the legs of two children. Is she having a musical education, worked wherever she could to get. Artem Semakina was also ear and voice. But in the musical-pedagogical College he studied for only 2 years.

    And school Artem wasn’t fond of: quit school after the 9th grade. The guy had a dream: to go to one of the famous theatre schools in the capital. To raise money for an expensive trip, Semakin worked much. He worked as a courier, carried the bulky theatrical scenery. When assembled the required amount, went to conquer Moscow. Went with a friend who had the same dream.

    Did the both of you. Artem Semakin – in the Shchukin drama school, one in the School-Studio of MKHAT. In Schukinskaya Semakin got on the course to a talented teacher Yuri Shlykov. In 2001, the young actor was admitted to the «Tabakerka» of Oleg Tabakov.


    In the famous «Snuff» Semakin debuted in the role of Novikova in the show «Soldiers». But after 2 years I moved to the Center of modern drama and directing, where he was engaged in the performance «Not spoken about».

    A cinematic biography of Artem Semakina began in his student years. He starred in a small role in the TV series «Simple truth», which was very handy. The actor not only gained the first experience filming a movie, but also earned money, which was very useful in Moscow. For the «Simple truths» went the loud episodes in «Down house» and «Joker».

    The first major role went to Artem Semakin in 2002, when he was in his last year of high school. Well-known Director Nikolay Lebedev invited him to one of the main roles in the military drama «the Star». The actor played scout Sparrow (Vorobyov average). On the filming of this remarkable film Semakin first realized that this hardship of the acting profession. The film was shot in suburban Alabino in 40-degree heat. Three months the troupe lived in army barracks. After a grueling filming the actors fell in the local river right in the outfit.

    After the film’s release Artem Semakin woke up famous. He is so pathetically played the role of scout, who tragically died, the deputies of the state Duma, was watching a movie, the scene of the death of the Sparrow looked standing. It was a great success.

    In 2003 Semakin played a small role in the rating series «Kamenskaya». He appeared in the 3rd season of the series «the Stylist». And in 2004, again luck a prominent role in the film Karen Shakhnazarov’s «a Rider named Death.» The young actor brilliantly reincarnated as the terrorist Ivan kalyayev. It was quite a difficult job. After Kalyaev claims that he is deeply religious. At the same time, he throws a bomb. With the help of talented Director Artem managed to find the right solution and to play authentically and skillfully.

    The star role, which made Artem Semakina widely known, came to him in 2005 along with the series «Not born beautiful». Loser nick brought the young actor’s incredible luck. Later, the actor admitted that in many ways like his hero. He, too, had to wear clothes from second-hand and look to put it mildly, a provincial simpleton. The only thing that distinguishes Artem Nikolai glasses. Kohl they save myopia, and the artist Semakin them is «image».

    The next big role has not slowed down with the advent. As soon as the filming of the series, as Semakina invited to play in the film, with elements of fantasy called «wolfhound of the Grey Dogs». It was released in 2007 and got a loud and mixed reviews.

    However, the big resonance was caused by almost all the projects that appear Artyom Semakin. Such was the film «Last weekend» and «Dead daughters». As later admitted Artyom Semakin, to play the Thriller was really scary. But audiences and critics were once again convinced: the artist on the shoulder of a role in a variety of roles, from light Comedy to heavy, requiring deep psychology.

    In 2015 the fans of Artem Semakina saw the actor in the new film adaptation of the play Alexander Vampilov «Duck hunt», which made Alexander Proshkin and Aleksandr Rodionov. Drama called «Paradise». The role of Zilov went to Evgeny Tsyganov, and Semakin played kuzakova.

    Personal life

    In the biography Semakina two failed marriages. The first wife of the actor was his colleague, the beautiful Anastasia Milyaeva. The couple have a daughter, Sophia. But this Union could not stand the betrayal Artem. On shootings «be Not born beautiful», he met another beauty – Maria Mashkova, the transmission and left the family.

    But the marriage with Mary lasted only 3 years, although it all began very cheerfully, and in his interviews Mashkov confessed that feels great happiness from the fact that with her Artem.

    Personal life Artem Semakina back in the news. He has a new girlfriend – the Frenchwoman Cecile Plunge. If you believe the rumors, the actor is planning to marry and adopt a child Cecile from a former marriage.


    • «The simple truth»
    • «Down House»
    • «Star»
    • «Kamenskaya-3: Hair Stylist»
    • «The rider named Death»
    • «Not born beautiful»
    • «Wolfhound of the Gray Dogs»
    • «The last weekend»
    • «Dead daughters»
    • «Paradise»


    Artem Semakin

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