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  • Name: Artem Pindyura ( Artyom Pindyura )
  • Date of birth: 13 February 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 179
  • Activity: Singer, member of «MBand»
  • Marital status: not married

    Artem Pindyura: biography

    Hip-hop artist, winner of music reality show «Want to Meladze», the participant of group «M-band» songwriter Artyom pindyura born 13 February 1990 in Kiev, Ukraine. He graduated from the 59th secondary school with intensive study of Ukrainian literature.

    In music school the boy did not go, but interest in music was. Fourteen Pindyura begins to study hip-hop culture and rap. Learning in school is not really like a future star, so Tom had often skip class, preferring the classes in the gym. From an early age is a healthy way of life and active in sports.

    His parents have always supported the undertakings of the son, and wanted him to do things. That’s why the rapper has always been freedom of choice. Parents are very proud of his son, because he was able to show their talent and share their creativity with people.

    Artem Pindyura: «I Want to Meladze»

    In twenty-two years Pindyura decides to radically change his life and moved from Kiev to Moscow. He gets a job in the Moscow night strip club bartender. After working there for a while, Tom realizes that this profession is not for him, as the young man dreams of the big stage.

    The money Pindyura writes a few songs and making his own videos: «don’t give up», «Soul», «Hip-hop for me» and others. Some time Artem performs as a solo hip hop performer under the pseudonym

  • Kid, but the wide publicity it brings him no. The life of an artist has changed in 24 years when Pindyura learned about the project «Want to Meladze». His performance of the recitative very much famous rapper Timati, who invited the guy into his team.

    Note that the project Pindyura found out by accident and decided to seize the opportunity that opens the way to the big stage. Television project «Want to Meladze» became a turning point in the career of Artem. After participating in this reality show, the rapper became known in Russia and in Ukraine.

    His first coach was the famous Russian rapper Timati, but later at the request of Konstantin Meladze Pindyura goes to the team of Sergey Lazarev. As Artem said in an interview, he is grateful to his mentors for what they have shared a great experience. It helped him grow professionally and improve their skills.

    Pindyura not only became a finalist of the show, he won together three such talented guys. Konstantin Meladze invited Artem to the group «MBand», composed of Vladislav Ramm, Anatoly Tsoy, Nikita Kiosse.

    The participants are actively working, writing songs, new videos. Konstantin Meladze wrote for the band’s new hit «

  • She’ll be back». In the nearest plans of the group’s numerous concerts and tours. By the way, young rapper Artem Pindyura not only performs hip-hop songs, he is their author.

    Artem Pindyura: personal life

    About my personal life Pendure little is known. At age 20 he married a girl, whose name has not been disclosed. Their marriage lasted only six months, and even the birth of a child did not save the relationship. The problem is that the ex-wife did not share the fascination with Artem, it was against a musical career and did not support her husband in his creative endeavors. Because of the many differences the couple broke up, or rather, the young wife went to another. This event caused a prolonged depression, the artist. Artem began to drink alcoholic beverages in large quantities, conduct a wrong way of life, got in with bad company. But one day Pindyura realized that it was no good, and decided to take himself in hand.

    Does Artyom relationship with his ex-wife, is unknown. But with the daughter of the musician communicates, judging by his social networks. At the moment favorite rapper no, the guy has not much time for personal life, the priority is career.

    Artem Pindyura: discography

    • Hip hop for me
    • Don’t give up
    • Pauline I colinh
    • During the fast rap
    • She’ll be back
    • Soul

    Artem Pindyura: photo

    Artem Pindyura

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