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  • Name: Artem Osipov ( Artem Osipov )
  • Date of birth: 29 January 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Saratov
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Artem Osipov: biography

    Russian actor Artem Aleksandrovich Osipov was born in 1983 in Saratov. From childhood the boy was interested in the theater, so his parents enrolled him in theatre. In school, Tom studied at the Saratov Conservatory, but after graduation chose the acting profession.

    Osipov has successfully passed all the exams and entered the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre is on course for Konstantin Arkadyevich Raikin. From the second year of training, the actor plays on the stage of the Satirikon theatre. Artem’s first job was a role in Shakespeare’s tragedy «Macbeth», staged by Yury Butusov. After graduating from the Studio school team is invited to work of the famous Moscow theater «Satyricon».

    Artem Osipov movies

    The debut actor in the movie took place in 2005, he was offered a small cameo role in the popular TV series «Lawyer-2». The following picture was melodrama «love as love», working in this project, Tom has got an important experience. After him, as he said in one interview, I was lucky to work with such great actors as Sergey Nikonenko, Boris Shcherbakov, Larisa Luzhin.

    In 2007, Osipov acted in the popular detective series «

  • Elimination», which received numerous awards: TEFI, the «Golden eagle» and became «Best television series» of 2008. But all of these projects did not bring the desired popularity. Just after starring Sasha moss in the television series»
  • Sasha, my love», Osipov had a taste of fame.

    In 2011, the actor appeared in the historical series «

  • Adventures of Mishka Yaponchik», who has rightfully earned the audience’s love and acceptance. No less significant event in the career of the actor was the invitation in the historical melodrama «
  • One night of love». Note that Osipov was filmed at the same venue with the stars of the Soviet cinema Irina Muravyova and Alexander Filippenko. «One night of love» was nominated for an international award «Emmy international» as the best show in the world. Despite a career in TV, the actor does not forget about the theater. In 2009 together with Konstantin Raikin he is working on a film of the play «King Lear», Director of which was made by Yuri Butusov. From time to time, Osipov played in theatrical performances.

    Artem Osipov: personal life

    Osipov active in films, performing in the theater, on personal life he simply did not have time. Therefore, his own family, the artist there, my love haven’t met. But Osipov’s not worried about it.

    Artem loves to travel, cook (the artist has even a second discharge pastry chef), sports. By the way, sports became the reason that the actor began to personally carry out on the set of dangerous and difficult stunts.

    In 2012, the Russian media has stirred up the news that a leading artist of the «Satyricon» Artem Osipov together with a pregnant sister and her husband got in an accident near Penza. The cause of the accident – the driver could not regain control, the car flew into a ditch. Fortunately, anybody from passengers of the car were seriously injured. Sister of actor suffered a concussion and minor bruises.

    Artem Osipov filmography

    • Love is as love
    • Doctor Tyrsa
    • Elimination
    • Sasha, my love
    • Gang
    • St. Petersburg vacation
    • Bros 2
    • The right to the truth
    • Mine
    • The son of father of the nation
    • Dumplings

    Artem Osipov: photo

    Artem Osipov

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