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  • Name: Artem Muratov ( Muratov Artem )
  • Date of birth: 7 November 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Tyumen
  • Activity: comedian, entertainer
  • Marital status: married

    Artem Muratov: biography

    Humorist and showman Artem Muratov was born in November 1984 in Tyumen. In his family no actors, no artists were not, but humor appreciated by all, reasonably believing that with the joke, life becomes prettier.

    Artem Muratov in childhood
    Artem Muratov in childhood | VK

    In school, Artem Muratov was no different from his peers and was fond of the same as everything: sports, movies, and the extent of permissible strolling lessons. That’s really what school initiative participated with much more pleasure than all the rest. Especially loved the WHC, which from time to time held in his school.

    As for the success and focus of priorities, Muratov gave an exact science, while the humanitarian is also respected.

    Artem Muratov
    Artem Muratov | VK

    After graduating from secondary school Tom, like most of his peers and countrymen, entered the branch of Tyumen state University in Novy Urengoy, where after a 4-year student went to study in Tyumen University. A degree in Economics he was awarded in 2007. However, a degree Muratov never worked. Because it is only by education financier and the showers were always an artist.


    Currently Artem Muratov says he is leading the singing, dancer, actor and macho. Latest more a joke because my friends say that the teacher is faithful and family-oriented.

    Play KVN «seriously» the young man began in his student years. And to new heights» the game was released in Tyumen University, where the student immediately recognized a talented showman with a very creative mind. Think different funny situations happened to Muratov everywhere, like he was drawn to them. The boy immediately creatively «endured» comes great jokes, dialogues, skits and Stems.

    Artem Muratov
    Artem Muratov | VK

    In the famous KVN team «Union» Artem Muratov appeared in the same way as his colleagues Aidar Garayev, Victor Detkov, Maxim Morozov, Kirill Kokovkin, Alexander Alimov and Elena Gushchina. First, Muratov with Qarayev played in the University team «Harvard.» Later it merged with another team of KVN of Shadrinsk called «Mol». This «fusion» was renamed «Union». Birthday «Union» celebrates 13 January, and the year of birth is considered the year of 2011. That’s when the team checked in at the Sochi festival.

    Artem Muratov I. KVN team
    Artem Muratov KVN team «Union» | VK

    According to Aidar Garayev, which agreed with other team members, Artem Muratov is the joke of the «Union». In the team call him my Muse, or one of the muses. The guys claim that at every meeting before the rehearsal does not start training until I hear funny stories from Muratov and not inspired by its sense of humor .

    And Artem Muratov called a fat dancer. Well, what about weight – it’s a moot point, but the dancing entertainer and showman do not only loves, but also knows how. To take care of this sister Artema. As it turned out, she lives in Moscow and is professionally engaged in fitness. Coached by sister Timothy. The skill of the showman can be assessed in the dance room of the Union.

    To all the above Artem Muratov and sings perfectly, providing with Elena Gushchina and Aidar Garayev great vocal «Union.»

    With regard to employment records, Artem Muratov it says the artist. It works on the Urengoy House of culture «October», where, as the joke of the Members, «is the samovar, private Ivanov and the clown».

    Personal life

    Artem Muratov – a family man. With his wife Ulyana he met at University, when I was in Novy Urengoy. But at that time they were just familiar and nice to each other. But the novel was started after moving to Tyumen at the 4th course.

    Artem Muratov wife
    Artem Muratov wife |

    The pair are in the same company, where he met student and spent weekends and holidays together. Sympathy developed into friendship, and friendship is on closer examination turned out to be love. However, young people with a good sense of humor, not just to believe that there is between them a sense can be called that way. But time has proved: Yes, the most that neither is true love.

    Artem Muratov, his wife Uliana
    Artem Muratov, his wife Uliana | VK

    Juliana was collected by Artem on tour, to which he travelled regularly back in University. Was looking forward to his return. It was always a holiday, because the teacher loved to give flowers to your sweetheart and not shy to show the exalted and romantic feelings.

    Personal life Artem Muratov and Ulyana took shape in official relations 4 years after graduation. As expected from comedians and entertainers, offer of marriage, which he made his future wife, not without a funny incident. Muratov hid the ring in the cake. When the girl, after eating a piece, I heard that the ring was hidden in the cake, she was afraid she had swallowed a valuable «surprise». Fortunately, the ring was in the remaining cake. Then Artem Muratov with a sense of relief was on his knee and proposed.

    Artem Muratov with his wife and son
    Artem Muratov with his wife and son |

    Of course, Juliana agreed, what has never regretted. The couple had a son, Daniel A.. That’s happiness was that the young family had decided not to stop there and expand on.


    Artem Muratov

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