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  • Name: Artem Mikhalkov ( Artem Mihalkov )
  • Date of birth: 8 December 1975.
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, Director, presenter, screenwriter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Artem Mikhalkov biography

    The children of famous parents life is not easy. They constantly have to prove that they are better or at least not worse than their relatives. Artem Mikhalkov, the middle son Nikita Mikhalkov, has managed to overcome all prejudices and build your own career as a Director, screenwriter, actor and TV host.

    Artem N. Mikhalkov was born in 1975 in the well-known family. Grandfather was the legendary Soviet writer, the father of the famous Russian film Director and producer, Andrey Konchalovsky — famous film Director and screenwriter. In such a talented family has to meet the high bar, if not to be better.

    Artem Mikhalkov
    Artem Mikhalkov | Kinodom

    In the school years Artem was not easy, peers treated him biased. The first time the boy tried to prove to everyone that he is an ordinary person not guilty that was born in a famous family. But classmates did not accepted these arguments, so friends he almost was not. By the age of seventeen the young man was very worried about this, but then decided that it is necessary to appreciate what you have.

    After studying a year at the American College, the young man returned to Russia and independently enters VGIK on Director’s faculty on course Marlena hutsieva. When you receive the father helped the son, since not even know about his plans. Yes a character, Nikita Mikhalkov is such that it is unlikely that he agreed to it.


    After graduating from VGIK Artyom learns that this glory and recognition. His graduation short film lasting eleven minutes under the name «Stop» has received several prestigious awards: «Saint Anne 1999» in Moscow international film festival «Molodist» in Kiev and the international film festival in San-Pierre-des-corps-99 in France.

    Artem Mikhalkov in the series
    Artem Mikhalkov in the TV series «Plot» | full MOVIE.RU

    Artem got a little experience, he was an assistant Director in the film «the Barber of Siberia». In addition, Mikhalkov, Jr. played the role of Buturlin. It was his acting debut, which brought him great fame and recognition. Moreover, as an actor he has long been virtually no demand from 1999 to 2005 on account of his only a few episodic roles: in the drama of G. Balayan’s «Two moon, three Sun» in the popular Russian TV series «Plot» and drama movie «Seventy-two meters.»

    His stellar role, the actor waited a long time. Fame came to Artyom Mikhalkov after painting by Fyodor Bondarchuk «Devyataya Rota». The role of Stas was promised to the actor at the beginning of the film. As time went on, but Director Bondarchuk invitation was not. Casting has already ended, and Mikhalkov nobody is invited. The actor has already decided that the Director forgot about it. But after a while got a call from the assistant Bondarchuk and invited Mikhalkov-younger to audition.

    Artem Mikhalkov in the movie
    Artem Mikhalkov in the movie «9 Rota» | Filmoteka

    On the premiere of the film was attended by all the relatives, including the famous father, who said a good acting son. Although, it should be noted that Nikita Sergeyevich very generous with praise regarding other.


    In addition to acting, Mikhalkov the younger had to prove themselves as a leading. In 2009, he leads a series of programs on the NTV channel «Legends of the salons» only had twelve editions. Also was the lead entertainment at the CTC.

    Artem Mikhalkov appeared on television as a guest star in many popular shows. For example, in 2007, Artem participated in «Circus with stars», later was the project «polyglot», where Mikhalkov-younger studied Italian. One of the last high-profile projects was a program of «Ice age». Artem Mikhalkov played in a pair with a skater Tatiana Navka.

    Artem Mikhalkov Tetyana I. Navka in the show
    Artem Mikhalkov and Tatiana Navka in the show «Ice age» | FederalPress World News

    In the end Artem was able to prove to everyone that he is a person, and its success owes only to itself, but not stellar parents. Mikhalkov Jr. was able to make it work. Director and actor with his own production company called «Film».

    Today he joined the team of associates who embody their ideas in music videos, commercials, documentaries. Among his works of the film it is possible to note the video for the band «lube» for the song «Guys from our yard», several high-quality documentaries: «the Library of Russian classics», «the passion of Russia» and others.

    In parallel with directing the work of Mikhalkov, Jr. continues to act in films. In 2009 came the action movie with his participation «the Way». In addition, the actor was invited to several well-known films: «duhless», «Talk to me about love», «May tape», «do You love me?» and others.

    Personal life

    With his wife, the actor met during his student years. Dasha was then the entrant, Artem has been studied. A young girl approached the group of guys that asked, word for word, and they Mikhalkov exchanged phone numbers. Communicated by young people for about a month, then the connection was broken.

    The second time they met quite by accident in one of night clubs where Dasha was celebrating his birthday. The film Institute it has not been received, decided to go to another profession and become a psychologist. A couple of quite a long time, and then Dasha and Artem Mikhalkov got married. In 2002 they had a daughter Natasha. The couple lived together for fifteen years, they were considered the most exemplary family, but in 2013, they decided to leave. The period of three months for reconciliation didn’t help. In March Dasha filed for divorce.

    Artem and Dasha Mikhalkov
    Artem and Dasha Mikhalkov | editor-in-chief

    Artem complained that almost did not see the daughter. Dasha filed for child support, she claimed one-fourth of all income of the husband. The family Mikhalkov did not comment on the divorce, noting that such things are not accepted to discuss with the press.

    According to information from the media, Artyom Mikhalkov made a new friend named Polina Lebedeva. She is a designer. If you believe the rumors, the couple even lives together. Mikhalkov is not commented. The end of the novel, we can only guess.

    Artem Mikhalkov and Polina Lebedeva
    Artem Mikhalkov and Polina Lebedeva |

    It is worth noting that Artem is very attached to his family, Mikhalkov strong family ties. He is good at communicating with the eldest son of Nikita from his first marriage with Anastasia Vertinskaya — Stepan. In addition, Mikhalkov the younger is friends with the famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk.


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    Artem Mikhalkov

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