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  • Name: Artem Krylov ( Krylov Artem )
  • Date of birth: 3 August 1991
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor, singer, writer, Director
  • Marital status: divorced

    Artem Krylov biography

    Critics and audiences agree that this young and charismatic actor with a bright future. He’s only recently started to act in films, but has already gathered an army of fans. And their number is rapidly increasing.

    Artem Petrovich Krylov was born in St. Petersburg in August 1991. He grew up a normal boy and was fond of the same as his peers. In Artem’s family had neither the artists nor the people of another art form. And he never thought about becoming an artist. Opinion about the profession of the actor came only in the graduating class. Perhaps the turning point came at the age of 14, when the teenager played a small role in a popular youth sitcom. And the closer to final exams, the more manifest the desire to act in films. Although Artem Krylov was planning to associate his future life with the linguistics.

    After receiving a high school diploma, Krylov entered the St. Petersburg Academy of theatre arts, graduating in 2012.


    A cinematic biography of Artem Krylov, as mentioned above, began in the school age. At age 14 he was invited to play in the second season of the popular youth series «life safety». After 2 years there was another cameo role in the sports Comedy Roman Kachanov «Tumbler».

    But the main and at the same time the star role, which was opened by a young actor a path to real success came to Artem Krylov in the last year of high school. He was asked to play Kai Potocki in the Ukrainian mystical drama «Split», adapted to the Israeli version of the same movie. The first season was filmed in Saint-Petersburg. A novice artist brilliantly reincarnated into a vampire, and so attractive that it immediately became the idol of thousands of young fans.

    In the same year Artem Krylov starred in projects «Unlived» and «Gorelkovo». But it is the role of the 400-year-old blue-eyed vampire Kai opened the Directors of new star. Since the release of mystic tape, the actor is removed regularly.

    2012 was for Artem Krylov very fruitful and rich. This year, after graduating, he not only appeared in notable roles 4 film projects, but one of them – the short film «rose» for the first time tried his hand as a screenwriter and Director. The most successful film of 2012 was a picture of «Intermediary», where the wings played the main character Gleb Losev. The film was released in 2013 and received high viewer ratings.

    Following a stellar role, which strengthened the position of the young Petersburg actor, was a mystical tape «angel or Demon» adapted to the Spanish. This time Artem went, though not major, but very noticeable and vivid image. His character gosh multiplied the army of fans of the actor twice.

    New projects received warm rounds of applause, published in 2014-2015. This TV series «Two legends», «Angelica» and «Different blood». Critics point to the high professionalism and impeccable acting Artem Krylov. He tipped a brilliant career in the movies.

    Personal life

    Blue-eyed handsome man with model looks has long has a reputation for a Heartbreaker and enjoys incredible success with young spectators. So personal life Artem Krylov constantly in the spotlight.

    In the fall of 2010, the actor married the beautiful actress Anastasia Nemirovskaya. Their wedding photo threw fans into despair. Nastya 4 years older than Artem Krylov. She is known for her roles in the films «Favorite», «Streets of the broken lanterns-2», «Idiot» and «Syndicate».

    But the marriage was short-lived. The young people broke up. Children in this marriage there.

    It took quite some time, and broke out the rumors about new novels, blue-eyed, handsome man with actress Veronika Ivashchenko and Christina Brodskaya. Recall that the latter is not so long ago became the wife of Igor Petrenko. In 2014, Christina gave birth to a girl. Gossip attributed the paternity to Artem, but no confirmation of these rumors are not.


    • «Mathematics 2»
    • «Tumbler»
    • «Split»
    • «Gorelkovo»
    • «The exception to the rule»
    • «Surveillance»
    • «Mediator»
    • «Angel or Demon»
    • «Two legends»
    • «Angelica»
    • «Different blood»


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