Artem Karasev

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  • Name: Artem Karasev ( Artem Karasev )
  • Date of birth: 21 July 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Artem Karasev: biography

    While it is impossible to assert that the actor Artem Karasev star of the national cinema. But the fact that his career is moving in the right direction – a certainty. In recent years, this young actor is becoming more recognizable.

    Origin Artem Karasev – a native of St. Petersburg. The city on the Neva remains important in his life. Here he was born in the summer of 1984. Here was educated and took his first steps in the profession.

    Artem Karas
    Artem Karasev | VK

    Karasev in the family of actors was not. And Arthur himself had no intention of becoming an actor. In high school, he planned that he will study at the faculty of psychology. But in 10th grade a guy out of curiosity I went along with friends to the casting some of the series.

    The atmosphere on the set was so pleased Artem is that after six months received a high school diploma, he without the slightest hesitation took the documents to the Academy of theatrical art (Spbgati). Did the first attempt and was accepted to the talented theatre teacher and Professor Anatoly Vedenskogo.

    In 2006 Karasev awarded the diploma of higher theatrical education.


    Biography Artem Karasev began 2 years before graduation. He first appeared on screen in episodes of melodrama «Bride» and the TV series «Moscow Saga». But soon the role of a novice actor began to «krupnyy». In the films «Plan B», «Dozen of justice», «Era of Sagittarius», «Opera-3. Chronicles of lethal Department» and «the Wizard» Karasev has played a significant role.

    Artem Karasev in the series
    Artem Karasev in the TV series «Streets of broken lamps» |

    And in 2008, the St. Petersburg actor starred in a TV project Nicholas Fighter «Conversion. Blood and milk», where he played the son of the main character. In the same year he enlisted in the troupe of the St. Petersburg Alexandrinsky theatre, a stage on which he stands today.

    The undoubted success for Artem Karasev was working in the popular TV series «Trace of piranha». Here, as in the previous film, he was entrusted to play the main character.

    From this point of perspective the artist increasingly serves a major role. In 2009 this series». A. M. J.», and in 2012-m Karasev has twice been turned into police in the TV series «Streets of broken lamps-12» and «surveillance».

    Not to say that each of these projects Artem Karasev took it as a great success. On the work in the 12th season of «Streets of broken lamps», he speaks rather skeptical, arguing that the attempt to revive the» once-popular project «the infusion of fresh blood» was not very successful.

    Artem Karasev in the film
    Artem Karasev in the film «Trace of piranha» |

    But in recent years, Karasev with interesting imagery carries much more. 2014 the screens came the remarkable series «the Spaniard», warmly received by audiences and critics. Artem appeared as the main character Alex Martinez. And in 2016 fans will see the St. Petersburg actor in a new project called «Glove Aurora».

    Personal life

    With his future wife, actress Karina Razumovskaya, Artem have got acquainted in student’s years. A year before graduating from the theatre Academy this beautiful couple were married. But the actors lived together for long. Karina career developed much faster than men. Rumor has it that professional jealousy played a fatal role. Wife was gone for numerous and prolonged the filming, and her husband interrupted episodes and was waiting for her at home.

    Perhaps there were other reasons why the marriage broke up. But Karasev, and Razumovsky this topic bypass tenth expensive, considering it too personal and painful to make it for public discussion.

    Artem Karasev and Karina Razumovskaya
    Artem Karasev and Karina Razumovskaya |

    Today’s personal life Artem Karasev is still a closed page. The artist never married, but apparently not alone. His chosen, he does not tell anyone.

    In his spare time He likes to travel. It is noteworthy that to get acquainted with unknown places like Russia it is much more than abroad. But no matter where he was, no matter what beautiful cities are not considered architectural landmarks, a native of St. Petersburg considers the most beautiful city in the world. Like-minded countries Artem Karasev calls Prague and Italy, where the mentality is very similar to Russian.


    • «Plan B»
    • «Dozen of justice»
    • «Era Of Sagittarius»
    • «Opera-3. Chronicles of lethal Department»
    • «The wizard»
    • «Redistribution. Blood and milk»
    • «. A. M. Same.»
    • «The insurers»
    • «Trace Of Piranha»
    • «The Spaniard»


    Artem Karas

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