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  • Name: Ivanov Artem ( Artem Ivanov )
  • Date of birth: 15 January 1986
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Activity: singer and musician
  • Marital status: married Tatiana Bogacheva

    Artem Ivanov: biography

    Artem Ivanov was born in the Ukrainian city of Cherkassy in January 1986. Says Tom, in his veins mingled the blood of the multinational. On my father’s side is Finnish, and my mother – the Ukrainian, Gypsy and Moldavian. This colorful «cocktail», according to Ivanov, to determine its nature: cheerful, fun and sincere. Artyom recognized the «ringleader». He has always been and remains the center of the company and loves socializing with friends.

    Artem Ivanov
    Artem Ivanov | Wokrout

    Mom Ivanov Artem got the love of all that is bright and noticeable. In the ear – earring-stone, colorful scarf, gold bracelet and clothing in the style of RnB is all part of his image. But all this diversity «is balanced by» parent «Finnish» with calm and intelligence.

    In the childhood the boy showed a good musical data. They took him to a music school, where he chose the piano. Repeatedly Artem was invited to become a member of the choir, but the time the guy had enough. He was preparing for a future profession, which is not connected with music. Ivanov thought that singing is just a hobby.

    So after finishing school the guy went to Kiev, where he entered the Polytechnic University and received a mathematical education. But the music Artem Ivanov not to throw that can attest to his friends and neighbors in the Dorm.


    The desire to sing led by Artem Ivanov on casting of the 7th «American idol». The singer doubted his abilities, but the meeting and conversation with Konstantin Meladze helped him to overcome shyness and to believe in themselves. Ivanov has successfully passed the qualifying stages and became a member of the popular TV show, where the band was born, with a light hand Meladze called «Yin-Yang». Konstantin shotaevich took up producing.

    In addition to Artem Ivanov in the team included Tatiana Bogacheva, Parshuta Yulia and Sergey Ashikhmin. The song «little by Little» which the team presented in November 2007, like the audience. But the most popular song «Yin-Yang» is a song «Whatever.» It was done the clip, the number of views on YouTube which has garnered over 14 million.

    In the spring of 2011 Artem Ivanov along with other members of the team took part in the Superfinal of the TV show «Star Factory: the Return».

    In the summer of 2016 Artem presented his fans a new song recorded together with singer Masha Fokina. It’s called «Ashanti».

    Personal life

    Artem Ivanov and Tatiana Bogacheva met on the project. Sympathy arose immediately, but at the time both were in a relationship. Soon the liking turned into love, and in the previous pair of novels set point.

    Not to say that the leadership of the «Yin-Yang» welcomed the novel between the two parties. But this relationship no one interfered. For a long time a pair of «grind» and this period cannot be called rainbow: Artem and Tanya quarreled and reconciled.

    Tatiana Ivanova V. Artem Bogachev
    Artem Ivanov and Tatiana Bogacheva | Paparazzi

    However, personal life Artem Ivanov and Tatiana Bogacheva has developed well. The couple is not only together, but not so long ago turned into a real family. In may of 2016 they had a daughter, who was given a beautiful name Mirra.

    Discography (songs «Yin-Yang»)

    • «Little by little»
    • «Save me»
    • «On the counter»
    • «If you knew»
    • «Karma»
    • «Kamikaze»
    • «Do not care»
    • «Saturday»
    • «Dawn»


    Artem Ivanov

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