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  • Name: Artem Grigoriev ( Artem Grigoriev )
  • Date of birth: 4 September 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Yaroslavl
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Artem Grigoriev: biography

    Artem Grigoriev — Russian actor of theatre and cinema, was recognized after performing the role of Junior Sergeant Timothy Cat Comedy TV series «Soldiers». He was born in Yaroslavl, where he spent his childhood and youth. In school, Artem attended many art classes, including acting school.

    Deciding to try acting, young man enters after graduating from high school in Yaroslavl state theatrical Institute, but studied there for only one course. On the advice of experienced teachers, who quickly saw the Grigoriev serious prospects, the following year he went to Moscow and delivers the documents to the Moscow theatre universities.

    After finishing entrance exams Artem managed to become a student of the School-Studio of MKHAT, where he was enrolled in a group under the baton of Yevgeny Kamenkovich.

    In high school aspiring actor even more opened up and able to grow as an artist, thanks to which it was invited to join the Center of drama and directing, which Grigoriev was cooperating so far. In addition to the Center, Artem can be seen on the stage Teatpa.doc Other theatre and the Meyerhold Centre.


    Debut pictures of Artem Grigoriev is the TV series «Kulagin and partners», «Doctor Zhivago» and «Airport», where he appeared sporadically.

    In 2005, the actor has successfully passed the casting of the 5th season of army Comedy series «Soldiers», in which he got the role of Junior Sergeant Timothy the Cat. With this character Grigoriev intermarried for two long years, and it is this role brought him the recognition and public interest.

    Very successful was the melodrama «Zaza», which was the first noticeable feature of the work of the actor. Hero Artyom – glamorous, beautiful and confident guy ready to seduce any girl, even a Mature woman, the mother of his friend. Thanks to this picture Grigoriev was able to show that he does have a wide acting range.

    Then followed work in the Thriller «Detachment», the romantic Comedy «Margot», the sensational tape of Nikita Mikhalkov’s «Burnt by the sun 2: Citadel», detective, «the Method Laurel», the melodrama «I’ll wait for you forever» and many other top films. In 2009, Artem Grigorev even took part in the filming of the war drama of Japanese production «Clouds over hills», in which he was one of the few Russian actors.

    Very interesting was the work on the biographical film «the Brothers CH», where Artem was played by Alexander, the brother of the famous writer Anton Chekhov, no less talented writer, but lost their abilities because of envy, laziness and other unfortunate qualities.

    The last film with the participation of Artem Grigoriev today is women’s Comedy series «the wedding begins.». There he got the role of her husband is dreamy and childish main character, played by Lyudmila Kharitonova.

    Personal life

    Artem Grigoriev is a very open minded person. Unlike most of his colleagues, he easily comes to contact with their fans and share information from private life, tells about his Hobbies, diverse interests and creative plans.

    In January 2015, Artem married his bride Renate Karmaleeva. The girl has nothing to do with the world of film. The couple has a little girl Emily from his first marriage to Renata.

    One of the Hobbies of the actor is cooking. And he himself, and all his friends in one voice say that Artem cooks just fine. Also of great interest to Grigorieva causes sports, especially Boxing. He loves not only to watch a good fight on TV, but he did not mind to fight a pear.

    Artem and Renata – the rare visitors and social events. They much more prefer to spend time alone with each other, travel a lot, engaged in the education of daughters and in General, choose active leisure activities.


    • 2005-2007 — Soldiers
    • 2007 — the Limit of desire
    • 2008 — Zaza
    • 2008 — Squad
    • 2009 — Margot
    • 2011 — The Method Of Laurel
    • 2013 — to Survive
    • 2013 — I will wait for you always
    • 2015 Brothers H
    • 2016 — The Wedding Begins.


    Artem Grigoriev

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