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  • Name: Artem Dzyuba ( Artem Dzyuba )
  • Date of birth: 22 August 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 194
  • Activities: Russian football player, midfielder, «Zenit» and national team of Russia
  • Marital status: married to Kristina Orlova

    Artem Dzyuba : biography

    The future striker of the national team of Russia on football Artem Dzyuba was born in Moscow. His family was not linked to any sport in General or football in particular. His father Sergei Vladimirovich ethnic Ukrainian from the Poltava region. In Moscow, he served in law enforcement. Mother Svetlana is a native of the Chuvash Republic. She worked as a salesman in one of the grocery stores in the capital (then got promoted and took the place of the Deputy Director). His parents met in Moscow and after marriage first lived in a communal apartment. Later bought an apartment. In the family were born two children: August, 1988 – son Artem, and in 1992-m – daughter Olga.

    Sports Artem became interested very early. At the age of 8 he was accepted into the Academy of «Spartak». Promising the boy was selected and recommended by Alexander by Jartsevym. Thus began a sports biography Artem Dzuba.

    FC «Spartak»

    In 2005, the film was transferred to the adult team. On the recommendation of Yevgeny Sidorov Artyom begins to appear in the reserve team of «Spartak». Successful game of the young football player was marked, and soon he was transferred to the main team.

    In 2006, the debut game of the athlete. He has appeared on match of the Cup of Russia. Opponent was the Yekaterinburg «Ural». Then the player scores in the championship of Russia, where he played in the 12th round. Then the rival of «Spartak» made Ramensky «Saturn». Then there was a game for the Cup of Russia against «Ural».

    In 2007 Artem Dzyuba gets into the main part of «Spartacus». In 27 matches he managed to score 6 goals and best scorer of the season.

    In 2009, the career of a footballer was a scandal. The player Vladimir Bystrov during a competition in Austria lost a large sum of money. They found Dziuba. Artem has declared that became a victim of fraud — he was framed. The result of the scandal becomes the translation of an athlete in the team «Tom ‘» from Tomsk. Here Artem Dzyuba quickly gained credibility. In 2010, he became the main striker of this team. In the 2010 season he managed to score 10 goals. At the end of this season, the athlete has returned in «Spartak».

    The successful player was 2011-2012. He scored one of 3 goals in the game with the Swiss «Basel». Then the Russian team won the Swiss with the score 3:2.

    In may 2012, Artem Dzyuba appeared on the field wearing the captain’s armband. It happened at the match «Spartak» with «Zenith». Team Dziuba won the match with the score 3:2. In the same month the team was in the Champions League.

    Some decline in the results of the game Artem Dzuba occurred in 2012. The player was replaced in the starting lineup of the team, Emmanuel Emenike. In November of the same year the head coach is once again becoming Valery Karpin, in which Artyom was assigned the role of a benchwarmer. So he moved on loan in FC «Rostov». Here in may 2013 Dzyuba scored 2 goals in the match against «Terek», so the team won. In July of the same year, the footballer managed to score a hat-trick in the match with «Tom ‘» and became the best scorer of the championship. In the «Rostov» Artem Dzyuba was able to win his first trophy — Russian Cup.

    And again return in «Spartak». In the first match of the championship, the athlete managed to score and to score 2 goals in the game against Rubin. Another 2 goals from Dziuba – in the game with «Dynamo».

    FC «Zenit»

    In the fall of 2014, the film refused to extend the old contract with «Spartak» and rejected the proposed new. At this time he received an offer to play for St. Petersburg «Zenith». The amount of the contract amounted to 3.3 million euros.Dzyuba joined the team in July 2015. In the same month, he made a successful debut , scoring a penalty in the game against «Dinamo».

    In August 2014, in the match against «Terek», the film received a broken nose in a collision with Brazilian Adilson by the President, therefore, after the restoration entered the field in a special mask.

    In September 2015, recovering from injury, Artem Dzuba in the «Zenith» scored «Spartacus», he evened the score 2:2. But the striker did not celebrate this victory out of respect for the native, although the former club.

    Team Russia

    For the first time Artem Dzyuba started playing for the youth national team in 2009. In 9 games he scored 4 goals. In 2011, the footballer was included in the second national team of Russia. In November, the film took the main squad. In the same month in the fight with team USA Dzyuba earned a penalty which was converted by Roman Shirokov.

    After a break of Artem Dzyuba was again included in the Russian national team and in September 2014 took part in the qualifying match for Euro 2016. He scored the game’s first goal for the national team against players from Liechtenstein.

    In September 2015 the national team of Russia Dzyuba scored a goal against the Swedish team brought the victory to Russia. A few days later the athlete was able to score 4 goals in the match against Liechtenstein, the film became the second player in the national team, who scored more than 3 goals in one game.

    October 9, 2015 Artem Dzyuba scored the 8th goal in the qualifying tournament of Euro 2016 in the match against Moldova, updating the scoring record for the national team of Russia.

    Personal life

    Dziuba married. His wife’s name is Christine. A girl Artyom and I met in Nizhny Novgorod. When Christine was studying in her 4th year at a University in Novgorod. After a month of Dating the couple legalized their relationship. Artem and Kristina has a teenage son Nikita.


    Artem Dzyuba

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