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  • Name: Artem Chebotarev ( Artem Chebotarev )
  • Date of birth: 26 October 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Stepnoe, Saratov oblast
  • Height: 184
  • Activity: the Russian boxer second average weight category
  • Marital status: not married

    Artem Chebotarev : biography

    Fans of the national Boxing named Artem Nikolaevich Chebotarev, four-time champion of Russia, is well known. In a short period of time, he managed to go from a little-known novice athlete from the province to champion and bronze medalist of the world championship.

    Artem Chebotarev was born in October 1988 in the small village of steppe, in the Saratov region. Boxing, he became interested in elementary school, but to engage in serious professional basis began at the age of 11. Hotshot undertook to train the Edilbay Kaziev, Honored coach of Russia and uncle Artem.

    Chebotarev immediately showed that Boxing is not for him just a hobby and desire to share with their peers their big muscles and strength. It is primarily a serious business, which he decided to dedicate his future life.

    In 2005, the 17-year-old Artem took part in the Junior tournament the battle of Stalingrad, held in Volgograd. But victory came to him at once: the competition Chebotarev lost to Andrew Castle. Young boxer did not even know that in 2016, the Castle will be included in the country’s Olympic team, and he, Artem Chebotarev, this team will head.

    The first tangible victory came to the athlete in 2007. First, he became the leader of the winter championship «Olympic hopes», and later won the silver medal in Serbia at the Junior European championship.


    Since then, the sports biography of Artem Chebotarev is developing rapidly. In 2008, he became a newcomer in the adult national championship. Received «bronze» was a very good start for a previously little-known boxer from the Saratov province. It was a serious bid for his place in Boxing. In the same year Chebotarev managed to snatch some more victories: he became the winner of international tournament in Germany. And immediately after that have won tournaments in Almaty and «Dinamiada».

    In 2009, Artem Chebotarev becomes the champion of the national championship. Victory are a string. The leadership of the «Dinamiada» the success of the tournaments in Italy and Hungary. 1st place in the Tournament of the strongest boxers of Russia» 2 on the world Cup of petroleum countries. But insulting defeat also happened. Being able to become a leader of the team, Artem Chebotarev was not able to win the world championship in Milan.

    But in the Russian championship in 2010, Artyom was again recognized as the best. This time at the European Championships in Moscow boxer defeated all of his rivals and got the gold. For this resounding victory, he received the title «master of sports of international class».

    In 2012 Artem Chebotarev in 3 times during his career has managed to become the champion of the country. A year later he was awarded a bronze medal at the world championship in Almaty.

    September 2015 has entered a new «Golden page in the biography of the athlete. He managed to win the Ukrainian boxer Dmitry Mitrofanov at the tournament, «AIBA Pro Boxing». It was a battle for the title of world champion in the category up to 75 kg. it is Noteworthy that the tournament was held in his native Saratov, Artem. To support countryman came 5 thousand people. And he has justified their hopes.

    In 2016, it became known that the Russian Olympic team, which in August was fighting for the honor of the country in Rio de Janeiro, it will be headed by Artem Chebotarev. Voted for by team members. Boxer promised that the football team will be responsible for Yelena Isinbayeva, not allowed together with the team to participate in the Brazil Olympics.

    Personal life

    The main occupation and passion Chebotarev – box. The athlete claims that all other Hobbies fade into the background. But sometimes, when a rare leisure time, Tom likes to play paintball, go fishing, go to the beach or hang out in the club with my best friends.

    In 2011, the personal life of Artem Chebotarev seem to have reached a new stage: young boxer admitted that he had a girl who dispelled his suspicions about his own levity. He first wanted long-lasting and responsible relationships.


    Artem Chebotarev

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