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  • Name: Artem Alekseev ( Artem Alekseev )
  • Date of birth: 5 November 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Artem Alekseev: biography

    Artem Alekseev was born on 5 November 1983. His parents are servants to the theatre and cinema have nothing to do. He grew up in an ordinary family, knew that everything in life will have to pursue it. That’s probably why Artem was a good student in school, tried to help parents.

    The boy from childhood have formed the character, strength of will, knew that in adult life these qualities he will need. In this rationality is strangely combined with the dreaminess: Alekseev believed and believes that dreams come true.

    Passion for the theatre and cinema came to him in high school. In his childhood Artem liked to portray the Musketeers, and as a teenager he was so fond of school productions and performances on stage that he decided to become an actor. After school the boy went to Moscow to enroll in VGIK: he did it the first time. Already in the first year he started to play in the educational theatre of the University role was small but diverse. In 2010, he played Dugin in the performance «Privates». Production student put on their own.

    In 2012 Artem Alekseev received two awards from the Union of theatrical figures and for the main male role at the festival of CINEMATOGRAPHY. In the same year he graduated at the University. By the time of graduation the young man was already known in the theatrical environment. It seemed that the experience will help the young talent in his career, but critics embraced the game of the actor cool. Alekseeva such an attitude only spurred: he worked harder, honed skills and develop new talents.


    Directors were often invited Artyom Alekseev on the set, but the popularity of the first role he did not bring. The actor played Maximus in the movie «journey to the mother», in response to the «rock» Owl «scout’s honor», starred in «g-3». Recognition came to him when in rolling out the series «the Last janissary» and «While the village sleeps».

    In «the Village», he played Fedor. His character as a real Cossack had to stay confident in the saddle, deftly managed with a whip. Artem is a great rider, he wanted to perform tricks. It was, but with a whip the actor went wrong. Once on set, he missed the point – the blow hurt his partners on the set. All scared, but luckily nothing happened. After this incident, all the stunts in the film were performed by stuntmen.

    21 Dec 2015 Director Fyodor Popov started filming the historical drama «Corridor of immortality». The film is set in January 1945, the story tells of the heroism of the railroad, which connected besieged Leningrad with the mainland. The railroad they called the «corridor of death» because she concealed danger at every meter. But it is exactly the way to Leningrad was taken 75 percent of the cargo.

    Artem Alekseev is playing in the «Corridor of immortality» commander Georgy Fyodorov, he is Zhora look out. His character is a real person, the head of the train, the solution of which depended the life of subordinate girls and boys. Alekseev said that Zhora look out – one of the most difficult roles in his life, because it is a big responsibility. Need to transfer the feat of the railroad, to display their dedication. Before shooting, he learned to drive a locomotive, read diaries Fyodorov and his wife, and other materials on the «Road of life».

    The shooting is not ended. They are moving not as fast as I would like the creative team – periodically there are financial difficulties. The film’s Director, hopes that in 2017, viewers will be able to see the historical drama.

    Personal life

    Artem Alekseev live scene, he says that only on stage organizes his «I». In between the performances and filming, the actor conducts classes in the lab «Startup», which teaches the students acting skills.

    Alekseev not married, he does not have children. But there is a lovely woman, is a Ukrainian singer and actress Galina armless. They met on the set of the TV series «While sleeping village».

    The only difficulty in their relationship – different countries, but they do not lose heart, try the free time to spend together. About the wedding is that they don’t think.

    Artem Alekseev loves his dog named Tybalt. 37-pound dog misses her owner and falls asleep on his lap.


    • «Corridor of immortality»
    • «Road to Berlin»
    • «The personal life of the investigator Saveliev»
    • «Brothers-3»
    • «Journey to the mother»
    • «While sleeping village»
    • «Return at any cost»
    • «Between two fires»
    • «The last janissary»
    • «White Tiger»


    Artem Alekseev

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