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  • Name: Arseny Shulgin ( Arseniy Shulgin )
  • Date of birth: 8 November 1998
  • Age: 18 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: pianist
  • Marital status: not married

    Arseny Shulgin: a biography

    Arseny Shulgin is the younger son of composer and producer Alexander Shulgin and singer Valeria. The boy was born in Moscow on 8 November 1998. Parents Arseny broke up, since 2004, Shulgin, Jr. is brought up by a stepfather – producer Joseph Prigozhin.

    Arseniy growth is 186 cm, weight – 90 kg. Older sister Anna Shulgin makes a career as an actress, singer and TV presenter, big brother Artemy Shulgin working in the financial sector.

    Arseny Shulgin family
    Arseny Shulgin with family | Axsam

    The boy’s musical ability manifested itself very early. Already at the age of four Arseny, he began to study piano at the music school Gnesin. 2011 was a student at the Moscow state College of musical performance them. F. Chopin, piano, teacher — honoured artist of Russia Valery Pyasetsky.

    Arseny Shulgin
    Arseny Shulgin | News

    Brilliant technique, exceptional talent of the contractor contributed to the fact that he was invited to participate in the December of 2011, in the anniversary concert that took place in the Kremlin Palace. There he performed the third movement of the Concerto in a major Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for piano and orchestra accompanied by the Russian national orchestra under Mikhail Pletnev.


    In the asset gifted player silver «the Nutcracker» for second place in a contest organized by the TV channel «Culture», received at the age of 13. Beginning spring 2012, the year brought Arseny two Grand Prix. First he suffered at the second international youth music competition-festival «Night in Madrid». The second – in the framework of the Moscow international competition of children and youth artistic creativity «Open Europe».

    Arseny Shulgin, piano
    Arseny Shulgin, piano | Woman

    Creativity novice artist awarded the prize of the Interregional charitable public Fund «New names». Arseny had the opportunity to play one branch during the concert held at the concert hall «Alexander».

    An outstanding pianist has already received recognition at home and in Europe. Shulgin Jr. gave several successful performances in Moscow and the Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Giessen. Repertoire Arseniy make up the celebrated works of famous composers of different epochs and directions. The young pianist is a preference for Mozart and Bach, Scriabin and Rachmaninoff.

    First solo concert Arseniy took place on the day of his fifteenth birthday on the stage of the Moscow house of music. The recording of this performance after 10 months, became the basis of the debut album of the young pianist. Moreover, so successful that the album immediately took the second position in the ranking of sales of the virtual store iTunes.

    At the age of 17, he gave a recital of pieces of classical music for piano and orchestra at the Bolshoi hall of the Moscow Conservatory.

    Arseny Shulgin
    Arseny Shulgin | VK

    In the spring of 2016 Arseniy conversation with your followers on the popular social network «Instagram» about plans for further learning. In his blog, he wrote that thinks to become a student of one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the UK. Subsequently, however, he never reported the results of entrance examinations to Oxford or Cambridge, which were reported as possible destinations where he is studying.

    Earlier in mass media there were unconfirmed information that the youngest son of Valerie allegedly threw a music College. As reported by the administration of the institution, the student Shulgin was behind on 12 unwritten exams. The singer asked the son to quit his studies and music, because he has great ability. Valeria tried to convince the son that education should be the main thing at this point in his life. Between mother and son there was a scandal in which Arseny left the family home, but after a while returned.

    Arseny Shulgin with Valeria
    Arseny Shulgin with Valeria | Livestory

    In an interview Arseny admitted that he likes to watch movies. He believes that it is impossible to compare the American and Russian cinema, but the domestic movie has great potential, which its creators should use. Among colleagues Shulgin distinguishes the performance of Denis Matsuev.

    At the end of 2016 Arseniy purchased the popular blog «Heard» in «Instagram», which had over a million subscribers. Shulgin made it my official entry. However, after a change of ownership many followers unsubscribed from this page. Not helped by the action of a joke. Millionth subscriber, the son of Valerie promised 10 thousand rubles.

    Arseny Shulgin
    Arseny Shulgin | VK

    Together with her older sister Anna and Arseniy sang the song Valerie «Hang out». At first he merely accompanied the singer, and then joined her. The video was posted on the page of Anna in «Instagram» and received many «likes» from followers. The mother of the performers also welcomed to their first experience of performing a duet.

    Personal life

    At the moment, Arseniy Shulgin is Dating 21-year-old model Anna Sheridan, with whom they together for more than a year. The girl made public their relationship by starting to lay out in your «Instagram» romantic photos with Arseny. But Shulgin for example friend went. At the end of December 2016 Arseniy girl went to Dubai, where he spent the new year holidays.

    Arseny Shulgin and Ann Sheridan
    Arseny Shulgin and Anna Sheridan | Livestory

    On the day of his 18th birthday the boy made a Grand party in one of the capital’s restaurants, where he was invited and his girlfriend. The attention of the distinguished guests was riveted to Anna Sheridan.

    At 16 years of age Arseniy met with Stephanie Malikova, the daughter of a famous Russian singer and pianist Dmitry Malikov. 14-the summer girl and 15-year-old even spent winter vacation at one of the resorts in Italy – in «Forte Dei Marmi-Toscana». However, they were not alone, with them rested Inna Malikov with his son Dmitry.

    Arseny Shulgin and Stefania Malikov
    Arseny Shulgin and Stefania Malikov | tvnz

    Another hot topic in show business was a joint appearance Arseny with Yulia Volkova, former soloist of a duet «Tatu». The advent of online their joint photo, which 15-year-old it-boy gently hugging waist 29-year-old singer, has forced journalists to talk about the possible development of relations between the two celebrities. However, the novel did not happen.

    Arseny Shulgin and Yulia Volkova
    Arseny Shulgin and Julia Volkova | Grammio

    In 2015, actively discussed the possibility of a romantic relationship between Shulgin and Sasha Spielberg known works. The guys posted to the channel of the u-tube shared video, where the girl interviewed Arseny. In addition, they were often published in their accounts, sharing photos, and gave rise to rumors.

    Arseny Shulgin and Sasha Spielberg
    Arseny Shulgin and Sasha Spielberg | Youtube

    In an interview with the girl, the musician made several mentions of a certain Elizabeth, which spends a lot of time.

    Now the media more and more I think about the «Golden boy» in his private life than with the work


    Arseny Shulgin

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