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  • Name: Arseniy Popov ( Popov Aeseniy )
  • Date of birth: 20 March 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Omsk
  • Activities: actor, comedian and showman.
  • Marital status:

    Arseniy Popov: biography

    Arseny Popov, a Russian actor and comedian, member of the new Comedy show «Improvisation».

    He was born and raised in Omsk. After school I entered to economic faculty of one of the city universities, but quickly realized that the profession was chosen correctly. Arseniy takes the documents and entered the Omsk State University in the faculty of culture and arts, where he received the specialty «Actor of drama».

    After high school the priests had a chance to prove themselves in quite prestigious in Omsk Lyceum theatre, where under the leadership of Vadim Stanislavovich Reshetnikova has accumulated enormous professional experience. The next step in the career of Arseniy became the Saint-Petersburg theatre of plastic drama «the Person». With the troupe of the theatre he toured throughout Russia and beyond via huge health managed to attract the attention.

    Once Arseniy Popov got to play improv theatre. He became fascinated by the art form when actors have created a show directly on the eye of the beholder, having no preliminary preparations or script. The artist has set himself the task in the shortest time to move from spectator chairs on stage such a show. During the year the priests went to the rehearsals of the troupe improvisation «Shasu» and was able to prove their value to project managers. Together with Sergey Matvienko and Anton by Saharonim he managed to create one of the best improv show in St. Petersburg.

    In addition to theatrical activities, Arseniy Popov tried his hand as a presenter of the competition «car Audio» and entertainment centre «On Kolomenskaya».


    For the first time on television Popov appeared in 2011, when he took part in show-program «Our Treasury» and in the confrontation VJ «fight for air» on the channel MUZ-TV.

    At the height of the popularity of Theatre improvisation «Shasu» Arseniy Popov was joined by Sergei Matvienko, a resident Comedy Club was invited to the capital to discuss the new project. The boys met with colleagues from Voronezh Dmitry Popovym and Anton Shastun who in the city has also achieved great success in the same genre.

    For two and a half years the comedians have discussed the principles of the new show, trying to shift the format of television shows, which necessarily require the direct involvement of the audience. As a compromise it was decided to invite the stars of show business, which in television in the public eye with a clean slate created skits and sketches. As host of a new show «Improvisation» on TNT was invited Pavel Volya.

    Favorite category of the program Arseny Popov is a game «Breather,» as the rendering process completely depends on the artist, and the person who you recites the words, and the audience understands that the scene doesn’t exactly have to be prepared in advance.

    Personal life

    About family life Arseniy Popov does not apply either in an interview or in social networks in the communication with the fans. Therefore, the public is unknown, married a comedian, does he have children.


    Arseniy Popov

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