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picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Name: Arnold Schwarzenegger ( Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger )
  • Date of birth: 30 July 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Thal, Austria
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: American bodybuilder, businessman and actor of Austrian descent, the 38th Governor of California
  • Marital status: divorced

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: biography

    Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in the Austrian village of Thal in 1947 in a Catholic family. Parents, especially father, kept the kids in line. His father worked as a local police chief. In 1938 he became a member of the Nazi party. Mother of Arnold doing household chores and watching over the sons.

    Arnold was not a favorite: more focus on the parents, especially the father, Gustav, was paid to the elder son Meinhard. The duties of Arnold was to get up at 6 am to perform all the household chores.

    Father insisted on getting Arnold to get fit took up football. The guy couldn’t disobey parents strictly, but at the age of 14 changed football on any bodybuilding. Arnie every day attended a gym in Graz. It was cause scandals with his father, does not tolerate disobedience.

    About the atmosphere in the family, most make clear the facts that contains a biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 1971, Arnold’s brother Meinhard in a state of intoxication had an accident and died. Arnie did not attend the funeral of his brother. He also came to say goodbye to dad.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: bodybuilding

    In 18 years, Arnold went on to serve in the army. After serving, he moved to live in Munich. There Arnie took a job in a fitness club. In this difficult time with the money the guy was so tight that he had to sleep on the floor of a gym. Hardship has left its imprint on the character and behavior of Arnold. Schwarzenegger constantly gets into fights, he is regularly fined by traffic police. And although Arnie soon, he becomes the head of the gym, but that his debts do not decrease.

    A streak of light in the life of a bodybuilder begins with 1966. Arnold Schwarzenegger suddenly finds himself on the second place of the contest «Mr. universe». Next year brings him the long-awaited title of «Mr. universe 1967». Becomes special for the future and actor 1968-Oh. Publisher of magazines about bodybuilding, Joe Vader, invited Schwarzenegger to the US. There Arnie was able to take part in the competition «Mr. universe 1968,» organized by the IFBB. After I have won the second place of the German bodybuilder, focus solely on leadership, first despair. But not for long.

    Arnie is training hard and soon pulls out two wins at the competition «Mr. universe» (IFBB and NABBA). In 1970 the equal Schwarzenegger was not. For five consecutive years, Arnold remains a title holder of «Mr. Olympia» and becoming legend. He actually managed to reach the top in this sport.

    Career He completed after 1980. His contribution to the popularization of bodybuilding is huge.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger movies

    Since 1969, Schwarzenegger, like many of his idols, begins to film. And Arnie was too big muscle mass and a noticeable German accent. So give a struggling artist a cameo with a minimum of text. Not to be left further in the background, Arnie attends acting lessons, reduces weight and gets rid of the accent.

    The cinematic career of Arnold Schwarzenegger starts with the film «Hercules in new York». Later Arnie calls this film the most unloved of all, which had to be removed. Although other movies novice actor-bodybuilder audience adopts an extremely restrained.

    For a long time, the fees of Arnold remain relatively small. First, Schwarzenegger is so poorly played that often was nominated anteprime «Golden raspberry». Comedian Robin Williams even joked that «less words than Arnold Schwarzenegger, said only the Scottish collie lassie».

    This movie star Schwarzenegger becomes in 1982, after the release of the tape «

  • Conan the barbarian». Critics, the painting was rejected, but the audience filled the theater to capacity. In 1984 he published a picture of James Cameron
  • «The terminator» and Arnold Schwarzenegger becomes an action hero. And with the release in the late ‘ 80s such movie hits like «Commando» and «Predator», it only strengthens this role. The artist is trying to get away from the stuck silent image, concrete killer. To that end, he starred in comedies. When the artist managed to get a role in the Comedy «Twins», promised to become popular, he never even demanded a fee, and only a percentage of sales. The film received huge success with the audience. Now Schwarzenegger starred in the comedies no less than in action movies. Such Comedy films as «Kindergarten COP,» «True lies» and «Junior» showed everyone that Arnie is not only an action hero.

    In 1991 on the big screens out fiction Thriller

  • «Terminator 2: judgment day», which is considered the most famous painting of Schwarzenegger. After the success of the next recession. Tape the end of the world, «the Sixth day» and «damages» received unflattering reviews. But in 2003 came the long-awaited sequel «Terminator 3:rise of the machines». After this picture of 56-year-old Schwarzenegger.

    In the same year the actor won the election and became the Governor of California. Shooting for this period stop. But after General «iron Arnie» is back in the film industry.

    In 2013, the screen shows a picture

  • «The hero’s return» with Schwarzenegger in the lead role. In the same year, fans of the Arnie watch the movie «escape Plan», where Schwarzenegger plays along with Sylvester Stallone. In April 2014, the artist works on the set of the sci-Fi Thriller «Terminator: Genesis» where he played the Terminator T-800. The premiere took place in the summer of 2015.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: Governor

    In 2003, Arnold became the 38th Governor of California.

    In its activities, Schwarzenegger had to encounter a powerful opposition, which has managed to significantly reduce its rating. And yet the Governor in 2006 and re-elected for a second term and runs until 2011.

    Remember people of California, Schwarzenegger held a campaign aimed at reducing costs. Example filed in person, refused to pay. And yet a severe budget deficit, the Governor could not overcome. His attempts to fill the coffers by reducing civil servants and tax increases were invariably followed by protests of trade unions. The state, which was led by Arnold Schwarzenegger, suffered most from the effects of the global crisis.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: personal life

    Personal life Arnold Schwarzenegger always at the peak of interest. First serious relationship he had with the English teacher

  • Barbara Outland Baker. Their relationship ended in 1974, for the reason that Barbara wanted a normal family life, and Arnie hated the idea of such a life. In the mid 70’s, Schwarzenegger’s, just two of the novel – with a hairdresser
  • Sue Moray eels and journalist
  • Maria Shriver, niece of John F. Kennedy. When sue had insisted that the guy finally decided, Arnie chose Mary.

    In April 1986, Schwarzenegger and Shriver married. In this marriage the couple had four children: the first child, Katherine Eunice was born in 1989. It was followed by Christina Maria Aurelia and Patrick. The youngest son, Christopher Sargent was born in 1997.

    Family Shwarzenegger lived in a huge mansion in Brentwood, occupied almost a thousand square meters. The actor, as once his father before him, kept the children in strict discipline, forcing you to charge every morning and keep your room in perfect order. If met scattered belongings, threw them into the fireplace.

    In may 2011 a scandal broke. Out came the adultery of the artist, who was considered an exemplary family man. As it turned out, he had an affair with one of the housekeepers, which appeared to be the illegitimate son Joseph. About that Arnie told his wife immediately after the departure from office of the Governor. The couple broke up.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: filmography

    • Hercules in new York
    • Conan the barbarian
    • Terminator
    • Commando
    • Red heat
    • Remember all
    • True lies
    • Eraser
    • Christmas present
    • Terminator 3: rise of the machines
    • Return of the hero

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: photo

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

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