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  • Name: Arnis Licitis ( Arnis Litsitis )
  • Date of birth: 8 January 1946.
  • Age: 71
  • Place of birth: Riga
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Arnis Licitis biography

    Arnis Licitis — Soviet and Latvian film and theater actor. Popularity brought him such pictures as «Favorite», «Hard to be God», «Rich man, poor man…», «primary Russia» and other popular films. By the way, the lyricism of the Baltic the only actor of the Soviet period, which does not need a stand-in when scoring — Arnis without an accent speaking Russian.

    He was born and raised in Riga. Both parents of the boy were directly related to the actor’s environment. Father Alfred Videnieks appeared in film and on the theatrical stage, and my mother Helga Licite played in operettas. Arnis but growing up without a father, as Alfred pretty soon left his wife and child. The financial situation was very poor, so Licitis from the age of 13 participated in the labor brigades and traveled with geologists in expeditions.

    The profession of geologist and he loved also Arnis was inclined to learn foreign languages, so mom was hoping that the son will follow in her footsteps, and choose a «normal» occupation. But contrary to the will of Helga, the young man decided to continue the family dynasty. After school he entered the theater Department of the Latvian state Conservatory named after Janis Vitola.

    In 1970, the young actor made his debut on the stage of the Riga academic theater of drama and performing successfully was accepted into the troupe. Then in the career of Lyricism was Valmiera drama theatre, the Riga theatre of the young spectator and the Russian drama theatre in Riga. In recent years, Arnis Alfredovich more focused on teaching. He is the artistic Director of the international school of film and television «Charlie Cinema School» which is located in the capital of Latvia. In addition, Licitis writes commercials for radio, toured as a member of the ensemble of «Cabernet» and even writes music himself.


    In the movie, Arnis Licitis debuted while still a student in the historical-adventure film «the Conspiracy of ambassadors». He then appeared in episodes of children’s paintings «the Army Wagtails» again in the battle» and «Stories about Cesca and his friends» and the militants «Attack on the secret police» and «Chronicle night».

    Popularity across the country brought the actor the detective dick Francis «Favorite», where he played jockey Alan York, who is leading the investigation. Then there was the war film «the Emissary foreign center» and «Fortress,» the drama «Rich man, poor man…» and «Long road to dunes» the historical picture «Rus original», biographical movies about Arkady Gaidar’s «Stay with you», an action-Packed mini-series «Prisoner of If castle» — a novel by Alexander Dumas ‘ «the Count of Monte Cristo».

    It is interesting that, unlike other Baltic actors were usually invited to the role of foreigners, Arnis did not have strict roles. He could be a German spy, and a Soviet spy, and a bandit, and a policeman, and a romantic hero and a villain.

    In General during the 80-ies of Arnis Licitis was shot very much. But in the following decade he began to call less frequently. From paintings of the 90-ies, in which he participated, is to provide only the continuation of the Saga of the Musketeers «Musketeers twenty years later» and the blockbuster «the Crusader» with Olga Kabo starring.

    But in the new century, the actor once again starts very often appear on the screen. Especially loved Arnis Licitis to work with Director and producer Oksana Bayrak. Their cooperation resulted in movies like «Slackers» «You, really», «the Devil from Orli», «snowy love, or sleep in the winter night» and other films.

    Latvian actor took part in the role of teacher of geography in the youth series «Ranetki», created the image of Gustav von Berg in the fantasy film «the Duel. Pushkin — Lermontov», was the Dean of the University in the crime drama «the Forgotten.» The last film of Lyricism today is an adventurous Comedy «on Tour» that was released in 2016.

    Personal life

    Arnis Licitis was never married officially, and none of the three civilian wives did his father. With the first two women’s relationship, the actor did not work, and he categorically doesn’t want to remember them.

    But the actress Inge Isbale which Arnis lives in the actual marriage since 2004, Licitis says with pleasure. They met in the theatre, and then crossed for the filming of «Slackers». For some time met, although the actor did not think that they get something serious, because Inga is 18 years younger.

    But when Latvia began to operate the law of restitution, and the government was deprived by the head of the Lyricism of his apartment, Inge was the only person to lean on in difficult times. She took a loved one to his home and since then they have been happy together.

    It should also be noted that Arnis Alfredovich was one of the closest friends of Yury Nikulin and repeatedly took part in a humorous program «White parrot».


    • 1976 — Favorite
    • 1980 — the Long road to the dunes
    • 1982 — Rich man, poor man
    • 1985 — Rus ‘ iznachal’naya
    • 1988 — Prisoner of If castle
    • 1989 — Hard to be God
    • 1992 Musketeers twenty years later
    • 2002 — the Slackers
    • 2007 — the Point of no return
    • 2014 — Duel. Pushkin — Lermontov
    • 2016 — the Performers


    Arnis Licitis

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