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  • Name: Avgan Armen ( Armen Avdzhan )
  • Date of birth: 28 July 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Sochi
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: musician, singer, participant of show «the Voice season 4»
  • Marital status: married

    Armen Avdzhan : biography

    Armen Avdzhan was born in July 1976 in Sochi, a dance-musical family. Father Armen – known accordionist and singer. Her mother worked as a choreographer. Armen has an older brother.

    The musical abilities of the parents noticed my son very early and immediately decided to develop them. 5-year-old Avgana brought me to the music school, where I was to determine at the piano. But suddenly, Armen heard in the next room playing violin. The boy said he wants to learn to play this instrument and no other.

    After 6 years of training at the city music school named Shmeleva Armen Avdzhan takes part in a music festival and became a laureate of Krasnodar region.

    Biography of Armen Avgana starts at the age of 14. Together with his father and brother pianist of the young violinist performs regularly at various competitions and festivals, often going far beyond the Krasnodar region. And Armen at this age begins to earn a living playing at weddings and in restaurants.

    In 1993, Armen Avdzhan became a student of the Sochi school of arts, which successfully graduated in 1999. In 2001, Armen left his native city and sent to Moscow. There he was invited countrymen, for several years played in the famous capital restaurant «Beijing». But Avgan decides to pursue a musical education and decided to enroll at the Institute of contemporary art. A talented musician taking on 3 course of the University. A year after his graduation Avgan went to Germany, where he worked from 2006 to 2009 years.

    Since 2009, the singing career is gaining momentum. Armen Avdzhan is preparing for a solo concert, planned on the stage of Sochi Winter theatre before Christmas.

    The decision to participate in the project «the Voice» Armen Avdzhan nurtured for a long time. Previously, he only watched with admiration the speeches of the participants of the previous seasons. But in 2015 I decided to try their hand.

    At the blind audition Armen Avdzhan performed the song «Liberta» and was accepted into the team of Grigory Leps.

    Personal life

    Armen Avdzhan loves to travel and fish in his free time, which had very little. And he loves sports of all kinds preferring athletics.

    Personal life Armen Afgana is a beloved wife and young son. The details of the Sochi silent, believing that the family is a fortress with seven locks.


    Armen Avdzhan

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