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  • Name: Arman Davletyarov ( Agmap Davletjarov )
  • Date of birth: 13 August 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Place of birth: village of Tamar, Utkal, Orenburg oblast
  • Activities: producer, Director General of MUZ-TV
  • Marital status: married

    Arman Davletyarov: biography

    Arman Davletyarov Elubaeva was born 13 August 1970 in the small village of Tamar, Wtcol, in the Orenburg region. Childhood future was held in a warm and friendly family. School Arman graduated in his village, and then went to Moscow to translate into reality the dream of becoming a lawyer. First Davletyarov enrolled in a regular vocational school, where he graduated with honors. The next choice was the Moscow engineering-construction Institute. The harsh laws of the time did not give the youth the opportunity to enroll in the lawyer, as he had no capital registration.

    To graduate from the Institute Armand failed, received a summons for military service. Served as a future producer, first in Hungary and then in Baku. Giving back to the Motherland, Arman returned to the capital. After the service came the opportunity to study at the University of law, where Davletyarov did. The time of the study, and especially practices in the police Department of Moscow, the producer remembers as the most interesting period of his life in the capital. Intern Davletyarov was successful, but to work in the specialty did not.

    The final decision was influenced by older brother Arman, who worked as a lawyer. Davletyarova-the eldest was morally difficult to defend not only honest citizens but the scum, as he said Arman. These words remembered by the future producer the most.

    The road to the world of business energetic young man opened the group «A-Studio», which took care of Alla Pugacheva. Davletyarova familiarity with the group happened spontaneously. Then Armand asked for an autograph from the producer and singer Batyrkhan Shukenov. A couple of simple phrases, a few fleeting encounters, and now struck up a close friendship. Very little time is needed a young and promising Davletyarova to get into a noisy and interesting world music. In 1995, Arman was appointed as the Director of producer groups «Mediastar-a concert», and a few years later he took the post of the General Director of this concept. Already firmly standing on his feet, Armand Elubaeva decides to get another higher education. Chosen specialty «Psychology of management» producer received at the Russian Academy of state service under the President of the Russian Federation. In the same institution Davletyarov he defended his doctoral thesis on the specialty.

    In the early 2000s Davletyarov became CEO of the company «star Media» and in the same year he opened his own production company «Musical unity». Not stopping there, Arman discovered a writing talent. In 2011, the world saw the book «History of Moscow Chishona», which quite vividly and interestingly describes the life of the capital’s Beau Monde and opened an incredible Russian celebrities with Kazakhstan. 2013 Arman Davletyarov is headed by the famous music channel «MUZ-TV».

    Arman Davletyarov.

    With the first years working as a producer Arman Davletyarov was actively engaged in the development of the musical talents of Kazakhstan. As a true patriot, he is sure that does not happen in his homeland of people without talent. Many different music competitions, trials and auditions opened the way for young performers. Thanks to the support of the producer of the famous Kazakh singer Murat Nasyrov got the opportunity to perform on world stages.

    Currently, Arman Davletyarov is the only producer on Russian television, which is engaged in the development of Kazakh culture and artists. Loyalty to the ethnic homeland deserves the highest praise. Repeatedly on the territory of Kazakhstan was carried out concert tours of the stars from around the world, and all thanks to the assistance of Arman Elubaeva. Davletyarov did not miss a single talented musician. It’s through his patronage the world has heard of the group «Dynamite», «dirty rotten scoundrels» and «Combination».

    An incredible number of tours and concerts, all sorts of promotions and flash mobs, in which the company participates, and assistance in the tour. It would seem that nothing much in this, but there are very few producers who are as interested in media development in the country. Under his command the channel «MUZ-TV» has acquired a high level of development. Star presenters, all the most fashionable and contemporary music, new videos and interesting videos, make a channel popular.

    In addition, recently, the channel launched a spectacular show «Live with Craig David». Live the celebrity shows the audience different sides of your life. For Russian music lovers, this practice was a revelation. The high level of work and quality of music gave an opportunity to producer groups Davletyarova to work with some foreign groups, such as, «Gipsy Kings».

    Arman Davletyarov: social activity

    Davletyarov not shy away from the public life of the country. He helped organize the charity tour and concerts in the North Caucasus, took part in Patriotic events, «We continue the story» and «I Know your anthem.»

    Channel «MUZ-TV» has established a prestigious award «MUZ-TV», which was held in the sports complex «Olympic». The annual show attracts millions of spectators and hundreds of artists as high-level, and beginners, but promising. At the ceremony are the singers and musicians from around the world — Christina Aguilera, Sharon stone, PSY and many others.

    Arman Davletyarov: personal life

    First love the famous producer was a rather painful event in his life. While still a student, Armand met a girl who decided to make an offer. But the elder brother Davletyarova, whose opinion has always carried weight for celebrities, announced that he will not give his consent to the marriage, while Arman will not graduate. A rebellious young man decided to leave home, but still connect your life with your loved ones. And would have happened, but the girl refused Arman, motivating the decision with that does not want to be a stumbling block in the family Davletyarova.

    Davletyarov gave herself entirely to the work and personal development. This continued up until the mother the stars are not tired of waiting for grandchildren. She turned to her son with a proposal to independently search for a bride, worthy of his kind. A brief search ended very successfully. Future wife of producer turned out to be younger than Arman for 11 years. First time young even spoke out against the wedding. But the overall strength of the two families still contributed to the fact that the wedding took place.

    Married life was not rosy, but the couple Davletyarova successfully coped with all adversities. An interesting fact about a close-knit family Davletyarova we can assume that all communicate with each other exclusively. According to Arman, this approach has a positive effect on family life and almost completely eliminates the scandals.

    At the moment, a happy husband and father raising three kids with no intention to stop there.

    Arman Davletyarov: projects

    • Mediastar-a concert
    • Youth Unity
    • Tour «We are one»
    • Festival «Golden Disc»
    • The channel MUZ-TV
    • Show «MUZ-TV»

    Armen Davletyarov: photo

    Arman Davletyarov

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