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  • Name: Arkady Vysotsky ( Arkadiy Vysotskiy )
  • Date of birth: 9 November 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter
  • Marital status: married

    Arkady Vysotsky: a biography

    Arkady Vysotsky was a talented Russian actor and screenwriter, son of a famous poet and actor Vladimir Vysotsky. Despite the profession, providing for publicity, their professional achievements and details of his personal life, he does not advertise. This was the reason that his biography remains behind the curtain, which we will try to slightly open.


    The eldest son of the great poet and actor Vladimir Vysotsky and actress Lyudmila Abramova was born on 29 November 1962. Born into a family of actors, the boy has inherited their talent. Not to say that from an early age little Arkasha dreamed of the stage and acting future, his talent manifested itself much later.

    Arkady Vysotsky with his parents
    Arkady Vysotsky with parents | Kino-rating

    When the boy was only 6 years old, his father left them for another woman. Arkady and his younger brother Nikita, who left to live with his mother, hiding resentment at the betrayal of his father and the appearance of his new wife. For this reason, although Vysotsky and seen in children, this closeness between them was not.

    Arkady Vysotsky brother
    Brother Nikita | Rumvi

    As they Mature attitude to Marina Vlady – the second wife of the father has changed radically. Hurt children gone, came the realization that to live 13 years with a bad man the father never could.


    The boy’s mother was a Christian woman, had adhered to the Orthodox tradition, in the same spirit we brought up children, so the sons grew up to be religious. Arkady gave a physico-mathematical school. He was fascinated by astronomy and for a long time showed no interest in the theater. Therefore a complete surprise to him becoming an awakened desire to write scripts.

    Arkady Vysotsky in childhood
    Arkady Vysotsky with mother and brother | GoGetNews

    After I finished training, Arkady marries. Early marriage and the birth of children freed him from military service, but not from liability for the family. It had to be fed, so he goes to the gold mines one father Vadim Tumanov. Within two years gold mining. Remembers this period as one of the most joyous in my life.

    Stood on hydropole, has mastered many other working professions and made a lot of money. Son of the famous actor and singer was a welder, carpenter, driver of the car, and even worked in the pigsty. He lived surrounded by strong and courageous people in the barracks, built with his own hands.

    Arkady Vysotsky in his youth
    Arkady Vysotsky in youth | Overgraph

    Craving for art wakes up in it after two years of work in the mines. With the first attempt, he entered the faculty of Orthodox writers in the University. Arcadia classmates, with whom he studied in the Studio of K. K. Paramonova, was Roman Kachanov and Renata Litvinova. After University, Arkady is a taxi driver, as they found the profession was unclaimed. Find a job with a diploma was unreal.


    Driver he worked not for long, soon he managed to find work on television. At a young age starred in the movie, as they grow older, began to lose interest in acting and began to write the script. Participation in films as an actor, he calls a random, says it was taken in friendly company. On the question of why Mr Dvorkovich went to the writers answered that he wanted to be a writer.

    Arkady Vysotsky in the film
    Arkady Vysotsky in the movie «Alien White and Speckled» | Movie-Theater

    Than to not do it, he avoided mention of his father and never flaunted his name. Exams VGIK passed along with other students, without using any preferences. So he tried to assert himself, to prove his independence from his father. He succeeded, unlike many other children of famous personalities, which are the glory of their parents, and appropriate privileges. Their self-sufficiency Arkady argued with zeal.

    Arkady Vysotsky
    Arkady Vysotsky

    Colleagues and friends describe him as a pure, nepovadno and outdated person. While studying at VGIK out a few films on his screenplays. The paintings have received awards at festivals, but some of the prizes for the script Vysotsky did not. The fact that he did not participate in competitions, because they believed that good drama must be popular without them.

    In 2000, Mr Dvorkovich for the first time takes your script «Butterfly on herbarium» in the competition, because he understands that another way to realize his work had not. To participate in the competition scenario has visited several film studios, got acquainted with him known to all Directors, all he liked, but to take up a statement, no one dared.

    Arkady Vysotsky
    Arkady Vysotsky | Cinema of the Soviet Union

    Embarrassed by the strangeness of the script and some extravagance. The heroine of the film, or rather its soul in the last frame turns into a butterfly. Otherwise, the whole movie is quite realistic story of a wealthy married woman who lives in a luxurious house like Christ in his bosom. That all changed after her husband was killed. She lost not only the person, but also familiar world, without which its existence was impossible.

    In one of his interviews, Mr Dvorkovich admitted that the script was written for actress Vera Sotnikova, but for obvious reasons the main role in this movie she played. «Butterfly on the herbarium» was awarded the main prize of the contest of professional scenarios established by the writers Guild. In the hard life of a writer to realize their scenario – a huge success. Often of the huge number of scripts claimed to be no more than ten percent.

    Arkady Vysotsky
    Arkady Vysotsky | Movie-Theater

    In Soviet times, worked years worked out a system in which selected experts scenario with interesting literary basis. Today the selection is carried out by people with money who prefer vulgar and sometimes immoral stories. For this reason, many writers are not implemented in their profession.


    The first film shot according to the script Arcadia, was a picture of «Green fire goats.» She was charged in 1989, the Director was Anatoly Mateshko. In this film Vysotsky played the first role of the second plan.

    Viktor Pavlyuchenko in the film
    Viktor Pavlyuchenko in the movie «Priest,» written by Vysotsky | Movie-Theater

    The script for the eight-serial film «the Priest» is one of his best works. It is based on the book of the priest. Father Yaroslav (Spikes) wrote a story about a forty-year-old sailor who came on vacation to his homeland, where he found love, became a priest and stayed there forever. Arkady was struck not so much a biography of the writer, how he described the parish’s history. Inspired by the book, he wrote the script.

    Interesting facts from the life of Arkady Vysotsky

    • Worked in the gold mines.
    • Studied at VGIK with Renata Litvinova and Novel by Kacanovy.
    • Worked as a driver.
    • Worked on television in the program of the Lion Novozhenova «Vremechko» (NTV), then the author of the stories and editor. Posner.
    • Received the main award for the screenplay for the movie «butterfly on the herbarium».
    • Worked in the emergency services.

    Personal life

    Arkady Vladimirovich Vysotsky was married three times, to whom were born five children: Vladimir, Natalia, Nikita, Michael and Maria. The older two live with their mother in America. They communicate with the father, they have with a great relationship. His third wife is an interpreter and lives in Moscow.

    Children Vysotsky gifted with different talents: Natalia graduated from University in America, Vladimir is passionate about music, and Nikita is interested in history. Junior Misha and Masha, which are class (2003 and 2004) enrolled in the school. Children of Arcadia is not followed in the footsteps of his father, but things can change, because they have yet to come.

    Arkady Vysotsky's son
    Arkady Vysotsky’s son | who is Who

    Lyudmila Abramova is the mother of Arcadia, resides in a neighboring apartment. After her divorce from Vladimir Vysotsky, she married a first-class engineer, who was engaged in education of Arkady and Nikita. Later they had a sister. Now sister Arcadia novice in the monastery, writes of the icon and is a true believer.

    The Russian actor and screenwriter Arkady Vladimirovich Vysotsky rich background and personal life. He continues to do what you love – writing screenplays on which films that are of great interest among the audience.


    Films in which Vysotsky performs as an actor includes several works, among which are the most outstanding:

    • «Someone else’s white and pockmarked»,
    • «Green fire goat,»the
    • «The humble cemetery»
    • «Ha-bi-assy».

    The films based on his scripts:

    • «The black hole»
    • «A long journey»,
    • «Green fire goat,»the
    • «Ha-bi-assy»,
    • «Father,»


    Arkady Vysotsky

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