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  • Name: Arkady Strugatsky ( Arkadiy Strugatskiy )
  • Date of birth: August 28, 1925.
  • Age: 66 years
  • Date of death: 12 October 1991.
  • Place of birth: Batumi
  • Activity: the Russian Soviet writer, screenwriter, translator
  • Marital status: was married to Elena Oshanina

    Arkady Strugatsky : the biography

    Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky was born in August 1925 in hot Batumi in the family of intellectuals critic Nathan Zalmanovich Strugatsky, who worked as a newspaper editor, and Alexandra Ivanovna Litvinovoj, honored teacher who taught Russian language and literature.

    Elementary classes Arkady Strugatsky visited in Batumi, but when the boy was 9 years old, the family moved to Leningrad. There in 1933, and was born the younger brother of Arkady – Boris. The Strugatsky family lived happily and in harmony. But cloudless peaceful life was interrupted by the Great Patriotic war. The family was in the besieged Leningrad.

    17-year-old Arkady Strugatsky, first participated in the construction of fortifications of the besieged city, then went to work at the factory, which produced shells.

    During the evacuation of the sick younger Strugatsky – 9-year-old Boris. My mother stayed with her son in the city. Arkady’s father was taken on the «road of life» across Ladoga in the beginning of 1942. More mother and father Arkady did not see never. Dad became seriously ill and died in Vologda. Miraculously survived himself Arkady. The train, which transported the refugees, including young Strugatsky, was bombed. Survived units, among them the future writer.

    In the summer of 1942 Arkady Strugatsky stopped in a small village close to Tashla in Orenburg. Short time he worked at the point of purchase of products and was even appointed head of. Earning money on the road, he was able in the spring of 1943 to pick up my mom and younger brother Boris from hungry Leningrad.

    In 18 years, Arkady Strugatsky studying in Berdichev artillery school, which was located in the rear Sittwe. After graduating, he was assigned to a Military University, where he taught foreign languages. Graduated from the Institute in 1949 with a degree in interpreter of English and Japanese languages.

    After graduation destiny brought Arkady Strugatsky North. Until 1955 he served as an interpreter on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Arcady has worked as a Japanese teacher in one of schools located in the city of Kansk. After retirement Strugatsky moved to the capital.

    Arkady Strugatsky: books

    Arcadia, growing up in a family where parents knew and loved literature and language arts, was always drawn to writing. Experienced of troubles and horrors of war, grief for the loss of your beloved father tempered his and become a valuable Luggage of life experience, asks the pages of books.

    The biography of Arkady Strugatsky began during his stay in the besieged Leningrad. There he wrote his first novel entitled «Discovery of a major Queen» and several short works. Unfortunately, they were all lost. First sbaraglia work Arkady Strugatsky becomes the story «killed Kang,» written in 1946 and published in 2001.

    After moving from the North to Moscow, Arkady settled on editorial work in Goslitizdat. For a time he worked in Detgiz. In the Soviet period, the first publications of the writer began to appear in 1956. The debut is getting a story written by Arkady Natanovich during military service. It’s called «Bikini Ashes». He considered himself Arkady Strugatsky, this work was not of interest and literary value.

    In 1964, Arkady Strugatsky was admitted to the Union of Soviet writers.

    Its main and world-famous works Strugatsky wrote in collaboration with his younger brother. I wonder what Boris and Arkady Strugatsky lived when he wrote his legendary stories and novels. Even their meeting was often: 1-2 times a year. Boris lived and worked in Leningrad, Arkady in Moscow. The brothers met in Komarovo – the house of creativity on the Gulf of Finland. There they had discussed the plot of the next of creation, wrote the plot and go home, where it was created.

    Boris and Arkadiy Strugatsky together wrote stories and novels in the genre of sci-Fi utopia and dystopian fiction. They forever entered the Golden Fund of world literature. The first joint creation of brothers becomes the novel «from the Outside», published in 1958. In the next year appeared the famous story «the Country of crimson clouds».

    But the most famous works of Boris and Arkady Strugatsky founded a little later. It is primarily the novels and the novel «Hard to be God» «Monday begins on Saturday», «beetle in the anthill» and «Trainees».

    In the 70’s Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky was elected a member of the editorial Board of serious literary publications, such as popular magazine «World of adventure» anthology «Library of contemporary fiction» and «Knowledge is power».

    Famous Strugatsky and as a translator. Thanks to him, Soviet readers became acquainted with the wonderful works of Japanese writers Kobo Abe, Soseki Natsume, Noma Hiroshi, and others. Boris and Arkady Strugatsky opened fans of reading John Wyndham, Andre Norton and Hal Clement.

    Since 1972, Arkady has published several novels and short stories that he wrote. But they signed the pseudonym «S. Yaroslavtsev». This is «Expedition to hell», «the details of Nikita Vorontsov’s life» and «the Devil among men.»

    In 1985 Strugatsky-the senior becomes the editor of the magazine «Uralskiy Sledopyt». Since then, the newspaper is the main mouthpiece, which printed the works of Soviet and foreign science fiction.

    Fellow writers Boris and Arkady Strugatsky collected during his career a variety of awards and prizes, among them both domestic and foreign. For their fantastic work, they awarded the Jules Verne awards «Aelita» and «the Great Ring».

    Arkady and Boris Strugatsky: movies

    Few pieces that was created by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky, was filmed. Among them «Hotel «dead mountaineer» Director Gregory Kromanov. This picture, which appeared in 1979, filmed at the «Tallinnfilm» based on the novel Strugatsky, written in 1970. It tells about the amazing events that occur in isolation from the outside world after an avalanche hotel. The picture was taken in the Estonian language and dubbed in Russian.

    Life on the silver screen and received a piece of «roadside picnic» Arkady and Boris Strugatsky created in the early 70’s. The film was called «Stalker». The script has been written to it by the Strugatsky brothers, along with Director Andrei Tarkovsky and released in 1979.

    In 1982 on Soviet screens released wonderful Christmas movie became a cult, «Magicians». Few people know that at its heart also lies the work of fellow visionaries «Monday begins on Saturday». Truth is so changed that the writers even asked to remove titles from their names. Beloved by millions, this painting, which tells a romantic and fantastic love story of Elena Sanina and Ivan Pukhov, which were separated sorcery Director of the Institute NUIN Kira Shemakhan.

    One of the most famous novels by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky «Hard to be God» was filmed in 1989, German Director Peter Fleishmann.

    Tape «Inhabited island» based on the novel Strugatskikh appeared after the death of the brothers in 2009. To film work dare Fyodor Bondarchuk.

    Arkady Strugatsky: personal life

    The first wife of the writer was Irina Shirshova. They met when Arkady Natanovich served in Kansk. But this marriage proved to be unsustainable: in the mid-50s, the couple broke up. Children Irina and Arkady were not.

    Second time Arkady Strugatsky is married to Elena Oshanina. She already had a daughter from his first marriage to Natalia. Arkady Natanovich raised the girl as their own. In this marriage a daughter, Masha. Maria Strugatskaya married politician Yegor Gaidar, grandson of the famous writer Arkady Petrovich Gaidar.

    Not become Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky before. He died on 67-m to year. The cause of death was liver cancer. By will his body be cremated and the ashes scattered over the capital.

    Arkady Strugatsky: photo

    Strugatsky brothers

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