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  • Name: Arkady Rotenberg ( Arkadiy Rotenberg )
  • Date of birth: December 15, 1951.
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Leningrad city
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: the Russian businessman, billionaire, Honored coach of Russia
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Arkady Rotenberg biography

    Arkady Rotenberg is one of Russia’s richest men, owns billionaire. He owns the largest Russian company for the construction of gas pipelines and electricity grids and is the co-owner of Bank «Northern sea way». But business tycoon engaged in sports activities, he leads the international Fund for the development of judo and Vice-President of Federation of judo of Russia

    Born Arkady Romanovich Rotenberg December 15, 1951, in the cultural capital of Russia. His parents were Jewish intellectuals, in which the future oligarch was the firstborn. From an early age the boy was actively developed in the sports area – school age Rotenberg has called for acrobatics, and in 12 years was recorded in the section of judo. This kind of martial arts was for the guy is not only a hobby, but the main direction in his future career.

    In judo Arkady Rotenberg, an acquaintance with the future President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, with whom he trained in a pair, as were in the same weight category. Their friendship went through many years, today Putin and Rotenberg continue to maintain good relations.

    Biography of Arkady Rotenberg in school and College has no reliable facts and is a «white spot» for companies. It is only known that after graduation, the billionaire has been serving in the army, after which he entered the Leningrad state University of physical culture and sports of them.Lesgaft. After graduation he was about 15 years working as a sports coach. Mainly judo, coached children, leading the Leningrad school.

    Your professionalism in sport Rotenberg confirmed the protection of candidate and doctoral dissertations. Throughout his career Arkady Romanovich has devoted a part of themselves to the sport that allowed him to become the Honored worker of physical culture and coach of the Russian Federation.


    In the early 90-ies in the period of the collapse of the USSR Arkady Rotenberg was engaged in business, which has been associated with the organization of competitions in martial arts. In addition, he cofounded several firms, which brought him enough income to build large-scale business.

    Along with the Commerce Rotenberg actively helped Putin, who has held the position of Chairman of KPS in the city hall of Saint-Petersburg, judo – he continued with the future Russian leader as a sparring partner. Due to this, in the cultural capital of Russia there was sport judo club «yawara-Neva», founded by Rothenberg on the idea of Putin. This club, whose honorary President is the President of Russia, is considered the most titled club of the country, winning the Championships six times.

    In the early 2000-ies of the business Arkady Rotenberg became rapidly and scale to develop. At that time, the future oligarch was part of the leadership of many leading Russian firms and banks, such as the «Northern sea route», «Talion», «Rostelecom», «Investcapital» and «Pipe metal». Its commercial activity businessman was carried out together with his younger brother Boris, who also has built a professional career in Finland in the same direction of the martial arts, and brother.

    Until the mid 2000-ies of the brothers Rotenberg sent his business in the gas industry and are actively engaged in its development at a national level. For this the Corporation «Gazprom» were bought five construction firms, which until 2008, was United in the company «SGM». Then Arkady Vladimirovich has actually become a monopolist in the supply of tubular products to the Russian market and began to expand its business towards the development of gas infrastructure.

    In 2010, the assets of Arkady Rotenberg has been enriched with a large stock of road companies that received significant government contracts for the construction of toll road Moscow-Saint-Petersburg, and also associated with the Winter Olympic games in Sochi projects.

    In early 2010, gas-pipe tycoon took priority direction in the sphere of oil and gas construction. It also expanded its assets in companies of the largest Russian manufacturers, among which were about ten enterprises of the alcohol industry, belonging to JSC «Rosspirtprom».

    In 2015, the holding company Rotenberg «stroygazmontazh» has received the General contract for the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait, which became the most ambitious project in recent years. The cost of this project amounts to around 230 billion roubles, that of the oligarch began to call the country’s «king of the contracts».

    Personal life

    Personal life of Arkady Rotenberg is not as successful as his business. It is known that he was twice married, but family life in any marriage was not happy, as the family fell apart despite the presence of children.

    From the first wife Galina, the oligarch had three children – Igor, Paul and Lily that gave my father three grandchildren. The son of Igor Rotenberg, as well as the father is engaged in business, being the owner and co-owner of road-building, gas and energy companies. Paul is a professional hockey player, which plays for the youth team of Russia on hockey.

    In a second marriage with Natalya Rotenberg, the billionaire two children were born – Barbara and Arkady. In 2013, after living 8 years in marriage, the couple divorced. The second family of Rotenberg currently resides in the UK.

    In 2014, the billionaire, like many citizens of Russia in connection with situation in Ukraine came under anti-Russian sanctions. Its cash assets in the EU were frozen, therefore he lost the ability to pay child support, which left only in the care of his mother. On the background of the current situation the ex-wife of oligarch advanced to him property claims.


    According to experts, the as Arkady Rotenberg for 2016 is $ 1 billion. In the list of the richest businessmen of Russia according to «Forbes» he is a 75 position, down 15 points compared to last year.


    Arkady Rotenberg

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