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  • Name: Arkady Raikin ( Arkadiy Raikin )
  • Date of birth: 24 October 1911
  • Age: 76 years
  • Date of death: 17 Dec 1987
  • Place of birth: Riga
  • Activities: actor, stage and film actor, entertainer, Director, comedian, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Arkady Raikin: the biography

    During the Soviet period of time on the national stage, a host of wonderful artists, but the name of Arkady Raikin stood alone. He not only was an outstanding master of comic monologues, not afraid boldly to ridicule human vices, not only a great actor and Director but also founded one of the most famous theatres of Moscow «the Satyricon».

    Arkady was born in Riga in 1911. His father Isaac Davidovich was a port employee and mother Elizabeth B. engaged in farming, since the family was big enough. In addition to the Arkady parents had another son Max, and two daughters, Bella and Sophia.

    With the outbreak of world war Raikin moved to Rybinsk and then settled in St. Petersburg. From an early age Arkady was in love with the theatre. 4-year-old boy he had with children in the yard of their own ideas, and in North Palmyra addicted to visit the Academic drama theatre. To buy tickets, he secretly sold notebooks and textbooks, for what repeatedly got a scolding from his father.

    Another hobby of the boy was drawing. The lessons of fine art, he amazed the teachers not only technique, but also depth of thought. Arkady could not determine what profession to choose: painter, or actor. And although parents was strongly opposed to theatre, he gave preference to this path.

    When Raikin has received the directing-acting faculty of the Leningrad Institute of performing arts, a scandal erupted, and Arcadia had a long break with the family and leave the house. After high school the artist went to the Theatre of working youth, later renamed the Lenin Komsomol theater. Now Petersburgers know it as the theatre-festival «Baltic house».

    Theatre & stage

    Another student of Arkady Raikin and started to perform concerts for children. The children enthusiastically took him to the room with doll Minko, with a gramophone, with inflatable pigs. The first recognition came to him in 1939 when he won the first competition of performers. Raikin was presented to the audience an unusual dance-mimic rooms «Chaplin» and «Mishka» and caused a flurry of excitement.

    After this success, Arkady goes to the troupe of Leningrad theatre of variety and miniatures, where the first working entertainer comes with its own rooms, and then became art Director and renames it to «Satyricon».

    After the war Raikin creates the theatrical program «a Cup of tea», «do Not pass», «Frankly». His regular appearances on radio and television, audio recordings of monologues and miniatures are extremely popular with the public. Particular success is caused by one of the theatre rooms of the actor, where he quickly changes the look and creates a series of diverse images. Pretty quickly Arkady Isaakovich gets the glory of the best masters of scenic transformation.

    The artist has collaborated extensively with other colleagues. For example, while on tour in Odessa, he met a young comedian Mikhail Zhvanetsky, Roman Kartsev, Viktor Ilchenko Lyudmila Gvozdikova. Together they create a number of memorable pop scenes, of which the most famous is the «Traffic light».

    As repeatedly recalled by contemporaries Arkady Raikin, he was not the only one who at that difficult time, dared to openly show the scene as corrupts power and permissiveness.


    Career in film Arkady Raikin was less successful than the theatre, especially at first. Before the war he appeared in episodes of such films as «platoon,» «Fiery years» and «Doctor Kalyuzhny,» and in the drama «Valery Chkalov» created an image of American journalist.

    More attention as a film actor, who began to draw when I started on the screen to migrate their octreotidesee stories. Very spectacular was the short story «We where-that met», interesting musical «Yesterday, today and forever» and a Comedy «Magic power of art». But the most famous movies of this genre are collections of monologues, «People and mannequins» and «Peace to your house.»

    Also Arkady Isaakovich have participated in many Christmas movies-concerts. Especially noticeable was the musical «When the song ends…», a concert «two hours early» and «Tales of Russian forests.»

    Personal life

    Very interesting history, Arkady Raikin with his only wife Ruth Markovna Ioffe, which is affectionately called Roma. For the first time he saw her as a boy, when I spoke with the school performing at some concert. Later, I met a girl on the street, but again decided not to meet. And only many years later, when Arkady had finished the University, in the student cafeteria once again they faced and agreed to go to the movies. After the session, who made his Roma offer.

    They married in 1935, and soon the family had a daughter Catherine, who is the wife of three famous actors — Mikhail Derzhavin, Yury Yakovlev and Vladimir Koval. And the son of Arkady and Ruth, Konstantin Raikin, he became a legendary artist and manages the brainchild of his father – the theater «Satyricon».

    With his wife, Arkady Isaakovich lived in perfect harmony for nearly 50 years. Their relationship was an example not only for children but for all who knew this wonderful couple.


    Arkady Raikin almost all his life was a sickly man. At 13, he caught a bad cold at the rink, earning such a terrible sore throat that the doctors were sure that the boy will not survive. After 10 years, the disease returned, and again the doctor lowered his hands. At that moment, lucky that his father-in-law was able to insist on unpopular surgery – removal of tonsils. Raikin survived, but forever earned rheumatic heart disease.

    The last three years, the actor was suffering from Parkinson’s disease, from which he was restrained movements, facial expressions, and even language. However, it at the first opportunity, visited his native theatre and handed the business over to his son, who was very fond of.

    Died Arkady Isaakovich Raikin 17 December 1987 from the effects of rheumatic heart disease. Strange, but the legendary actor still has not installed the monument neither in Moscow nor in St. Petersburg, except for the monument in Novodevichy cemetery. Although the city government promises to correct this mistake in 2016.


    • 1939 — Dr. Kalyuzhny
    • 1941 — Valery Chkalov
    • 1942 — the Concert front
    • 1954 — We’ve met somewhere
    • 1964 — When the song ends
    • 1966 — Tales of Russian forest
    • 1969 — Yesterday, today and always
    • 1970 — the Magic power of art
    • 1974 — People and mannequins
    • 1987 — Peace to your home


    Arkady Raikin

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