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  • Name: Arkady Novikov ( Arkadiy Novikov )
  • Date of birth: 25 July 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: restaurateur, entrepreneur, broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Arkady Novikov biography

    Arkady Novikov — the famous Russian restaurateur, also known as the presenter of the reality show «Masterchef» and «the Candidate». In addition, he is one of the founders of the Russian Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers.

    Born and raised Arkady in Moscow, the son of the designer of the plant and the kindergarten teacher. The boy was about six years old when his parents divorced, and the further education of the son was a mother. In adolescence on future career Novikov had never even suspected. As says the owner today, he is up to 15 years in my spare time I read a fabulous story and did not want to leave childhood.

    Arkady Novikov
    Arkady Novikov | RMA Business school

    To prepare the boy also don’t know how, but watched with interest, as does the grandmother. However, after graduation, the young man all life is connected with kitchens and restaurants, with the exception of the period of service in the army, where Novikov had to train dogs. First education Arkady got in culinary school, and then went on to study in prestigious University: the faculty of Economics of the public power Academy of national economy named after Georgi Plekhanov.

    After training Novikov about five years was the chef of the restaurant «University» and «Havana», and later headed the kitchen of the restaurant «Olympic lights». Even more administrative experience, Arkady typed in the Moscow school «Victoria» in the Park of culture named after Gorky, as well as in cafes «Hard Rock Cafe», which belonged to the musician Stas Namin.


    Today Arkady Novikov, the man talking about in the first place, when it comes to Moscow restaurateurs. And he started with a small establishment «Siren», which was opened in the building of the College. It was a very profitable project, as Arkady did not pay rent, instead, for a nominal fee fed meals College students.

    Arkady Novikov
    Arkady Novikov | Association of graduates of the Academy named after Plekhanov

    The business quickly took off, and in 1994, the restaurateur opens a new room – «Club T». Then there was the Russian restaurant «Royal hunt», a network of taverns «Yolki-Palki» with affordable prices, premium and respectable restaurants of «Grand Opera», «Vogue Cafe», «Gallery» and «Cantinetta Antinori». Almost every year Novikov opens several new food establishments, and the style and idea to each be unique and never repeated.

    Have Arkadiya Anatolevicha your restaurant «Novikov Restaurant & Bar» even in London. And besides, the businessman organized a hothouse Agronom that delivers on the cuisine of his establishment fresh fruits and vegetables. Established personal brand «Novikov», under which the businessman creates and promotes in masses of environmentally friendly products.

    TV show

    First face shows Arkady Novikov began in 2005. He led the reality show «the Candidate» in which participants tried to demonstrate their organizational skills and from ether to ether showed creativity as entrepreneurs. The winner of the show got the opportunity to try himself as the head of one of the new restaurants Novikov.

    Mirko Dzago, Arkady Novikov and Denis Krupina in the show
    Mirko Dzago, Arkady Novikov and Denis Krupina in the show «Masterchef» STS

    In 2013 year on STS channel launched the project «Masterchef», and the chief judge and TV presenter became a restaurateur Arkady Novikov. Incidentally, he is actively involved in writing the script, developing the complicated tasks for the participants of the TV show and creates the recipes for novice cooks of this program.

    Personal life

    With his wife Hope Advokatova restaurateur Arkady Novikov was found in 1990 at a party at mutual friends. The woman is the owner of flower shops and beauty salons, and not only in Moscow but also in the UK capital. Among the clients of Hope, celebrities such as designer Daria Zhukova, the singer Alsu, actor and Director Fyodor Bondarchuk, musician Dmitry Malikov and many other stars.

    Hope Advokatova, Arkady Novikov and their daughter Alexandra
    Hope Advokatova, Arkady Novikov and Alexander’s daughter | the Magazine «Tatler»

    In the family of Arkady Novikov has two children – daughter Alexandra, and son Nikita.

    Interestingly, several years ago, the restaurateur bought a Villa «Fontanelle,» located in the Italian province of Lombardy. This estate once belonged to the legendary couturier Gianni Versace and cost Novikov 26 million pounds.


    Arkady Novikov

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