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  • Name: Arkady Mamontov ( Arkadiy Mamontov )
  • Date of birth: 26 may 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: journalist, TV host
  • Marital status: married

    Arkady Mamontov: a biography

    Russian journalist and documentary filmmaker Arkady Mamontov was born on 26 may 1962 in a family of broadcasters. His father worked as a cameraman on TV, the mother – Director and then Director of the documentary film Studio.

    Childhood and adolescence Mamontov studied in his native Novosibirsk. In school, he knew that his fate will be linked to the cinema. Arkady wanted to do to VGIK, but failed the entrance exams.

    He was drafted into the army. Service it took place in 1980-1982 in the distant Transbaikalia, in the strategic missile forces. After demobilization Arkady Mamontov decided that it would be studying journalism. Journalism at MSU he did the first time, in 1988, defended well and got a «red diploma». All his life connected with journalism.


    After University, Mammoths worked as a special correspondent for the television Agency «TV-Novosti», news Agency «news». In 1991, he first went to the «hot spot». The next three years was a stringer (freelance journalist) that covered the events in Tajikistan, Moldova, Armenia and other conflict zones. The results of his work were relevant and poignant stories.

    In 1994 Arkady Mamontov began to cooperate with the TV channel NTV. This year he is working on the program «Special correspondent», which was broadcast by NTV. Between 1994 and 2000 was fruitful in armed conflicts. Mammoths were in the midst of the fighting in Dagestan and Chechnya.

    In 2000, the journalist switched to the TV channel «Russia», where he works today. He is one of the constant authors of the rating program «Special correspondent».

    Arkady Mamontov is one of the few correspondents present during the rescue of the nuclear submarine «Kursk». Permission he received personally from Admiral V. I. Kuroedov, and his reporting from the scene of the tragic event became one of the most memorable. He visited Abkhazia, Beslan, Iraq. His work is marked by orders and medals.

    Arkady Mamontov, a talented documentary filmmaker. His stories are ambiguous, they have a lot of supporters and opponents. In 2003 he made the film «White robes», which raised the issue of the withdrawal of donor organs in one of the Moscow hospitals. The film received a great response, in the same year the posthumous transplantation were prohibited at the legislative level. Three years later, on 21 January 2006, a new sensation. The mammoths took a report in which told about a secret tool of British intelligence, disguised as an ordinary rock. Then his work was criticized both Russian and foreign journalists, openly called her a liar.


    His first directorial work was the film «the Base», filmed in 2009. In this Arkady Mamontov, showed the American base «Manas» in Kyrgyzstan. Next was the documentary «the Reverse side. Children And Yugoslavia. The period of decay», «square», «Putin, Russia and the West.»

    In the film «Putin, Russia and the West», published in January 2012, the journalist again raised the issue of the «spy stone». In an interview with the former head of the office of the British Prime Minister said that the report found the secret service of his country by surprise, and acknowledged the existence of secret device.

    In April 2012 on the channel «Russia-1» has released the documentary «Provocateurs». In this Arkady Mamontov investigated the activities of the group «Pussy Riot» and tried to show the audience that all the events were carefully planned. Their goal is to insult believers, to sow discord in society. And again on the journalist and filmmaker was accused of bias, biased coverage of events. Indifferent to shot and assembled Redwood material was not.

    All of his movies touch on controversial subjects, why cause so much emotion immediately after viewing.

    Personal life

    About the personal life of Arkady Mamontov says. We know that he’s married, has two children.

    Colleagues believe Arcadia is good, I admire his work ethic and can’t say anything bad about him. He is positive and cheerful person, but to work fits in all seriousness. Arkady Mamontov madly in love with his profession and, as said, tries to be honest and consistent, as befits a professional.


    • «Putin, Russia and the West»
    • «Provocateurs»
    • «Base»
    • «The other side. Children»
    • «Maidan»
    • «Of Yugoslavia. The period of the collapse»
    • «Athos. Climbing»
    • Rechnik
    • «The trap»
    • «Traffic»


    Arkady Mamontov

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