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  • Name: Arkady Kabyakou ( Arkadiy Kobyakov,)
  • Date of birth: 2 June 1976
  • Age: 39 years
  • Date of death: September 19, 2015
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  • Activity: singer, poet, composer
  • Marital status: married

    Arkady Kobyakov: biography

    Arkady Kabyakou was born in Nizhny Novgorod on 2 June 1976 (when the city was called Gorky). Parents of the future singer was ordinary people: mother, Tatiana, was working at the plant for the manufacture of children’s toys, and his father, Oleg Glebovich, worked as a mechanic carpool. The family of artist included not only parents, but the grandmother, who, judging from the interviews, childhood instilled in her grandson a love of music and taught him to adopt a philosophical approach to life.

    Arkady Kobyakov
    Arkady Kobyakov | Group VK

    When Arkady Olegovich was a little boy’, the kindergarten teacher, in which he was taken parents, drew attention to the musical talent of the future artist. She encouraged Tatiana and Oleg to define a child in school with a musical bias. This idea was supported and the grandmother of Arcadia, and, ultimately, at the age of six he became a pupil of the Nizhny Novgorod choral chapel of boys at the piano.

    Arkady Kobyakov
    Arkady Kobyakov | Group VK

    Kobyakov grew communicative, and, unfortunately, quite hooligan «shirt-guy», which is quite easy to be influenced of the street. It weighed heavily on low-income households with their families, the parents just do not see what the child absorbed in the worries about how to get back on his feet, but Arkady in adolescence did not shy away from illegal ways of replenishing their own pockets. Long it could not continue, and at the age of 14, the future singer was convicted of theft.

    Arkady Kobyakov
    Arkady Kobyakov | Group VK

    Three years and a half «shelter» for Kobyakov became Ardatovskaya educational-labor colony for minors. But after that the life story of a famous artist not ceased to give him an unpleasant «surprises». In 1993, when the term of imprisonment Arcadia was only a few weeks, the parents went to son to the next date in his birthday. But on the road leading to Arzamas, they were in a terrible car accident and died.

    The beginning of his career

    Even during his children’s colony Arkady Kobyakov began to compose songs. The most striking example of his work of that period was the song «Hello, mother», written shortly after the death of the parents of the singer. Touching and sad, it incorporates all the things for which fans eventually came to love artist: mental anguish, melodious musical component and based on his own sad experience Kobyakov.

    Coming to freedom, Arkady decided to continue his musical education. He successfully entered the state Academic Philharmonic hall. Mstislav Rostropovich, but unfortunately, never finished learning in this school. Prison past made itself felt, and parents who would be saved the grown-up son from the final transition curve in the criminal track, was not there. And in 1996, Kabyakou went to places not so remote – this time for assault, six and a half years.

    Musical career and recognition

    Unfortunately, later Arkady Kobyakov held in prison a considerable part of his life. So, in 2002 he was sentenced to four years for fraud, and in 2008, according to the same article Arkady went to prison for five years. It is therefore not surprising that a significant part of his work was created in places of detention.

    Most seriously, the artist became interested in music during his third prison term in the camp «South». During the four years spent in this camp, Kobyakov has recorded a few dozen songs and even filmed seven videos in the most popular of them. About a young singer and composer with a difficult fate has learned not only the inmates and the guards, but fans of the chanson. Released in 2006, the artist worked as a singer in restaurants and at corporate events and at meetings of the domestic criminal authorities.

    Again once behind bars, Arkady continued to write music. Moreover, in 2011, together with the famous singer from Tyumen Yury Ivanovich Bone, Kobyakov gave a concert for the inmates of the camp. About the same period, was issued the first official album called «prisoner’s soul». Subsequently, the artist has released several records: «my Soul», «Escort», «Best», «favourites».

    Work after retirement

    With the last conclusion Arkady Kobyakov resigned in the spring of 2013. By the time the artist was already very famous and popular among fans of the chanson. His song «All behind», «I’m just a passerby», «Breeze», «I’ll Leave at dawn,» «And over the camp the night,» «I become the wind», «don’t call me», «goodbye», «Frog» and many others were very popular.

    24 may 2013 the contractor did a solo concert in the Moscow club «prison», which was literally overflowing with fans Kobyakov. The artist also repeatedly performed in St. Petersburg thanks to this organizer, as Marina Ibeev. In his creative career was listed and duets with other singer, for example, in the song «Look into my soul» artist has made Gregory Gerasimov.

    Personal life

    Despite the fact that Arkady Kobyakov during his short life four times he was thrown behind bars for a period of three and a half to six and a half years, alone in his personal life, the singer was not. In 2006, coming out of prison and he began performing at parties and corporate events, he met a charming girl Irina Tubeway. Irina is not afraid of the difficult past of her beloved and answered «Yes» to his proposal of marriage.

    Arkady Kobyakov wife
    Arkady Kabyakou and his wife Irina | Group VK

    In 2008, the wife made has received a major gift that can only dream of a loving and beloved man: the couple had a son Arseny. Family and children have always been the main priority of the singer, as eloquently pictures, which Kobyakov gently embracing his wife, looking at her invariably enthusiastic look. Perhaps it is the separation from family was for the actor the biggest challenge during the last imprisonment. Perhaps that is why the fourth term really became a singer last.

    Arkady Kobyakov
    Arkady Kobyakov | Group VK

    During the years of his artistic career Arkady devoted to his wife Irina a few filled with love and passion songs. Friends of the musician tell that Kobyakov loved his wife and son and was very much attached to the family, hoping that can be a good father Arseny. Unfortunately, Kobyakov, Jr., like his famous dad, early learned what the bitterness of loss. Maybe an easy outlet for the boy will be the songs of the famous songwriter who remain to live after his death.

    Death and funeral

    After successful performances in Moscow, the artist moved to Podolsk, where already in the circle of his family, continued to write songs and perform at various events. Perhaps the musician would record many more albums, if on the morning of 19 September 2015 has gone to another world in my own apartment.

    Funeral Arkady Kobyakov
    Funeral Arkady Kobyakov | Group VK

    The cause of death by internal bleeding, opened from stomach ulcers. At the time of death of Arkady Kobyakov was only 39 years old. A farewell ceremony was held in Podolsk, and was buried at home, in Nizhny Novgorod.


    Arkady Kobyakov

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