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  • Name: Arkady Dvorkovich ( Arkady Dvorkovich )
  • Date of birth: 26 March 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: the Russian economist, Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC «RZD»
  • Marital status: Married

    Arkady Dvorkovich: biography

    Arkady Dvorkovich, a young, promising and far-sighted Russian policy, which from 2012 is «right hand» of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Professional portrait Dvorkovich is characterized by exclusively positive terms, that allows him for the past 15 years to participate actively in the economic development of the country, to oversee the energy industry and the entire real spectrum of the economy, to lead the Commission on monitoring the Russian food markets and transport. However, he is considered to be one of the few authorities that have the ability to foreigners understood the language to explain what is really going on in Russia and to initiate economic projects that are supported by the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

    Born Arkady Dvorkovich March 26, 1972 in Moscow into a family of famous chess grandmaster Vladimir Y. Dvorkovich and design engineer Galina Lvovna. He became the youngest child in the family was brought up the eldest son Michael who is currently a successful entrepreneur. Since childhood, the future Deputy Prime Minister showed interest in the exact Sciences, as the father of the chess player taught their children from birth to think logically and think over your actions a few steps forward.

    To develop analytical skills son, the parents gave Arcadia to study in the specialized physical and mathematical school No. 444. After high school, the future economist was admitted to a prestigious University and became a student of Moscow state University. University. While training at the faculty «economic Cybernetics» Dvorkovich felt a boundless desire for knowledge, so I found strength in parallel with the University to finish the Russian economic school.

    After graduation Arkady Vladimirovich improved their knowledge at the American Duke University, where in 1997 he was given a diploma of master of Economics.


    Political biography of Arkady Dvorkovich after graduation continuously linked to the economic development of Russia. Becoming a chartered economist, he began his working career in the Ministry of Finance, where he was a consultant for the economic expert group. For a short time, Mr Dvorkovich managed to prove their high professional skills and to take the post of Director General-scientific supervisor of the EEG. At that time Britain was engaged in forecasting of fiscal revenues, providing assistance to the macroeconomic policy Department of the Ministry of Finance, and also took an active part in the negotiations with the IMF.

    Already in 2000, future Vice-Premier of Russia went to work in the centre of economic development, where later came many officials of the Ministry of economic development of the country. Literally in six months, Dvorkovich was appointed adviser received the portfolio of Minister of economic development and trade of the RF German Gref, and in 2001 became his Deputy.

    The Ministry visionary economist did the Department of Finance and macroeconomic analysis, as well as the banking Department of the investment policy Department. Demonstrating your professionalism on the occupied post, Mr Dvorkovich in 2004 was appointed Chairman of the expert Department of the President of the Russian Federation, which was led until 2008 inclusive.

    After in 2008 the post of head of the Russian Federation took Dmitry Medvedev, Dvorkovich was appointed his assistant, on the position which his duties from a previous job, in fact, has not changed. Along with working in the government since 2007 Mr Dvorkovich was Vice-President of the Russian chess Federation, focusing on issues of development of children’s chess in the country and the economic security of this process. In 2009, he was forced to resign and withdraw from the Russian chess Federation, as the Russian President has opposed the reconciliation of the government positions with positions in sports federations.

    Also in 2008, Arkady Dvorkovich entrusted the post of the Russian Sherpa, where he represented the Russian President in international club G7. In 2009, the politician-economist was included in the composition of the working group on the development of innovative center «SKOLKOVO».

    Deputy Prime Minister

    In 2012, after the victory of Vladimir Putin in the presidential election and appointment to the post of Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, Dvorkovich became Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and «right hand» of the head of the Cabinet. This phase of his career Mr Dvorkovich linked to the economic crisis in the country and the introduction of economic sanctions of the West.

    The achievements of Arkady Dvorkovich to the post of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation is difficult to overestimate. He, along with the government team to quickly find a way to counter the «sanctions war» with the United States and support their countries, doing it for the benefit of the development of domestic production.

    However, not all initiated Dvorkovich proposals find support in the government, but many projects politics and Economics approved by the main parties of the country. For his professional achievements policies received numerous honorary state awards.

    In June 2015, Arkady Dvorkovich was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC «RZD». In this position, the Deputy Prime Minister will lead a group of highly professional managers, whose competence is to develop long-term strategic objectives of one of the largest transport companies in the world and audit the railway monopoly.

    Personal life

    Personal life Arkady Dvorkovich as successful as his career. In 2000, at the dawn of his political career economist married lezginka Zumrud Rustamova, whom he met on the sidelines of the Russian government. At that time the wife of Dvorkovich was appointed Deputy Minister of property relations of the Russian Federation and according to his service often overlap with Arkady Dvorkovich. Married at the Dvorkovich had three sons – Pavel, Vladimir and Denis, born in may 2015.

    But politics and Economics of Russia Arkady Vladimirovich enjoys playing chess and is active in the chess life of the country, continuing the work of his father, who died in 2005. Special preference he gives the game «kriegspiel» that is considered the most «perverted» form of chess, as during the party players can’t see the shapes and moves of each other.

    Except chess Arkady Dvorkovich devoting his free time to hockey, football and skiing. He also pays attention to foreign languages and is fluent in English and German, which allows him freely to engage in dialogue with Western colleagues.


    Income Arkady Dvorkovich in 2014 amounted to 5 million 703 thousand roubles, while his wife Zumrud Rustamova 49 million 809 thousand rubles. Also within family ownership. there are 3 land plots with a total area of 13.5 thousand sq. m, residential building, 3 apartments (2 of which are sons) with a total area of almost 300 sq. m.

    According to the Declaration, both spouses have cars Lexus RX 330 and LX 570, which have the Zumrud Rustamova.


    Arkady Dvorkovich

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