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  • Name: Arkady Arkanov ( Arkady Steinbock )
  • Date of birth: 7 June 1933
  • Age: 81 years
  • Date of death: March 22, 2015
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: writer, poet, screenwriter, actor, television host, satirist, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Arkady Arkanov: biography

    Arkady Arcana – the famous Soviet and Russian writer, satirist, screenwriter, playwright, songwriter.

    Arkady was born 7 Jun 1933 in Kiev, in the family of Olga Semyonovna, Brandman Kadets Steinbach. If in the adult period, the biography of the satirist is not full of life’s UPS and downs, the little Arcady is hardly rosy.

    Arkady Arkanov
    Arkady Arkanov | tvnz

    When the boy was a year old, his father was arrested. Well that article was not about treason, but about the theft. Arcadia’s mother, leaving the child in the care of grandparents, followed her husband to settle near Vyazma.

    She soon took to himself a son, and when his father in 1938, was released, the family moved to Moscow. Was hard and the Metropolitan life: father, mother, Arkady and his younger brother huddled in the barracks, in the penalty room. When the war broke out, Olga Semyonovna, with children evacuated to Krasnoyarsk, where Arkady went to the first class.

    Arkady Arkanov in childhood
    Arkady Arcana and his mother

    Photo of the future writer of those times have not survived, but he recalled that they went to neighbors donated warm coats and boots, and the daily ration of the two brothers consisted of a glass of milk with a piece of bread. Arkady studied in the second shift, looking after brother and mother worked tirelessly.

    In 1943 the family returned from evacuation to Moscow, where the boy enrolled in the third grade and graduated from high school.

    Arcana first, then Steinbock, was going to do in the geological Institute. However, the members of the selection Committee was given to understand that the young man with a Jewish name and a criminal record father did not Shine. Then Arkady went to the Institute name. M. Sechenov, since the childhood was interested in the writings of physiologist Pavlov.

    Arkady Arkanov young
    Arkady Arkanov in youth | KinoTime

    In 1957 Arcana graduated from the Institute, knowing that the doctor will not work, so fascinating to his scripting, satirical monologues and scenes. As a student, he moved in art circles, young people are constantly staged performances, skits, showed humorous pieces, that influenced the fate of the applicant.

    According to the legislation of that time graduate had three years to work in the specialty, and lassos three years was the local doctor in the clinic 22.

    The career of satirist and broadcaster

    As a satirist Arkady Arkanov started with monologues, skits, sketches. He did not once said that writing to him at times dearer, but the royalties from the books allows you to comfortably exist, so he gladly accepts offers to speak in halls and on television.

    Arcana wrote monologues, not only for themselves but also for colleagues: from short story writer was made by Yevgeny Petrosyan and Vladimir Vinokur, he wrote a one-man show «I Go out alone». At the same time, the satirist unflattering comments about the program «sell-out» and the like, equating the stage to the base Americanized humor hits below the belt.

    Arkady Arcana and Mikhail Zhvanetsky
    Arkady Arcana and zhvanetski | MetroNews

    For comparison, Arkady Arkanov with great warmth spoke about Mikhail Zhvanetsky, enjoy taking part in the meetings of the club «White parrot», led the program «Around the laughter», many more events and concerts in the Variety Theater.

    The most famous speech Arkanov forever entered the Golden Fund of Russian satire. Including monologues and humorous pieces «summary of series», «Call father to school», «There are still good people» and dozens of other talented, bright things.

    Literary creativity

    From 1963 to 1967 the arcane worked in the magazine «Youth». This period includes joint work with George Gorin, with whom they were acquainted since College times. Co-writers made up a lot of variety miniatures and big plays, including «Wedding to all Europe», «Stairwell», «the Feast» and others.

    The names of the Arcana, and Gorin is also changed at the same time: hardly anyone took to publish works authored by Istana and Steinbach. That had the writers come up with their aliases, which became their official «passport.

    Arkady Arcana and George Gorin
    Arkady Arcana and George Gorin | 7 Days

    Arkady Arkanov repeatedly published in various publications, was a member of the dissident almanac «Metropol». He is the author of several dozen collections of short stories, novellas and novels, the most famous of which became «From Ilyich to the bulb», «the Chin on one side», «Go on, little…», «the Story with incredible forecast».

    Music and lyrics

    Arkady was a very versatile man. He played football and jazz, horse racing and gambling, with excellent hearing, learned to play the trumpet, writing poetry; he composed a collection of «Poems and songs».

    Arcana collaborated with renowned composers and performers. In 1965 they Gorin was the famous «Orange song», which was performed by an eight year old girl, and subsequently a adult star.

    Arkady Arkanov
    Arkady Arkanov | tvnz

    In the company of Levon by Oganezova Arcana invented and implemented the project «educational program for pop». The subjects of works of Russian classics in brief the content was rewritten in verse and imposed on popular music in the style of «pop».

    Very fruitful, the duet with Arkady Arkanov with Igor Krutoy. The song «Waltz», «Hole in the head», «Madam», «My XX century», «Tulip», «Out youth» performed Allegrova, violent, Leont’ev. Arcana himself sang the song «Honduras» with Lolita, and a few others – with Igor Krutoy. Of course, satire in the texts was rife.


    Visible trace left Arkady and domestic film industry, starring in small roles in six films and writing a dozen scripts for films. Among the last scripts for movies, sitcoms, dramas and cartoons:

    • «The great clowns. Yuri Nikulin»;
    • «Parade-alle»;
    • «Nightmare»;
    • «Talker-«activist»»
    • «The little Comedy big house»;
    • «Difficult day — Monday»;
    • «Very blue beard»;
    • «Business funny — family matters»;
    • «Andrew»;
    • «High feelings.»

    Personal life

    The private life of satirist was rich in appointments and events. His first wife, Maya Kristalinskaya, Arcana signed three dates, but a joint life has not developed. Wife after a few months realized that it is absolutely not suited to each other and dispersed peacefully and remain friends.

    Maya Kristalinskaya
    Maya Kristalinskaya | Ratel

    The second wife of writer Evgeny Morozov. This marriage was long, the couple had a son Basil, who now lives in Boston. Vasily Arkanov – known journalist, translator, moved out West at the request of the mother. Unfortunately, that Union seemed perfect, disbanded, but the former couple has maintained a friendly relationship for many years lived in the same house, and Arkady was constantly concerned about his son.

    Arkanov second son of Peter (Pierre) live in France, where he moved with his mother at the age of two years. Despite the circumstances, the father and son continued to chat until the death of Arkady Mikhailovich.

    Arkady Arkanov's son
    Arkady Arkanov son | Seven days

    Last wife and the strongest love of the writer – Natalya Vysotskaya music editor. They met by chance and fell in love with each other. In 2011, Natalie suddenly died of heart failure. She was younger than Arkanov, barely survived her death for 15 years.


    Well-known satirist, a gifted writer and winner of numerous awards Arkady Arkanov died 22 March 2015. Place of death of the capital’s Central clinical hospital.

    In recent years he was diagnosed with cancer, but he successfully fought the disease. The writer was 81 years old.


    Arkady Arkanov young

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