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  • Name: Aristotle ( Aristotle )
  • Date of birth: 384 B. G. E.
  • Age: 62 years
  • Date of death: 322 G. B. E.
  • Place of birth: Stagira, Thrace
  • Activities: philosopher
  • Marital status: was married to Piyade

    Aristotle: biography

    Aristotle was born in the town of Stagira, which was in the Greek colony of Thrace. Because of the name of his native city subsequently of Aristotle was often called Stawarski. He came from a dynasty of doctors. His father Name was court physician of the Macedonian king Aminta III. Mother Vestida had noble origin.

    So healing art passed down from generation to generation, the Nickname was going to do the doctor and the son. So from childhood taught the boy the basics of medicine and philosophy, which the Greeks considered mandatory science for any doctor. But the plans of the father were never realized. Aristotle very early became an orphan and was forced to leave the city of Stagira. First, 15-year-old boy went to Asia Minor to his guardian of Proksen, and in the year 367 BC, he settled in Athens, where he became a pupil of Plato. Aristotle studied not only the politics and philosophical movements, but also the world of animals and plants.

    In General he stayed in the Academy of Plato for about 20 years. Only in the year 345 BC, Aristotle went to the island of Lesbos in the town Mytilene through the death of his friend Hermia, also a former student of Plato, who started a war against the Persians. After 2 years, Aristotle goes to Macedonia, where he was invited by king Philip, to raise an heir, 13-year-old Alexander. Training of the future famous General lasted almost 8 years.

    After returning to Athens, Aristotle founded his own philosophical school «Likey», which is also known as the peripatetic school.

    Philosophical doctrine

    Aristotle divided all the known science on the theoretical, practical and creative. To the first he took physics, mathematics and metaphysics. These Sciences, according to Aristotle, are studied for actual knowledge. Second policy and ethics, because science is based life of the state. And to the last he took all kinds of art, poetry and rhetoric.

    The Central core of the teachings of Aristotle there are 4 main principles: matter («what»), shape («what»), produces reason («where») and objective («what»). Depending on these sources it was determined the actions and entities as good or evil.

    Also the thinker is the founder of the hierarchical system of categories. He singled out 10 categories: substance, quantity, quality, relation, place, time, possession, position, action and suffering. In addition, in his opinion, everything is divided into inorganic education, the world of plants and creatures, the world of different types of animals and humans.

    Also with the ideas of Aristotle began to develop basic concepts of space and time as independent entities and as a system of relations formed by the material objects in the interaction.

    For several centuries remained relevant types of government described by Aristotle. He singled out 3 positive and 3 negative option rule. To the right, aim at the common good, he took the monarchy, aristocracy and polity. To wrong, pursuing private goals of the ruler, carried tyranny, oligarchy and democracy.

    But in addition to this, Aristotle had to study and think about all available in his time Sciences. He left writings on logic, physics, astronomy, biology, philosophy, ethics, dialectics, politics, poetry, and rhetoric. Collection of treatises of the great philosopher called «Aristoteles body.»

    Personal life

    In the year 347 BC at the age of 37 years Aristotle married Piyade, foster daughter of his close friend Hermia, tyrant of Assos in Troas. Of Aristotle and Pepiada was only one daughter, Pifiata.


    After the death of Alexander the great in Athens is growing revolts against Macedonian rule, and Aristotle, as a former teacher of Alexander, is accused of atheism. Philosopher once again leave Athens, as he foresaw the possibility of a repetition of the fate of Socrates, poison. He even uttered the famous phrase «I want to save the Athenians a new crime against philosophy.»

    The thinker moves to the city of Chalcis on the island of MBA. To show their support for Aristotle, followed by a huge number of his disciples.

    But the philosopher lived in exile for too long. Just a couple of months after moving, he dies at 62 year of life from severe stomach trouble, which is quite long tormented him.

    Selected works

    • Category
    • Physics
    • On the sky
    • On the parts of animals
    • About the soul
    • Metaphysics
    • Nicomachean ethics
    • Policy
    • Athenians
    • Rhetoric
    • Poetics

    The most well-known sayings

    • Gratitude is aging rapidly.
    • Plato is friend, but truth is more expensive.
    • To Wake up the conscience of the villain, you have to give him a slap.
    • Clarity is the main advantage of the question.
    • Man is what he does regularly.
    • The beginning is more than half of the total.
    • The offense needs only a pretext.
    • Wisdom is the most exact of Sciences.
    • Who has friends has no friend.
    • Between being educated and uneducated the same difference as between the living and the dead.



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