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  • Name: Aristarkh Livanov ( Aristarkh Livanov )
  • Date of birth: 17 March 1947
  • Age: 69 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Activities: actor of theatre and cinema. People’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Aristarkh Livanov: biography

    Aristarkh Livanov is a Soviet and Russian actor of theatre and cinema, was recognized by viewers after the release of the series «State border».

    He was born in Kiev two years after the end of the war. His name the boy was given in honor of his grandfather, a clergyman, who was executed in 1938, during the period of repression. His father Eugene and mother aristarkhovich Timofeevna led the children’s circle at the House of pioneers, in which they taught children to create dolls and then give them performances. By the way, the family has raised one son, the younger brother of Aristarchus – Igor Livanov, also became a famous actor.

    Livanov began to dream about the scene in about the fifth grade. Of course, he attended the Studio of his parents, but he decided to be a drama actor, not a puppet theater. After school, he goes to St. Petersburg and entered local Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. After graduating in 1969, Aristarchus was forwarded to the Volgograd theatre for young people, after which replaced about a dozen theaters in Rostov-on-don, Taganrog and Moscow until the end of 80-ies not included in the Moscow Art academic theatre named after Maxim Gorky. There, the actor is still.


    Release year theatre Institute Aristarkh Livanov starred in the movie. He played Kostya in the youth film «Those innocent fun» on the novel by Anatoly Rybakov «Vacation Crumbling». After a year the young actor appeared in the war drama «Green chain» and then his film career was suspended for a long time.

    In the late 70-ies he returned to film and starred in a production of the picture «And the day will come…» and also in the philosophical fairy tale «Black hen, or Underground inhabitants». But the main success expected Livanov after the start of the demonstration the Central TV serial film «State border». After that Aristarchus woke up famous, and his role will become the specific – aristocrat, white or alien, that is any character, intolerant of the working class.

    Among the films of the time it is necessary to highlight the melodrama «the Calm», the historical TV series «Mikhail Lomonosov», political Thriller «the Man who was interviewed,» the social drama «Right to choose» and spy film «the Version of «Zombie» and «Password knew two.» Helped to change the situation with similar roles the role of Colonel Alekseeva-Packed novel, «the Investigation leading Experts».

    One of his strongest works of Aristarkh Livanov believes captain Voronov in the blockbuster «the Thirtieth to destroy!». By the way, there he played together with his younger brother. In the 90s Livanov played mafia or crime bosses, for example, in the Gypsy Saga «I am guilty» and drama series «People and shadows. Secrets of puppetry».

    In the 21st century, Aristarchus Livanov came another wave of popularity, and he starred in a huge number of series. Most fully his talent he demonstrated in the melodrama «Paper heart», Comedy, «Just lucky,» domestic drama «Quartet for two». The last film of the actor is today the detective series «the Investigator Tikhonov», in which he appeared in «the Medicine against fear» in a role of Professor panafidina.

    Personal life

    Aristarkh Livanov was married three times. First and second wives were Actresses – Olga Kalmykova Tatyana Anishchenko. Married to Tatiana from Aristarchus had a son, who he named in honor of his father Eugene.

    Livanov third wife, with whom he lives, and now, film is not removed. Her name is Larisa, and she is a professional linguist. Their joint daughter named after the mother of the actor – Nina. Children gave me the opportunity to play with my grandchildren – they had two, the boy Elisha and Catherine.


    • 1980-1982 — State border
    • 1981 — We, the undersigned
    • 1985 Password did two
    • 1985 — the Investigation leading Experts
    • 1986 — the Person who was interviewed
    • 1992 — the Thirtieth to destroy!
    • 1993 — my fault
    • 2006 — Just got lucky
    • 2007 Quartet for two
    • 2009 — the boomerang from the past


    Aristarkh Livanov

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