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  • Name: Aristarchus Of Wines ( Aristarchus Venes )
  • Date of birth: 4 October 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Aristarchus of wines: a biography

    Aristarkh Livanov. born in October 1989 in Moscow. Family. actor. Father – Victor., the son of Greek political refugees. (The audience he is known for the role of Lutsik in the film «the Outskirts»). Mother Svetlana Shabaeva after graduating from the Yaroslavl theater Institute worked in one of the theaters of the capital, but with the advent of children was forced to say goodbye to acting career. On often heard the question of the nationality of the young artist the answer is simple: he is a Russian with Greek roots.

    Aristarchus of wines in childhood
    Baby photo

    Aristarchus of wines is not the only child in the family, he has a younger sister Mary.

    The boy from childhood showed his versatility. He studied in an English special school and have time to do a dozen other things. Biography Aristarchus of wines – it is a serious hobby football, swimming, karate and dancing. And during his school years he played the violin.

    According to the artist, if he hadn’t chosen the career of an actor, then, most likely, would be a professional football player. Aristarchus of wines was so passionate about this sport that in his early youth regularly gathered the team in the yard to give himself a little. But genes won.

    Aristarchus Of Wines
    In the school years was fond of football

    After graduating from high school, Aristarchus has expanded the range of his Hobbies: he took up skydiving and rally. It is noteworthy that the high school years. recalls with mixed feelings. He claims that it was then met with betrayal and cruelty.


    Aristarchus began acting in films as a small boy. When Venezu was 12 years old, he appeared in his first cameo role in the film «Life is full of fun». After 9-ti classes, he was expelled from school. The actor was convinced that that was going to happen. But nonetheless, the guy still got a Ged, graduating as an external student for the year before. In 2005 year, 15-year-old Aristarchus of wines were on course to Arkady Raikin in the school-Studio of MKHAT. But later, due to some events in personal life stopped training in the Studio.

    At the same time, Aristarchus of wines took part in the filming of the television series «the color of the nation» where he played the computer genius of Vadim.

    Aristarchus of wines in the series
    In the TV series «Cadets» | the private life of stars

    In the same 2005, the young actor starred in a serial «Cadets» of the son of General Kotov. Then had a small role in «Code of honor» and «silvery Lily of the valley 2». In the last scene Aristarchus met with Yuri Stoyanov. As it turned out, it was his childhood dream.

    In 2006, Aristarchus of wines has played a role of Ilya Sukhomlin’s in the TV series «kadetstvo». He brilliantly reincarnated as an intelligent, educated cadets. As colleagues in the set, . lived in the barracks in the Tver region. The actor says that the city itself is extraordinarily beautiful, he repeatedly seen walking around Tver in the rare breaks between filming. This film Aristarchus appeared with rising stars of Russian cinema Boris by Koschevnikovi, Ivan Dobronravov, Arthur Sopernikom. But most importantly, Aristarchus Venezu incredibly lucky to work with such masters, as Alexander Porokhovshchikov, Vladimir Steklov and Valery Barinov

    Aristarchus of wines in the series
    In the TV series «kadetstvo» | Things-Dryukov

    After leaving the series Aristarchus of wines became famous. The popularity of this film simply «rolled over». And loved her not only teenagers, but audiences of all ages. Vanesa began to learn on the street. The fans were on duty around the house and did not let the guy pass.

    In 2007-m to year, to screen out the continuation of this story, and after a while, there was one project about heroes-cadets called «Kremlin cadets», in which Aristarchus of wines again played a major role.

    Aristarchus of wines in the film
    In the film «Odnoklassniki» |

    After filming in «the Kremlin cadets» young actor often appears on the screens. Viewers saw it in the popular project «Odnoklassniki», «teeth on the shelf», «Piranhas», «Corporate», one series «Daddy’s daughters» and the melodrama «Angelica».

    In 2014 Arkady. played a small role in the Comedy drama Sergei Oldenburg-Lead «Sex, coffee, cigarettes.»

    And in March 2015 premiere of a new youth television series «urban jungle», where Aristarchus of wines appeared in one of the main roles – Tim. Appeared in the Internet photos. the naked eye can see that at the premiere the actor arrived with a crutch and in a cast, because the day before I broke my leg. All those present drew attention to the dramatic external changes that occurred with the young artist. He lost a lot of weight. As it turned out, already slender. really easier 7 pounds. So it was necessary for the new role.

    Aristarchus of wines in the series
    In the television series «urban jungle» | GOROBOR

    In 2016, the sequel of a favorite of many rating of the series «stone jungle Law» about gangsters in the days of hipsters. Movies with Aristarkh Venison cause a keen interest of the audience, especially army of thousands of fans of the handsome young man.

    Fans. look forward to the release on the domestic screens of the remake of the British TV series «misfits», in which Aristarchus appears in the role of a bully with superpowers. Producing the film Alexander Tsekalo.

    Personal life

    Since the advent of Aristarchus of wines on the screen of his personal life – especially targeted fans. Girls are interested in, married a handsome young man or his second half vacant.

    While the passport Aristarchus stamp on marriage no. But the beautiful girl next to him appear regularly, and his life is full of love stories. In 2009, Aristarchus of wines said in an interview that he was going to marry. At the moment the actor was a girlfriend Tanya, but the relationship the couple apparently did not happen.

    Aristarchus of wines I Miroslava Karpovich.
    With Miroslava Karpovich |

    For some time there were rumors about the novel actor with singer Nyusha, but reporters have not found confirmation of this information.

    After the release of the 100-series «Daddy’s daughters» fans Aristarchus of wines talked about the romantic relationship of the artist with a colleague, Miroslava Karpovich. In the series Aristarchus played a guy Morosely. It seems that the romance between the two stars of the cinema was, but it was fleeting.

    Aristarchus of wines and his girlfriend Anna Gorbachev
    Anna Gorbacheva | themostveautiful

    Recently in the Internet appeared the photo of Aristarchus of wines with a new girl. Her name is Anna Gorbachev. Rumor has it that the couple is planning a wedding. But so far this is just unconfirmed rumors.


    • 2005 – «Color of the nation»
    • 2006 – «kadetstvo»
    • 2009 – «the Kremlin cadets»
    • 2010 – «Classmates»
    • 2011 – «Teeth on a shelf»
    • 2012 – «Piranha»
    • 2012 – «Corporate»
    • 2013 – «father’s daughter»
    • 2014 – «Angelica»
    • 2014 – «Sex, coffee, cigarettes»
    • 2015 – «the Law of the stone jungle»


    Aristarchus Of Wines

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