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  • Name: Arina Sharapova ( Arina Sharapova )
  • Date of birth: 30 may 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: TV presenter, journalist
  • Marital status: married

    Arina Sharapova: biography

    Arina Sharapova is one of the most influential women on Russian television. And not surprising, because the journalist and TV presenter took part in creating the contemporary Russian media space. In 30 years of career Arina ANOVA has worked on major TV channels of the country, including the «First channel», where the leading still works. In addition, Ms. Sharapova involved in the political life of the Russian Federation, in particular, in 1999, participated in the parliamentary elections from the block «Unity», and in 2013 worked in a team of Sergey Sobyanin, who had applied for the post of mayor of Moscow.

    Arina was born in 1961 in Moscow. Childhood she spent in the middle East, where her father Ayan V., worked as a diplomat. When the young Sharapova is a little older, she was sent to her grandmother in the capital that the girl was not forced to change schools because of the frequent removals of the family.

    About childhood TV stars, little is known, except that she was a good student in school, although not really complain training. Arina soon fell in love with literature and in a few years I reread the entire home library. She also frequently watched foreign films, admiring Sophia Loren and Catherine Deneuve, and in adolescence began to think about a career on television.

    Growing up, Sharapova still chose a different course of action. She entered the Department of philosophy of Moscow state University, by choosing the specialization «Applied sociology». In parallel, Arina got a job working in the library. After a few years the journalist has entered the Moscow state pedagogical Institute of foreign languages named after Maurice Thorez, but she studied at the correspondence Department, as had already worked in «RIA Novosti» journalist.


    The news Agency «RIA Novosti» Arina started to work in 1985. A young journalist engaged in writing articles on political themes and was not going to go under the gun cameras. As usual, the situation changed accidentally. When the Agency has a vacancy for anchor, casting for the position were held in the building of «RIA Novosti». Arina Sharapova together with a colleague walked past the open office where the interview took place, and one of the employees, were selected the candidate, invited the journalist to attend.

    In the television segment of news Agency Arina worked from 1988 to 1991, after which the journalist and writer Oleg Poptsov, who was then Chairman of the VGTRK, invited the talented girl’s work on the channel «RTR». Sharapova became the lead news program «Vesti» and the leading role of this transmission became famous throughout Russia. Later, the girl was entrusted to lead the program «60 minutes» joint Russian-American production. For four years Arina made many useful acquaintances among the celebrities, has earned credibility among their colleagues and in fact became the face of the channel.

    The TV presenter has long worked with «RTR» if not for the perseverance of two very influential personalities. Producer Konstantin Ernst and millionaire Boris Berezovsky set out to entice gifted Sharapova on ORT. Arina refused for almost a year, but eventually gave in and accepted the offer, despite the fact that «RTR» the girl to let go not wanted. There has been a conflict that escalated into a situation where Oleg Poptsov a month did not sign the letter of resignation of his protege.

    From 1996 to 1998, Arina Sharapova was one of the leading program «Time». Stay in the draft only strengthened the popularity of the ambitious journalist, though she soon got used to the transmission format. But the rest of the «ORT» Arina nothing to do, when the position of the lead instead was taken by Sergei Dorenko, Sharapova spur of the moment almost left the channel.

    Having more free time, Arina thought about creating your current show. The leading thought of the concept of the program with the financial aspect helped one of her influential friends. Unknown, did the journalist leave «ORT» right at that moment, or they are television executives do not agree on the price, but the first edition of the «Arina» Ms. Sharapova gave Konstantin Ernst, and the leadership of the rival channel «NTV». There instantly approved the project and agreed to release it. Not without conflict with the heads of ORT, unwilling to let go of Arina, but soon the singer signed a contract on a new place of work.

    Unfortunately, the project Arina gained a great love of the viewers. The format of the talk show «people of the people» was quite new. In addition, the important role played by criticism. Leading threw insincerity, lack of interest in Studio guests and too strong the game to the public. The project lasted only a few months, after which it quietly closed.

    After a short break, the media personality presented to the audience following his creation as «a meeting Place with Arina Sharapova» on the channel «TV-6». This program differed from the previous one, as a commentator of political news. However, this transfer did not last long. This failure crippled the Arina. Leading for a few years disappeared from the capital, after moving to Krasnoyarsk Krai.

    Two years later he took a triumphant return of Sharapova’s «big» TV. TV channel «ORT», which the journalist divorced in 1998, she was offered to transfer «Good morning». Everything was back to normal. This newly strengthened position as a TV presenter Arina and influential personality in the sphere of Russian broadcasting. More of Sharapova with ORT did not leave.

    After the program «Good morning» there were lots of other projects. From the latter we can mention the cycle of documentary films «the Island of Crimea», released in 2014.

    Among other things, the famous TV presenter is the President of the School of Art and Media Arina Sharapova, in which professionals train everyone to try their hand at art and journalism.

    Personal life

    For the first time the media personality got married at eighteen. Her husband was Oleg alliluyev, is rumored to be a very distant relative of Stalin’s wife. Family life did not last long, the young the conflict began, and after a few years the couple parted. In the hands of Arina had a son Daniel, who due to the fact that my mom worked, raised by his grandmother.

    Second marriage Arina was with Cyril Legat, CEO of a broadcasting company «Strim». Sorry, but the couple soon divorced. Arina is now remarried, her husband’s name is Edward Kartashov, he is a businessman.

    In 2006, son Daniel and his wife Arina’s friends, presented the media personality of the grandson Nikita. After three years the family has welcomed a new heir to the name Stepan. Sharapova adores the younger generation of the family and all the time tries to spend with children.

    Arina Sharapova is a very sociable, energetic and open person. She enjoys travelling, likes to rest in the Crimea, where he met with their colleagues over a Cup of tea. Among friends Arina are Edvard Radzinsky, Dmitry Kiselev and Vyacheslav Zaitsev.


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