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  • Name: Arina Postnikova ( Arina Postnikova )
  • Date of birth: 10 June 1993
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Tagil
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Arina Postnikova: biography

    Arina Postnikova – a young Russian actress, became famous thanks to the television series «the Eighties», «Survive» and «Almond flavor of love.» She was born in the Urals, in Nizhny Tagil. Almost from infancy she showed an interest in art.

    Active and inquisitive child parents even at four years old was taken to a dance Studio where she studied folk dancing and classical choreography. Soon Arina was enrolled in the children’s ensemble «Rodnichok». Later she became further engaged in the vocal music Studio «Surprise».

    Finishing school, Postnikov has not seen for himself no other way than to become an actress. But universities in the capital it to go decided not to. The girl goes to Ekaterinburg and entered the local state theatre Institute on the course of people’s artist Vladimir Ivanovich Marchenko. By the way, while still a student, she worked as a reporter for a local television.

    During the training, Arina played in more than a dozen productions, and after graduating, moved to Moscow and joined the troupe of the Moscow musical theatre. Her debut was in the musical play «Cinderella».


    To debut in movie Arina Postnikova had in 2013 in the action film «Mission: 1.2» in the role of Natalia. Then was a criminal detective «Troubled land,» after which a young actress was invited to the fifth season of the very popular youth TV series «the Eighties». There Postnikova played the legendary journalist of the edition «the Spark» Sasha Novikov. Filmmakers and audience liked this character, so Arina will appear in the new season of the series.

    We can not say about another ambitious project – the fantasy Thriller «Survive», where the actress the main role of Christine. She also made a good showing in sincere melodrama «the Almond flavor of love» and fantastic romantic Comedy «Complete conversion». Interestingly, the casting of the last-mentioned movies Arina Postnikova was quite by accident. She came to audition for a minor role in a youth drama, there she was noticed by the writer Pavel Sanaev and the Director Philipp Korshunov, who immediately secured the actress of the main female character.

    Now Arina is working on action-adventure drama about survival in extreme conditions «Pain threshold».

    Personal life

    22-year-old Arina Postnikova at the moment, completely focused on his film career, so no major novels no winds, and light romances her fans can’t tell it sees fit.

    Even her spare time she devotes to training, which can be necessary on the set. For example, it develops the technique of fencing with a professional teacher. Also Arina tries not to miss training in sports acrobatics.


    • 2013 — Mission 1.2.
    • 2014 — Restless plot
    • 2015-2016 — Eighties
    • 2015 — Curious George 3
    • 2015 — Complete transformation
    • 2016 — Survive after
    • 2016 — Almond flavor of love
    • 2016 — Pain threshold


    Arina Postnikova

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