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  • Name: Cesan, Ararat ( Ararat Keschyan )
  • Date of birth: 19 October 1978.
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Gagra
  • Activity: comedian, actor
  • Marital status: married to Catherine Sepete

    Ararat, Kesan: biography

    Ararat, Kesan, the famous comedian, who became famous thanks to the TV series «Univer» and appearances in the Club of Cheerful and Resourceful. The future actor was born in the small town of Gagra in 1979. But the family soon moved to Adler, there is Ararat graduated from high school. The boy grew up with his older brother Ashot, who were his role models and had a great influence on the guy. Thanks Ashot, Kesan Jr. came on the stage of KVN.

    Brother studied Economics, and Ararat mastered the sphere of hospitality industry. Despite a serious profession, both loved to play in the WHC, and their parents fully supported, although the acting was not associated with future professions.

    Ararat, Kesan: KVN

    In 1999 at the initiative of Ashot to take begin to play in the team «Grandchildren Lumumba», which in the next three years has won numerous awards, became the champion of Sochi and reached the semi-finals of the Northern League of KVN. The team was part of a branch of the people’s friendship University. After a series of successful performances in the «Grandchildren Lumumba» talented brothers noticed and invited to Moscow, now they are participants «

  • The team of PFUR». Their first game in the Premier League was held in 2003. In the new team guys quickly settled and were able to show themselves, becoming a better player. Soon the «Team of RUDN» invite to the festival in Jurmala, where the debut of Ararat. A parody, «Says kivin» was memorable for both the audience and the jury.

    After this speech Ararat felt that kind of popularity, but this was only the beginning of a successful television career. In a year the team is again coming to the festival and this time takes the second place, they bypass the team from Pyatigorsk. Ararat made a parody of «Talking parrot». Interesting jokes and skits Kvnschiki liked by the audience, no performance «RUDN» in Jurmala is not complete without a number from Ararat.

    Ararat, Kesan: TV

    Living in the capital, having had the opportunity, the brothers often took part in the entertainment show. Television debut took place in 2007 (the «blah-Blah show»). A year Kesana falls new opportunity to try yourself as a presenter of the program «Outside the game». The children also participated in «Fight club» and all this along with performances in KVN. According to Ararat, to be a cheerful and resourceful only at first glance simple and easy. Really need a lot of work to get and efficiently work out a program that will find a response in the viewer.

    Fate has smiled newbie actor in 2009, he was invited to the casting of the popular student show «

  • University», he agrees. The actor got the role of a racy student Michael, who comes from Adler to Moscow. The artist admits to star in a sitcom was hard, free time remained, he was freed later in the evening when it is time to go to bed. But, nevertheless, thanks to the series the artist became famous throughout the country. Before the start of filming of the series Ararat, together with his brother Ashot led entertainment shows on the radio station «Humor FM», dedicated to the 2008 Olympics, titled «Olympic reserve». In addition to «Uni» there were other sporadic, but not less striking role in the movie: «Wedding», «Happy together», «Anyone else Carlson», «Mom» so on.

    During this time, Ararat was time to prove himself as a talented comedian, TV presenter, radio host and actor. In the nearest plans for the future — opening your own small business (opening your own restaurant of Georgian cuisine), which will allow not to think about money and work into the fun: to act in films, not paying attention to the amount of the fee.

    Ararat, Kesan: personal life

    With his first wife Irina Kewen lived for three years, they married in Adler. About the breakup became known in 2010. In the program «COSMOPOLITAN. The video version of» Ararat announced that they had divorced, but his heart is not free.

    Today the actor lives with his second wife Catherine Sepeti, who recently received a diploma in public relations. The girl is going to develop your business, planning to open wedding Agency. Recently in-a-lifetime momentous event occurred — they became parents, Catherine gave birth to a daughter.

    Ararat, Kesan: filmography

    • Univer
    • Wedding exchange
    • Happy together
    • Univer. New Dorm
    • He was still Carlson
    • Nanny
    • Mom
    • I
    • Prisoner of the Caucasus

    Ararat, Kesan: photo

    Ararat Kewandin

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