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  • Name: Anya Taylor-Joy ( Anya Taylor-Joy )
  • Date of birth: 16 April 1996
  • Age: 20 years
  • Place of birth: Miami, FL, USA
  • Height: 169
  • Activity: actress, model
  • Marital status: not married

    Anya Taylor-joy: a biography

    Anya Taylor-joy – Argentine, British and American actress and model. She is best known for his roles in the horror film «the Witch» and the Thriller «Morgan».

    Anya was born in Florida, more precisely Miami, but her parents did not have us citizenship. Her mother is a Spaniard who grew up in the UK, and my father is half Scottish, half Argentine. The girl was the youngest daughter in the family: she has five brothers and sisters. Since the father could not permanently leave Argentina, Anya periodically lived in the United Kingdom, in South America.

    Anya Taylor-Joy
    Anya Taylor-Joy | Daily Celebrity Life

    In childhood, Taylor joy was very fond of dancing and on a serious level she studied at the ballet school. But frequent moves between countries did not allow either to achieve true professionalism as a ballerina, but she succeeded as a fashion model. Back in high school, the girl began to participate in various photo shoots and represented on the covers of glossy magazines, calendars and posters merchandise brands.

    And in 2014, Taylor-joy decided to switch to film. However, she’s still not sure what career really would like to build, but while shooting in film have pleased her, Anya considers it reasonable to continue to accumulate similar experience.


    In 2014, Anya Taylor-joy appeared in an episode of the youth fantasy film «vampire Academy», however, there her name is not even included in the credits. After that, the actress participated in the filming of the TV series detective «Young Morse», action-Thriller «the adventures of the Vikings» and a fantastic multi-part tape «Atlantis».

    The success was brought to Her starring role girls Tomasini in the historic horror film «the Witch». Immediately after the breakthrough in the career of Taylor joy was again invited to perform the way a key character in the science fiction Thriller «Morgan». Interestingly, both of these works, made the actress known worldwide, became the debut for Directors – Robert Eggers and Luke Scott.

    Anya Taylor-joy in the film
    Anya Taylor-joy in the film «the Witch | The Witch Official Movie Site

    Action-Packed tape, apparently, for a while will be the basis of the filmography of the actress. At least it is in chilling the genre removed her the following picture of «Barry» and «Split». Despite the fact that Not only was 20 years old, her shooting schedule is already fully booked for several years ahead. Not had time to leave on the table for installation of the finished material of Thriller «Blooded», as Taylor-joy has already started working on the movie «Bone marrow».

    Personal life

    About the romantic adventures of a young actress from America, Argentina and the UK is almost unknown. Probably, the girl at this stage sees no need to build a serious relationship with the opposite sex. Maybe she just hasn’t met a man you could fall in love enough to overshadow his beloved work.


    • 2014 — vampire Academy
    • 2014 — Young Morse
    • 2014 — the adventures of the Vikings
    • 2015 — Atlantis
    • 2015 — Witch
    • 2016 — Morgan
    • 2016 — Barry
    • 2017 — Split
    • 2017 — Thoroughbred
    • 2017 — Bone marrow


    Anya Taylor-Joy

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