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  • Name: Anwar Halilulik ( Anwar Khalilulaev )
  • Date of birth: 21 February 1995
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Anwar Halilulik: biography

    Young talent of the Russian cinema Anwar Abdumajidovich Halilulik was born 21 February 1995 in Moscow. The further fate of the future actor was already decided from an early age. The last seven years, the parents decided to send him to the Theatre of young Muscovites. Talented boy without difficulty passed creative competition and entered the children’s theatre Studio «the Central children’s creativity on Vorobyovy Gory and later was included in the troupe. Like all children, Anwar visited public school №199. The experience of the actor in the theatre brought here their results. Little Halilulik were almost all school concerts and was noted for his talent of an actor.

    Anwar Halilulik — rounded individuals, he graduated from music school majoring in violin, also knows how to play the piano. Despite the tight schedule, the future actor had time to do karate, football, and swimming. This young, talented and cheerful guy excelled in the study of languages: English, German and French.

    At sixteen the teenager had a choice about entering high school. But in 2001, in the life of an actor there was an unpleasant incident. The young talent is not even thinking about changing their profession and, of course, his choice fell on a theatrical institution — the Higher drama school named Shchukin. In the first round of selection, he tore the applause, the selection Committee was delighted with the talented entrant. But that all changed in the second round of selection, when one of the members of the Commission several times interrupted the young man, and then said that their institution does not intend to recruit persons of Caucasian nationality. Anwar just turned around and walked out of the audience.

    This statement by one of the members of the Commission caused a big scandal. But shit was this rebuttal as part of the school in the person of Nina Igorevna Dworzecki, and Hallelulia. A decent move for the young actor was the recognition of the fact that perhaps he was mistaken in what he heard, or this remark was just a joke. The young actor said that anyone not hold a grudge, and this whole situation is probably just a ridiculous misunderstanding.

    Incident on the entrance exam did not affect future career choices, and in the same year, the young man successfully entered the School-Studio of MKHAT. It becomes artistic Director of the Dmitry Brusnikin. In this institution Halilulik studied for only four courses, and received higher education. And in the same year 2015, Anwar entered the Higher theatre school (Institute) named after M. S. Schepkin at the course of Professor Vladimir Mikhailovich Bayliss and Professor Vitaly Nikolaevich Ivanov.

    Like every other man, Anwar has interests and preferences: favorite singer actor rap artist Eminem, favorite breed of dog — shepherd dog, favorite bands: Pink Floyd, «Green Day» and «One Republic». Halilulik a lively interest in the work of their colleagues-actors, calling the series «Real boys» favorite. Anwar, as any man draws your attention to the car, but, unlike many guys, his heart conquered the Mini Cooper.

    The main interest of the actor is prose. Anwar Halilulik often performs with his works in public and posts them on the Internet. You can count more than fifteen works, including reflections on eternal themes: loneliness, fear and emptiness. A young man tries Mature to understand all the processes that occur in the soul of man during his life.

    Anwar Halilulik theater

    The first role of Anwar was still in the Theatre of young Muscovites. They launched the career of the actor. He participated in such plays as «the Thief», «the Tale of the missing star», «the Swineherd» and «Deniska’s stories». The role of bright young men brought him success and gave him the initial experience of theatrical skills, which he uses to this day.

    In 2006 and 2009, he became a theater actor Kirill Korolev, which performs the role in performances «the New year in a submarine», «Vera» and «the Seagull named Livingston».

    Anwar Halilulik: movies

    Acting in films Anwar started from childhood. His first role he played at the age of ten years. The boy made his debut in the film magazine «jumble», followed by participation in the series «Adjutants of love», «Talisman of love».

    The first major work in cinema was the role of Romka in the film «the wrong lane». The guy was without a doubt talented and after the first big role, he received more invitations for new projects. Only in 2009 he published four films with the participation of Hallelulia, including such films as «secret haircut — 2», «Ivan the terrible and Metropolitan Philip» «Hunter» and «Cream». Anwar Halilulik is an increasing interest among the audience and gets many invitations to work in various films and television series.

    But real fame and popularity of Anwar brought the series «

  • Chernobyl. Exclusion zone,» where he played the role of Gosha, modest computer genius. In the role of Eugene in the film «Elusive» character Hallelulia fights for justice and becomes the master of the world of computers. His role is pure, naive, kind, intelligent, somewhere shy teenagers. Anwar plays positive characters, though he is still sixteen years old admitted that he would like to play the role of villain so that people could see all the facets of his acting. The actor starred in more than thirty cinematic works and continues to participate in new projects.

    Anwar Halilulik: personal life

    Twenty years is a perfect age for a romantic relationship, when nothing bothers him — no life, no serious responsibilities. As the actor did not want to hide their love, the light leaks information, and the press published pictures of him with a mysterious stranger.

    According to some sources, a dark-haired girl kissing the actor on the pictures name

  • Eugene. But like all famous people, Anwar strongly hides information about his beloved.

    Anwar Halilulik: filmography

    • Cat
    • Elusive
    • Mom contract
    • Chernobyl. The exclusion zone
    • Test
    • Amazon
    • Ring
    • You forgot that we played
    • King

    Anwar Halilulik: photo

    Anwar Halilulik

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