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  • Name: Antonio Fagundes ( Antonio Fagundes da Silva )
  • Date of birth: 18 April 1949
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: Rio de Janeiro
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: Brazilian actor of theater, film and television producer, screenwriter
  • Marital status: married Mare Carvalho

    Antonio Fagundes: biography

    Popular Brazilian actor Antonio Fagundes was born on 18 April 1949 in Rio de Janeiro. Antonio since childhood showed great interest in the sport, demonstrated leadership qualities and was considered a leader in all boyish games. And he wanted to travel. Tom saw himself in the future, a sailor, floating in a distant country.

    That all changed when he was eight years old. The Fagundes family moved to são Paulo. Antonio went to a new school, which was organized by a wonderful theatre. The guy suddenly was seriously fond of acting and has evolved from daredevil in the quiet of a teenager, is extremely passionate about the game in the school theater.

    The biography of Antonio Fagundes is started early enough. 14 Fagundes made his stage debut, playing his first role in a school production of «Dinner with cardinals». Young talent is immediately noticed. Fagundes was invited to work at the youth theatre «arena», which was played by the students. Antonio here had considerable success, it is used in almost all productions. And the young artist began to invite to act in films. But for such a huge employment, he had to leave the theater. The only thing genuinely sorry Antonio, that in connection with success and employment in the TV series he was not left time for the theater, which he truly loved.

    Antonio Fagundes: TV shows

    The debut of Antonio Fagundes in Brazilian film becomes 1967. At first it was a cameo role in the film «Sandra, Sandra». But this role has turned into a pass for the artist in the world of cinema. 20-year-old boy was invited to work in the largest Brazilian «Globo». The first work that proposed Fagundes «Globo», it becomes visible role in one of the most expensive for that time TV series «Antonia». Here was assembled the cream of Brazilian cinema and Antonio had the opportunity to learn great acting for example, is known to senior colleagues.

    But the real great success came to the artist in 1974, together with the work in the telenovela «Machos». The plot of the series stemmed from the Shakespeare play «the taming of the shrew». Romance consisted of 371 series. It was the third longest series in Brazil. It’s interesting that this year the television switched to a color image.

    Unlike the national cinema, in Brazil, soap operas and TV shows honored along with a great movie. After all, the actors here use the system of Stanislavsky.

    Tape «this» was released by «Globo» in 1988 year. Antonio Fagundes played the role so well that received several awards. In the Brazilian press now called him as «the perfect husband».

    In the nineties Fagundes has played in a huge number of series. In 1991, the year Antonio appeared in project «Lord of the world». It was the first for the actor the role of a villain.

    In 1995, the artist has conquered the Russian tele-viewers. They saw the handsome Brazilian actor in the TV series «New victim». The film received immense popularity because it had collected all the biggest stars of Brazilian cinema: suzano Vieira, Tony Ramos, Deborah a Secca and Antonio Fagundes.

    This popular band was followed by another, no less loved by the viewers of the historical Novella «the Fatal inheritance». This romance was translated into many languages and shown in ten countries. Saw her in Russia.

    Finally conquer the hearts of the spectators Fagundes managed multiseries melodrama «In the name of love». The series was shown in seventy countries. Antonio played the main character Atilio Novelli was awarded for this role of the award «Contigo!».

    Another Brazilian TV series that was shown in Russia, was the film «Land of love». Our viewers saw it in 1999. In the same year appeared the first music disc Fagundes called «Tribute to Joao Pacifico».

    In the 2000s, Antonio Fagundes continues to act in the Brazilian romance. Annually on the series where he appears. The most known films – «Beach dream» and «Two faces».

    Today, Antonio Fagundes though and removed a little, but continues to be one of the most popular artists of Brazil.

    Antonio Fagundes: personal life

    Personal life the popular Brazilian artist who many see as a notorious Heartbreaker, is quite modest. On account of Antonio only two marriages. His first wife was actress Fagundes

  • Clarissa Abujamra. In this Union there were three children. But the couple broke up. The second time Antonio Fagundes married again actress.
  • Mara Carvalho gave birth to his daughter. Together, the couple live more than 20 years. All his spare time the Actor spends with family and travels a lot with her family.

    Antonio Fagundes: filmography

    • Love of life
    • Two people
    • The land of love, land of hope
    • Dream coast
    • Bossa Nova
    • Land of love
    • In the name of love
    • Life line
    • The Lord of the world

    Antonio Fagundes: photo

    Antonio Fagundes

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