Alexey Panin

photo Alexei Panin

  • Name: Alexey Panin ( Alexey Panin )
  • Date of birth: 10 September 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexey Panin: biography

    He is the flamboyant Russian actor, star of many domestic films and television series. Best known for his roles in such films as «the Wedding», «don’t Even think» and «DMB».

    Alex was born and spent most part of my life in Moscow. His parents did not have to film anything – father worked as an engineer in scientific research Institute of defense industry, and mother, a journalist by training, served as editor of the periodical «Science.»

    In fact, the Panin, too, aspired to a career as an actor, though, and attended the youth theatre Studio of Vyacheslav Spesivtsev. Main hobby Alexei adolescence had water Polo, and he seriously wanted a big sport. But at the insistence of his mother he had to enter GITIS.

    However, as time has shown, this school failed to influence the rebellious character of Panin, and he left the walls of the Alma mater much earlier than scheduled, without having received the diploma about higher education. And Alex has always stressed that he is not complaining as none of his classmates who graduated the same success is not achieved. But his film career went wrong from the very beginning, and it is there that the young actor and focused.


    To date, filmography Alexey Panin over a hundred works. Like many aspiring actors, he first appeared in episodes and small roles. Popularity brought him an army Comedy series «DMB» and military drama «the Star» in which he played Sergeant Kostya Mamochkin.

    Also worth noting is the picture of youth «don’t Even think», romantic melodrama «About love in any weather» and the detective «Love and gold». And finest hour in the artist’s career came after the release of the criminal black Comedy Alexei Balabanov’s «Zhmurki», where Panin interacts with actor Dmitry duuuum.

    The last couple of years Alex began to appear less. In 2015, the screens were only action film «Soul of a spy», and now the Ukrainian Panin starred in the mystical drama «angel», which the audience will see in the second half of 2016.

    Personal life

    It so happened that tumultuous personal life of Alexei Panin, who never hid nor novels, nor scandals, gradually began to overshadow his career as an artist. At least, most national publications and Internet sites prefer to talk about the new antics of the flamboyant actor what his new movie experience.

    Romantic relationship Alexei Panin was quite a lot. Of the most famous and long lasting stand it the actual marriages of St. Petersburg actress Julia Yudintseva and the gynecologist Tatyana Savina. Each of these women bore him daughters. The eldest daughter Anna was even the very cause of scandal associated with the trial and the tug on the rights of the child. Junior-Masha escaped this fate due to the fact that Alex and Tatiana Savina remained on friendly terms, what can be said about the situation with Yulia Yudintseva.

    Was the actor and others, less loud novels, and in 2013 the community was shocked with the news: Panin finally married. His choice was Lyudmila Grigorieva. A lot of fans of Alexei thought he decided to calm his legendary explosive temper and become an exemplary family man. But the marriage survived for only one year.

    Since then, the scandalous stories associated with the name of the actor Panina, not diminished. From the latest news stands out information from social networks, where Alex posted a group photo with his ex-wife made on a nudist beach. And this against the background of very beautiful words, which the actor wrote about his feelings for Lyudmila.

    But the most shocking message that I heard several before. In the program «the Invisible Man», which airs on channel «TV-3», Alexey Panin has admitted to his bisexuality, which was confirmed by a lie detector. Also the man has repeatedly stressed that he does not understand the meaning of the phrase «sexual orientation» because it is important that the partners were happy, no matter they are single sex or of different.

    And in April 2016, talking about the new wedding of the actor. And his wife supposedly was the best friend of the former wife, whose name is Tatiana. In social networks even had a photo of lovers in wedding rings. However, later, he confessed that the photo shoot was his next joke.


    • 2002 — Star
    • 2003 — don’t Even think
    • 2004 — About love in any weather
    • 2005 — hide and seek
    • 2005 — Love and gold
    • 2005 — the Phenomenon
    • 2006 Provincial passion
    • 2007 — wanted
    • 2011 — cherry Jam
    • 2016 — Business Angel


    Alexey Panin

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