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  • Name: Antonina Papernaya ( Antonina Papernaya )
  • Date of birth: 1 June 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: Ukrainian and Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Antonina papernaya : biography

    Says the young actress Antonina papernaya, she’s «acting crazy»genes.

    Papernaya was born in the summer of 1990 in a family of actors. Her father Eugene Paperny and mother Olga Sumskaya – known artists in Ukraine. But their names, especially father, familiar to Russian viewers. Not only parents, but the maternal grandmother and aunt and uncle Antonia have a great acting career. It is not surprising that Tonya, from his early years watching the work of parents behind the scenes, too, decided to dedicate his life to Melpomene.

    But it did not happen immediately. Antonina in childhood dreamed of becoming a businesswoman. But model looks helped the girl the opportunity to try their hand in this field. However, to associate life with fashion shows and photo shoots papernaya didn’t want to.

    After high school, Antonina papernaya entered the art faculty of the Kiev national Academy of culture. Perhaps it was then that she felt most of all she wants to play on stage. The call of blood led from Kiev to Moscow, where she attempted to enroll in drama school named after Boris Shchukin. Here once was a student her father. The first pancake turned out lumpy: Tonya failed the exams.

    But the persistent girl did not give up and took the barrier in the next year. Actress Olga Sumska, the mother of Antonina, then stated that none of the relatives that have already made a career in theater and film, a finger does not hit, in order to promote Tonya. Daughter had to overcome a competition of 800 people in the place, and she succeeded.

    The secrets of the acting profession Antonina papernaya learned under the guidance of great mentors Nina Dvorzhetsky and Rimas Tuminas.


    A cinematic biography of Antonina Papernaya began in his student years. First, the young actress, as is often the case, was offered a cameo role in the series. Most often she played the beautiful secretaries. It is unlikely that these images of the girl, but she understood that this is only the beginning. You should wait a bit and starring role will appear.

    It just happened. After the episode in the melodrama «different life» and «Time for love» she got the supporting role in the acclaimed TV series «the Thaw». Antonina papernaya was played by the legendary Tatyana Samoylova. Critics and viewers agreed on the opinion that «getting in the way» proved one hundred percent. With regard to the project to star in the famous Valery Todorovsky for many colleagues Papernaya means the same thing to draw a lucky ticket, which opens the way to the cinema.

    Retro the series was released in 2013 and was immediately recognized as the best project of the year. The work in this tape was indeed a springboard for Papernaya. She was immediately invited to the detective Ilya Hotinenko «Search of clues», where she played a model in the Nata Solovieva. Then there was the role of Lily in the popular sitcom «Kitchen».

    Happy for girls from Kiev was 2015. Antonina papernaya again appeared on the screens and again in the rating project. It was the third part of the tape «Mosgaz», which was published under the title «Goznak». Tonya, because of its external data model, again played a mannequin.

    Career of this vivid girl is rapidly moving upward. In the same 2015 it appeared in 4 projects. This series «the Perfect victim», «the Almond flavor of love», «Cuba» and «In the name of love». In the last romance Antonina papernaya starred in the star role.

    Personal life

    For the first time the personal life of Antonina Papernaya was in the spotlight in 2013. The actress appeared on the Crimean festival «Scarlet sails» with her boyfriend. It reporters learned Russian actor of Czeslaw Golovina, known to viewers of the TV series «Deffchonki». As it turned out, Czeslaw Antonina met at «the Pike». But it is not known whether this pair of beautiful romance, or just colleagues decided to visit the festival.

    But an affair with a rising star of Russian cinema Vladimir Agrichem actually took place. For the first time the couple saw in 2015 at the premiere of the Comedy-fantasy film «Ghost». Soon curious journalists received an official response from representatives of the artist, Antonina and Vladimir are a couple.

    In the same 2015 papernaya and Aglic held a joint winter holidays in America. On their pages in social networks there were photos from an exciting romantic trip to the country. In the media started talking about the imminent marriage of the two actors. Probably, it was planned for March 2016.

    But soon after journey together fans of these actors began to notice that they no longer pose for photographs with you and not comment on new posts and photos to each other that used to do very actively.

    Symbolically, Antonina papernaya and Vladimir Yaglych were last seen together at the premiere of «the Status «free»» in January 2016. It seems that the hearts of two young movie stars free again.


    • «A time to love»
    • «The thaw»
    • «Cancel all restrictions»
    • «Late bloomers»
    • «Looking for clues»
    • The «kitchen»
    • «Goznak»
    • «The perfect victim»
    • «The almond flavor of love»
    • «Spider»


    Antonina Papernaya

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