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  • Name: Anton Zaytsev ( Anton Zaytsev )
  • Date of birth: 6 March 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Russian TV presenter, journalist, columnist for computer games
  • Marital status: not married

    Anton Zaitsev: biography

    Anton Zaitsev, known under his creative alias of «Gamover», was born in Moscow. It was a real gift to his mother, Raisa Georgievna Zaitseva, who worked as a teacher of English. Because the son came 2 days before international women’s day in 1969.

    Anton Zaitsev in the army
    Anton Zaitsev in the army | VK

    Dark skin and exotic appearance got «Gambaru» from his father – a Sudanese Jim Gidion Numby. He moved to Russia because of the civil war in their homeland and served in the diplomatic field. If you believe Anton Zaitsev, his father was of aristocratic origin, but their faith chose Christianity.

    The choice of school, according to charming mulatto, gave him a short distance from home to MSU, where he chose journalism. Of course, it’s a joke. After all, the guy has talent for journalism manifested itself even in childhood: the joy of mom son sociable and well-read guy.

    Zaitsev served in the army. His service in defense he calls «an interesting ride», but the desire to repeat it «fun» he didn’t have any.


    Again feel like a recruit Anton Zaitsev still had. It was after graduating from the University in 1993. Director Alexander Pavlovsky was looking for an actor-the mulatto for the lead role in his Comedy «Marshmallow». Mulattoes in the capital were many, but a good knowledge of the Russian language, the applicants have not demonstrated. So Anton was in the right place at the right time.

    After 3 years he again appeared in a movie, in the film «Vladimir Where Boko». This cinematic biography of Anton Zaitsev is still limited. But who knows? Perhaps viewers will see the talented mulatto as an actor.

    The popularity of Zaitsev brought the cinema and TV. Today Anton Gedionovich – known TV presenter. For the first time as he appeared in the 1990s. Before that, the journalist wrote articles, collaborating with the Newspapers «Komsomolskaya Pravda» and «Week». But journalism attracted him more. The hares tried his hand working at TV company VID, in order that developed by the transfer of «Rest».

    Gamover and Bonus
    Gamover and Bonus | abandongames

    Soon black lead was introduced in the channel RTR «Morning Express» and «against the night». For a time he was the sports commentator of the program «Vesti».

    But with the advent of video games Anton Zaitsev immediately realized that this is an incredibly fertile topic for comment and study. In this field a journalist, joining together in fruitful Union with his soul mate and colleague Boris «Bonus» Repeturom, became a pioneer. «Haymower» and «Bonus» the first in the country started a program dedicated to video games. It was called «clear!» came out first on the RTR, and then moved on NTV. Broadcast transmission from the mid-1990s to 1998.

    In 2002 Anton Zaitsev was invited to co-host the program «Good morning, Russia!», where he commented on sports events in the country and the world. And in 2003, fans of the TV show «Fort Boyard» has seen a well-known mulatto as a participant.

    In the creative Treasury of the journalist is such popular projects as «the Morning Express» and «against the night». And in recent years, leading again took up video games: from autumn 2011 to spring 2014 he will be paired with a colleague «Bonus» has broadcast «Lohri» and «video game Icon».

    Anton Zaitsev. Programa
    Anton Zaitsev. The program «planet of taste» | VK

    And people love watching the program «planet of taste» on the TV channel «My planet», which shines with an incomparable birds.

    Personal life

    Once the broadcaster has seen «the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson» and acquired a real passion in the form of collecting tubes. It is a passion that began as jokes, host, «the result of «bad effect of cinema,» he observed today.

    Personal life of Anton Zaitsev hidden behind a dense veil of secrecy. It is known that the journalist has a daughter Kate. However, the TV host has never been married and claims not going to do that. He said that after a 14-hour working day and a busy socializing with lots of people he most wants to come to his bachelor home and sink into the peace and quiet, lying on the couch with a favorite pipe and book.

    Anton Zaitsev
    Anton Zaitsev | ripeclub


    • 1993 – «Zephyr in chocolate»
    • 2001 – «Vladimir Where Boko»


    Anton Zaitsev in the army

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