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  • Name: Anton Vorotnikov ( Anton Vorotnikov )
  • Date of birth: 14 February 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Cheboksary
  • Growth: 182
  • Activity: video blogger, entrepreneur
  • Marital status: married

    Anton Vorotnikov : biography

    Renowned video blogger Anton Vorotnikov, specializing in test drives and reviews of cars, born in the Chuvash capital in February 1986. In Cheboksary he grew up and lives to this day.

    Like all boys, school age Anton was fascinated with cars. After graduation Collars went to higher education in the agricultural Academy, where he decided to become a CPA. To earn a living, the guy was moonlighting as a security guard and a Builder. But his youthful enthusiasm he forgot. All their savings Collars invested in his first car – VAZ 2107. The drive and speed gave the life of Anton special meaning and drive.

    At the time, was gaining popularity a street-racing motion, to which future blogger joined in with great pleasure. Soon Vorotnikov was elected as one of the main representatives of street racing in Cheboksary. He organized Championships and various shows and exhibitions.

    At 21, the browser began to publish the magazine «Avtoman». But the crisis of 2008 forced him to close the publication, which requires regular financial injections. Anton Vorotnikov engaged in the resale of used vehicles.

    His first capital he earned not only by selling but also in the elections. By order of the candidate he created a newspaper, being able to quickly spin and make a good mouthpiece for a candidate. Thanks largely to the release of this publication the Deputy managed to become a leader election.

    Anton Vorotnikov received a well-deserved reward, put it in your business advertising firm, named the same as before closed the magazine – «Avtoman». This Agency, founded in 2007, and today brings the main income to the browser and it works.


    If the firm «Avtoman» is the main business of the motorist, then a video blog on YouTube – the main hobby that brings both money and pleasure.

    First appeared on the Internet an electronic version of the journal autoalarmy. The blogger argues that it is much more efficient to produce than the paper version of the publication. First, it is not comparable with financial costs, and secondly- there is an interactive relationship with the readers who suggest that you need to fix and order topics that interest them.

    In 2009, the Collars made a debut test drive two cars – LADA Granta and Renault Logan. Posted videos had a lot of success. The first day they looked at 300 people. On the second 1000. Realizing that this is exactly what he was looking for, Anton in December of 2010 opened its professional channel on YouTube, where motorists could not only see a test drive of interest to the machine model, but also to order what he wanted to see. The people were able to communicate, share new ideas and experiences.

    Video blog of Anton Vorotnikov today «up» to one million subscribers. And the number of hits the YouTube-channel «Anton Avtoman» for a month and more – «hits» the mark of 10 million.

    The blogger States that gets a real buzz from the fact that he doesn’t need anyone to agree on anything, to beg for funding, writing reports and begging for money on gasoline. But this is what he would be doomed if I did the paper version of the magazine, not the blog. But the main thing is the feelings of the close relationship with the people of live communication. Their videos Explorer shoots one take and without a script. So every review is very dynamic and «alive».

    Personal life

    Autoobserver and popular videobloger married. But the personal life of Anton Vorotnikov is never a topic for discussion in his blog. It is known that the family life of utuber he had a happy. About everything else, it is possible to ask in the discussion under the next test drive.


    Anton Vorotnikov

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