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  • Name: Anton Vasiliev ( Anton Vasilev )
  • Date of birth: 8 April 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Anton Vasiliev: biography

    On account of the actor Anton Vasiliev is already more than 4 dozen pictures and TV series. Among them are those who turned this artist into a recognizable. The audience warmly greeted the films with his participation «A4», «Curious George», «fool’s Day» and «Mommy.» But more than anything, Vasiliev is known for rating TV series «Nevsky», where he appeared in the title role of a brave police captain Pavel Semyonov.

    Anton Vasiliev
    Anton Vasiliev |

    Anton Vasiliev was born in April 1984 in St. Petersburg, then called Leningrad. Among his family of artists was not, but a beautiful city on the Neva, every house and every street which — architectural value, it seems, inspired the kid to art.

    After graduation in 2001, Anton Vasiliev went to enter in the famous state theatre arts Academy. He was confident in his abilities, because the school years was engaged in the Theatre of youth creativity where he felt the taste of victory from the first successfully played roles. In high school theater Vasiliev studied under the talented mentor of Veniamin Filshtinsky. In 2006 he received a diploma and went on to build a career.


    After graduation Anton Vasiliev took in the Riga Russian theatre named after A. P. Chekhov, where he served during the year. Then the novice actor of the Petersburg theatre-goers saw on the boards of several theatres in the city.

    But in 2010, Anton made the decision to move to Moscow, where he opened new perspectives. On the stage of the Educational theater «On Mokhovaya» Vasiliev appeared in productions of «Romeo and Juliet», «Crime and Punishment» and «Inspector». Proven at this stage, he began increasingly to appear as a guest artist on other Moscow scenes. At Theatre on Foundry played a Gemon in the production of «Antigone» in the Theatre «Music-Hall» – Eddie in the play «reservoir dogs». And in the Moscow art Theater named after A. P. Chekhov, he brilliantly reincarnated in the characters of the play «Zoyka apartment», «Dead body» and «Skylark».

    Anton Vasiliev in the theater
    Anton Vasiliev in the theater |

    But the permanent place of service for Anton Vasilyev became the theatre «7th Studio», in which he was involved in performances of a talented Director Kirill Serebrennikov «Thugs», «Idiots» and «Dead souls».

    A cinematic biography of Anton Vasiliev began in St. Petersburg. Like most of his young colleagues, the actor first appeared in episodes of the TV series. It was rated projects «Streets of broken lights 4», «Secrets of the investigation» and «Think like a woman.»

    But the first major role went to actor in the short film «waste of time», where he brilliantly turned into a charming deacon Atlakvida.

    Anton Vasiliev in the short film
    Anton Vasiliev in the short film «waste of time» |

    Following a starring role of the St. Petersburg artist was offered after moving to the capital. He played the police captain Pavel Semyonov in the detective series «Nevsky», which was released in 2013-14. The audience so liked the detective and his protagonist, that in 2016 the Directors of the project decided to shoot a sequel of the tape.

    Anton Vasiliev in the TV series
    Anton Vasiliev in the TV series «Nevsky» |

    Admirers of the Petersburg actor out several projects with his participation. First of all, this is a picture of Dmitry Meshieva «the man at the window». But worthy of attention and feed «A4», «Forgive me, mother», «Pointe shoes for buns» and «Curious George». In comedic roles Vasiliev also looks great. To verify this, you can see the Comedy «fool’s Day» and «Mommy.»

    Anton Vasiliev
    Anton Vasiliev |

    In October 2016 on the big screens out the picture of Kirill Serebrennikov «the Apprentice,» in which Anton Vasilyevich got the bright role of the second plan. The premiere of this film, based on the play by German playwright Marius von meyenburg «(M)student», which took place in Cannes and received the award named Francois Chalet.

    Personal life

    St. Petersburg actor tries not to talk on topics which he believes, can only relate to his «second half». Therefore, the personal life of Anton Vasiliev is a closed Chapter of his biography. We only know that the artist is not married.


    • «Streets of the broken lanterns-4»
    • «Secrets of the investigation-5»
    • «Think like a woman»
    • «Classmate»
    • «Stranger among us»
    • «Nevsky»
    • «Forgive me, mother»
    • «Pointe shoes for buns»
    • «Amateur»
    • «The apprentice»


    Anton Vasiliev in the film

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