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  • Name: Anton Sokolov ( Sokolov Anton )
  • Date of birth: 22 June 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Russia
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Anton Sokolov biography

    Anton Sokolov is a Russian actor, star of such films as «1812: Ulanskaya ballad», «the Fighter» and «Forget and remember». Interesting that Sokolov came to the profession not once, tried other activities: was an engineer and a singer.

    Anton was born 22 June 1982. The first appearance on the stage of the future actor was still at school age in a rather unusual performance. In the children’s production of «Snow white and the seven dwarfs», he played… the beautiful Snow white and the dwarfs were played by girls. The play was a resounding success with the audience. But even this circumstance did not affect the choice of profession Sokolov: on the possibility to associate life with the stage he didn’t even think.

    Anton Sokolov
    Anton Sokolov | Official group VK

    After school, Anton arrives in the Nizhny Novgorod state technical University named after N. E. Alekseev, after which it became a chartered engineer. But technical work in the end, the young man was not to his liking. He goes to Moscow and entered the vocal Department of the State musical College named after Gnesins. There’s a guy lasted two rounds, when he finally realized that he likes to change the situation and constantly be someone else. And with such interests direct path to the actors.

    Anton Sokolov sits down again at the Desk, this time at the Russian state Institute of cinematography. There he to 2012 he studied under the guidance of Alexander Mikhailov. But, as says the young man in interviews, he was there until the 3rd of course was not sure what would be an actor. And only debut in movie placed all points over «i». Sokolov also successfully plays on the stage of the Moscow provincial theater, which came immediately after graduation from the University.


    The first film in which Anton Sokolov has starred in his student days, gave him wide fame. It was a historical-adventure film «1812: Ulanskaya Ballada», which is a kind of domestic response to the famous French «Three Musketeers».

    Hero Sokolova, Juncker Uhlan regiment Alexey Tarusov, is an alternative to d’artagnan by Alexandre Dumas, the father. Interestingly, for this role, Anton learned riding, fencing, and participated in stunt scenes. But the most difficult for an actor to show loving glance.

    Anton Sokolov in the film
    Anton Sokolov in the film «1812: Ulanskaya Ballada» | Movie-Theater

    Another famous work of Sokolov – war drama «the Fighter», which also starred Ekaterina Vilkova and Dmitry Dyuzhev. Also on account of the actor of the action «Bomb» picture about pilots «Embracing the sky» and the romantic melodrama «Smiley». New project Anton was another family picture «Forget and remember», where he shared the main role with the Ukrainian actor Alexander Bard and young Russian actress Anna Vasilyeva.

    Personal life

    On the private side of life Anton Sokolov knows very little. According to information from social networks in which his friends are the official group dedicated to the actor, it is known that he married, but who is the fiancee of Anton and does he have children – have for fans of the secret.


    • 2012 — 1812: Ulanskaya ballad
    • 2013 — Bomb
    • 2013 — Fighter
    • 2014 — Embracing the sky
    • 2014 — Smiley
    • 2016 — Forget and remember


    Anton Sokolov

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