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  • Name: Anton Siluanov ( Anton Siluanov )
  • Date of birth: 12 April 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, USSR
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: Russian economist and politician, Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, member of the security Council and the Supreme Council of the party «United Russia»
  • Marital status: Married

    Anton Siluanov: biography

    Anton Siluanov is one of the most important officials in the Russian government, which is headed by the Ministry of Finance. «Financially ambitious» as it is called colleagues during this difficult time for the country to confidently manages the budget of the Russian Federation and professionally operates with the distribution of financial resources of the state to the extent possible. Finance Minister is considered an analytical mind and rigid economist, who feels «like a fish in water» in the realm of numbers and calculations. His ability and appreciates the leadership of the Russian Federation, repeatedly awarded to the Minister of Finance the highest state awards.

    Born Anton Germanovich Siluanov, on 12 April 1964 in Moscow in a family of financiers. His father, Herman M. was an employee of the Ministry of Finance of the USSR, and the mother Yanina Nikolaevna worked in a large economic publishing house today continues to carry out its activities in the University financial Department of the Russian Federation.

    The craving for a future Finance Minister acquired in early childhood – his house was constantly discussed economic topics different plan, so in the school years, Anton Germanovich decided that would be a financier. After high school she entered the Moscow Finance Institute, of which a certified financier, an economist, who still practiced a role of a employee of the Ministry of Finance. In his student years, Siluanov carefully studied economic science and with full dedication to have a public order. He was no stranger to travel to the potatoes, and the work at BAM, where future official went for adventure, not for the money.

    In 1987, Mr Siluanov was drafted into the Soviet army, where he also performed duties nachfina, having control of the cash and the accrual of salaries to colleagues. After service with the rank of Lieutenant, Silvanus, without hesitation, went to work in the Ministry of Finance, despite the fact that working in the Finance Department was underpaid and quite boring.


    A future career as Finance Minister, started from the bottom – first he took public service as a private economist, but just a few years he managed to become a leading researcher and promoted to the post of Deputy head of the financial Department. The Ministry of Finance and economy, Siluanov was able to survive during the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the financial Department was divided into two parts.

    From 1994 to 2011, a professional economist has confidently advanced up the career ladder – he was head of Department of macroeconomic policy of the Ministry of Finance, and also held the position of Deputy Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin. In his post he was in charge of issues concerning relations between budgets of various regions, resulting in the head of the Department of intergovernmental relations.

    During his activities in the Ministry of Finance Siluanov was actively involved the banking sector of the country. He was a member of the boards of Directors of several banks and corporations. Thus in 2007, he joined the Supervisory Board of «Fund of assistance to development of housing» and was an active member of the program on development of single-industry towns.

    At that period, Siluanov was little known to the specialist, due to the narrowly focused activities. But he still managed to be noticed by the country’s leadership, after a dispute with former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin has entrusted to Siluanov, the Russian budget. Then he went into crisis management Council of the Eurasian economic community, was appointed Manager of the Russian Federation in the IMF and the World Bank, and also became a member of the security Council.

    The position of the head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov got in very serious for Russia, which the new Minister had placed great hopes, as ordinary citizens, and the state as a whole. People believe that he will be able to solve all the pressing budget issues.

    The main goal in the work Siluanov is the compliance and implementation of the budget, what causes it to stick to tough monetary policy aimed at limiting budget costs. The Minister of Finance steadfastly opposed higher taxes and increased external borrowing, being able to defend a point of view in the Cabinet.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Anton Siluanov carefully hidden from the public. It is known that the Minister of Finance is married and has one son Gleb, born in 1999. Wife of Anton Siluanov deals as well as male activities.

    His son’s wife Siluanova brought up in severity, requiring him to «not stand out» among their peers and stick to modesty. According to the Minister of Finance, to flaunt the welfare of the family is ugly, so he teaches Gleb to win a place in the society personal achievement.

    Siluanov calls himself an exemplary family man who, despite his constant employment at work, finds time to communicate with family. In view of the tight schedule he had arranged with his family a peculiar tradition on the weekends to get out to a restaurant and spend the evening discussing family matters, enjoying the Mediterranean cuisine.

    In addition to economic activities, the Minister of Finance participates in the country’s politics as part of the party «United Russia» and conducts scientific research at the financial University under the government of the Russian Federation to the Dean. For his achievements he was repeatedly awarded by awards and commendations of the highest leadership of Russia.


    According to the Declaration in 2014, Siluanov family is one of the richest in Russia. Their joint income with his spouse is about 40 million rubles. The Minister of Finance owns several apartments in different areas of the city with a total area of about 500 square meters, land plots for individual residential development with a total area of nearly 13,000 square meters, and also two residential buildings with an area of 152 204,5 sq. m.

    In property Siluanov are three GAZ 69, VAZ 21011, BMW X6 and three motorcycle BMW R 1200 GS, K 1600 GTL and Harley-Davidson FLSTC 103 ANV. The wife of the Minister of Finance owns one car, a BMW X5.


    Anton Siluanov

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