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  • Name: Anton Shulepov ( Anton Savlepov )
  • Date of birth: 14 June 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Kivsharivka, Kharkivska region
  • Height: 174
  • Activity: musician, singer, jury member of the project «X-factor»
  • Marital status: married

    Anton Shulepov: biography

    Anton Shulepov – Ukrainian musician and entertainer, former lead singer of the group «Quest Pistols». Now the soloist is part of the collective «Good». In 2016 Shulepov made his debut as a jury member and mentor in the popular talent show «X-factor».

    Anton was born in Kivsharivka village, located in the Kharkiv region. At the age of six the boy was sent to the Studio of ballroom dance, and since then Anton has not parted with music and dancing. In adolescence Shulepov became interested in the works of the American pop idol Michael Jackson began to wear outrageous clothes, grew his hair long and changed the style of dance the break dancing.

    Anton Shulepov
    Anton Shulepov

    After school, Anton is sent to Kiev and entered the Kiev national University of culture and arts in the choreography Department. However, to fully learn in high school he did not have. Just a month later, the head of modern ballet «Quest» Yuri Bardash invited promising dancer in your team, and Shulepov begins a large-scale tour activity.

    In the same period, young people actively removed the clips. And as he was wearing is not very common among young people hairstyle — dreadlocks, his role was strictly defined, but very popular. Gradually, the popularity of ballet grew. The guys came out on the dancers from the largest Ukrainian, Russian and even Western stars of show business. In the end, Yuri Bardash got the idea to transform dance collective music group.


    In 2007 was founded the vocal trio «Quest Pistols». First song «I’m tired» was a success with the public. It was a cover version of the song «Long and lonesome road» from the repertoire of the famous band «Shocking Blue». Following the smash-hit «the White dragonfly of love» gave the guys an incredible popularity not only in Ukraine but also in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

    Interestingly, originally, the repertoire was only 3-4 songs, which is clearly not enough for good concerts. The yield was found is quite simple: first, «Quest Pistols» about half an hour and showed off their dance moves, and then sang all the stock songs.

    But over time, the repertoire has expanded, and in 2007, the world saw the debut album «For you», followed by another five full-length records. In addition, in 2013, under the pseudonym Anton Zorko has recorded a solo CD of the same name. He continued to perform with the group, but only until the beginning of 2016. Then for fans of «Quest Pistols» fell unexpected news: one by one left the team leading soloists, and in their place have come newcomers.

    Left and Anton Shulepov. But soon he, along with Nikita Gurucom and Konstantin Borowski founded a new pop group «AGON», thus recreating the first part of «Quest Pistols». The team has already recorded several new tracks, highlights include «Let go» and «Every man for himself».

    Movies and TV shows

    Anton Shulepov – people creative and carried away, it wasn’t enough just to sing and dance, so one day he decided to test their capabilities in a movie. As an actor, a young man appeared on the set of the romantic Comedy «Wedding on an exchange» and the comic musical «the Cossacks».

    Danilko, Yulia Sanina, Konstantin Meladze and Anton Shulepov
    Danilko, Yulia Sanina, Konstantin Meladze and Anton Shulepov
    The website of the TV channel STB

    Many times the singer was invited in various TV shows, including the popular transfer of Ivan Urgant and Alexander Tsekalo «Big difference». And in 2016 Shulepov tried on the responsibility of one member of the jury of the seventh season of the talent show «X-Factor». With him this time to try and educate the participants will be from Julia Sanina «the HardKiss», producer Konstantin Meladze and another showman Andrey Danilko, better known in the image of Verka Serduchka.

    Personal life

    The actor married long. Anton Shulepov — a very versatile man. He is not only musician, singer, actor and judge of the show. At the time, the young man personally led a culinary video blog, in which he promoted vegetarianism, which is a supporter for a very long time. In addition, the artist practices yoga and studying Indian culture.

    Anton Shulepov wife

    The former soloist of group «Quest Pistols» there are a large number of tattoos, which are located on the back, chest and arms. Most of these drawings were made for the impulse, and Anton was very sorry about these decisions, considers them a mistake of youth and keen to get a tattoo.


    • 2007 — For you
    • 2008 — Magic paint + rock’n’roll and lace
    • 2009 — Superklass
    • 2012 — Different
    • 2013 — Zorko
    • 2014 — Santa Lucia
    • 2015 — Soundtrack
    • 2016 — Let go
    • 2016 — Every man for himself


    Anton Shulepov

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