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  • Name: Anton Shipulin ( Anton Shipulin )
  • Date of birth: 21 August 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Tyumen, Russia
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: Russian biathlete, Olympic champion
  • Marital status: married

    Anton Shipulin: biography

    Russian biathlete Anton Shipulin hails from the Siberian city of Tyumen. The athlete was born 21 August 1987 in a family of professional skiers and biathletes. Partly for this reason since birth, the child’s fate was decided – he was destined to play sports.

    Anton Shipulin in childhood
    Famous biathlonist in childhood | Biathlonrus

    With 3-4 years of age, the future star of biathlon (and both his sisters Anna and Anastasia, and Anna is a twin sister of Anton) was intensively engaged in skiing under the guidance of the father of Vladimir Ivanovich, which also took him to the training camp. Anton’s mother, Alla Abushaeva also had to do with this sport. It is noteworthy that the parents of the athletes were masters of sports in ski racing, biathlon.

    Anton Shipulin with parents
    A famous athlete with parents | the most successful, famous and beautiful people in the world

    During perestroika, my parents had to change my occupation, which was not at all connected with the sport. The coach for the athlete took a friend of his mother, which Shipulin was engaged in skiing until the age of 14. During this period, sister Anne started practicing biathlon. Somehow after a workout, she brought home a rifle that Anton has arisen a great interest in weapons. After much persuasion, his sister did let me touch the rifle. The next day, the athlete decided that it would address only the biathlon.

    Anton Shipulin and Anastasia Kuzmina
    Sister biathlete Anastasia Kuzmina | Best athletes

    Since then, the biography of Anton Shipulin is closely connected with the biathlon. And in 2010, Anton decided to get higher education for his or her occupation. So in the biography of the journalist, appeared in the Ural Federal University in which the athlete was trained in a magistracy of the Institute of physical culture, sport and youth policy.


    In 2002, Shipulin came under the guidance of an experienced mentor Mikhail Novikov, cooperated at that time with Svetlana Sleptsova, and began to train in Khanty-Mansiysk. This event has become a milestone in the life of an athlete.

    Anton Shipulin
    He started his career in early childhood | LiveInternet

    In 2004, the guy graduated from the 11th grade of secondary school in Tyumen, and then, in obedience to the request of parents and following the example of the older sister’s Nasty (which, incidentally, is the Olympic champion of Vancouver in biathlon from Slovakia), he entered the law Institute of the MIA of Russia in Tyumen.

    Higher education was not the easiest time in the life of an athlete. The fact that in addition, the student is seriously engaged in biathlon, did not help the loyalty of teachers, which required knowledge, and not awards. So he had to rewrite night notes and lectures, to cram the rule of law, and a day to train to exhaustion. But subsequently, the athlete was not sorry that I had to teach so much information.

    Anton Shipulin
    Well-versed in law | Sports Express

    While training at the University Anton actively participated in the Junior Championships from Khanty-Mansiysk, where he was spotted in 2006 by coach Vladimir Petrovym. At the invitation of the famous specialist athlete moved to Yekaterinburg, where it is now. Since then, the sports biography of Anton Shipulin came to a new level. 2006 brought the first major athletic success in sports career at the world Championships Anton Shipulin has won gold in the relay.

    Anton Shipulin
    In 2006 he won the first gold | NG72.RU

    The next year brought the Russian team a whole collection of awards, among which was a bronze in the pursuit, the sprint silver and a relay gold. Biathlete Anton Shipulin has seriously declared itself in the big sports. Since 2008, the athlete included in the national team of Russia, which is still. At the world Championships Anton showed excellent results, winning stages in the sprint and pursuit. The relay also brought the first place. That year gave Shipulin and championship in Europe.

    Anton Shipulin
    Photo By Anton Vladimirovich Shipulin | salameo

    The performance at the World Championships in 2009 did not show such excellent results, as it was before. Young biathlete ranked only 72nd place in the sprint, but that was his logical explanation – fees in the national team postponed its mark, the athlete simply did not have time to recover for the start of the competition.

    Predominatly the 2010 season showed that Anton is very confident in his abilities: the results of the season, it was officially recognized as the best shooter among biathletes of the world, which allowed him to take a leading position in the national team.

    Anton Shipulin
    Outstanding athlete | Sports Express

    Previous achievements of the athlete allowed him to take part from Russia at the Olympics in Vancouver, where he has failed to manifest itself fully, clearly affected by the absence of experience of performances at competitions of such high level along with famous athletes, and the race does not deny it. The result of the competition was only the bronze medal for the men’s team relay (by the way, your stage Anton had brilliantly, not allowing a single miss on the shooting range) and subsequently, the veteran was awarded the medal » for merits before Fatherland from the President of the Russian Federation.

    Anton Shipulin
    Photo of Russian athlete | Sports Express

    In the seasons of 2011-2013 in the World Cup, the athlete began to show stable results in shooting and skiing. The result of hard training were the first, second and third places in various competition stages. Marksmanship has become a hallmark of the athlete.

    The main event in the life of any athlete — the Olympics. Anton Vladimirovich Shipulin is one of the leaders of the men’s biathlon team Russia. Him had high hopes, because the pre-Olympic season has brought him many successes and awards. In recognition of the Anton and the biathlon track in Sochi is very tricky.

    Anton Shipulin, Dmitry Malyshko, Evgeny Ustyugov and Alexey Volkov
    Men’s team 2014 in Sochi | NTV

    Long days the Russian team could not get on the podium of the Olympic games in Sochi. That all changed on February 22, 2014, the last day of competition biathlon. The men’s team won gold in the relay. Alexey Volkov, Dmitry Malyshko, Evgeny Ustyugov and Anton Shipulin took part in the last race of the biathlon. Thanks to the genius of the fourth stage Shipulin our guys got the long-awaited victory, because Russia won the men’s relay over 34 years.

    Anton Shipulin and Vladimir Putin
    with Russian President Vladimir Putin | Public control

    This year has been a landmark in the career journalist, he became Olympic champion in the relay. For these and other athletic achievements, Anthony was awarded the order of Friendship, which was presented personally by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

    Good results demonstrated by the Russian athlete and world Cup in 2016. Despite the setbacks in östersund, at the second stage in Pokljuka Shipulin rehabilitated, twice winning bronze in the individual races and pulling her team to silver in the relay. The third stage has pleased fans biathlete came second in the Czech town of Nove mesto, behind only Martin Fourcade.

    Personal life of Anton Shipulin

    By and large, the personal life of Anton Shipulin has long been shrouded in mystery. The athlete does not like to talk about it and tries not to let their personal space. In interviews he has repeatedly said that it is paramount for the real-life sport.

    Anton Shipulin with his wife
    Wife Shipulin became Louise Sabitova | Our Newspaper

    Only once he admitted that he has a second half with whom they live together. Later the media found out the name of the lady Anton, she was a native of Tyumen Louise Sabitova. May 8, 2015 Shipulin directly at the cinema, according to press reports, made a proposal of marriage to Louisa. In the summer of 2015 the couple were married on the shores of lake Shartash, and in December the wife of Anton Shipulin gave the famous athlete son.

    Anton Shipulin
    Loves go-karting | the Best athletes

    Anton Shipulin finds time to communicate with your friends and Hobbies – he enjoys peynbola and go-karting.


    Anton Shipulin

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