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  • Name: Anton Shagin ( Anton Shagin )
  • Date of birth: 2 may 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Kimry, Russia
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: Married

    Anton Shagin: biography

    Popular Russian actor Anton Shagin was born 2 April 1984 in Kirme Tver region. When Anton was a year old, his grandfather took him to himself in Karachev, Bryansk region, where he spent his childhood. School boy bore the name of his grandfather, pots and Shahin – the name of his stepfather.

    In 14 years, the mother of Anton Shagin died, his upbringing was engaged grandmother. He was not an exemplary student – often disrupted lessons, sometimes skipping school. After grade 9 teacher hinted to grandma that her granddaughter is better to leave school.

    Anton enrolled in vocational schools with their grandmother and learned to be a locksmith. After College he worked for a year with a degree and decided to enter the theater Institute. Acting art guy in a vocational school, where he played in the initiative. Teacher saw the talent of the student and supported his aspirations.

    After grandmother died, Anton Shagin moved from Karachev to the capital and applied in the school-Studio of MKHAT. The first attempt he did in the course of Sergei Zemtsov.


    The first well-deserved award — «the Gold list» — Shahin got when I was a student. The actor was awarded the prestigious prize for her role in the performance «With favourite do not leave».

    After graduation Anton Shagin settled in the Russian academic youth theatre. He played in performances of «Red and black», «the Coast of utopia». In parallel, the actor worked with theatres in the Passionate, «Innovation» and «Practice».

    In 2009, mark Zakharov, invited Shagin of the famous troupe «Lenkom». His first role was yermolai Lopakhin from Chekhov’s «the Cherry orchard». Two years later he played a major role in the play «peer Gynt», for which he received a government award. The actor was involved in the play «Marriage of Figaro».

    In 2011, is Anton Shagin won the prestigious theatre award «crystal Turandot».

    In 2012, the actor played on the stage of the Alexandrinsky theater performance «Zero Liturgy». The basis of this production – the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky «the gambler».


    The debut work of Anton Shagin movie was supposed to be a musical «dandies,» but the preparation took more time than originally planned Director. To the actors fled, Valery Todorovsky decided to make a youth film «the Vice».

    After filming «Vice» began work on «Hipsters», where Anton Shagin appeared in the form of Mels. His character – a soldier of the Soviet student, whose life is dramatically changed when he fell in love and met dudes. The actor is seriously preparing for the role – he had to quickly master the saxophone.

    After the release of the film «Stilyagi» on screen, the filmmakers peppered Shagin proposals. Many of them he rejected the principle – the actor values his profession and starred in bad movies and TV shows for money, so in his filmography, not so many roles.

    In 2009 Anton Shagin starred in the film «touch». This is a story about a blind boy who suddenly gets his sight back after the murder of his father. Then had roles in the films «Hiding», «Without men», «Saturday» and others. The film is about the Chernobyl disaster «Saturday» participated in the Berlin film festival and her role in «Slackers» made Anton prize for best actor at the film festival in Tunisia.

    In 2014, took place the premiere of the series «Demons», and in the fall of 2015, the screens out the series «Anka with Moldavian». In both Anton Shagin has played a major role.

    Personal life

    Anton met his future wife Veronika Isayeva in his student years. The girl was also studying in school-Studio of MKHAT. After graduation they were married.

    In 2008, the family Savinyh a son, Matthew, in January 2014, the actor for the second time became Pope Veronica gave him a daughter.

    Anton Shagin rarely appears in public with his wife, avoids the subject in interviews. But all free time tries to spend with his family. After the marriage of Veronika Isaeva put an end to her acting career and devoted herself to her husband and children.

    Shahin writes poems and publishes them online. Today it is already more than 100 poems, but to publish a collection of the actor is not yet solved.


    • «Slackers»
    • «Stilyagi»
    • «Vise
    • «Without men»
    • «Demons»
    • «Kiss through the wall»
    • «Touch»
    • «Anka with Moldavian»
    • «Saturday»
    • «Kuprin. Pit»


    Anton Shagin

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