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  • Name: Anton Semkin ( Anton Semkin )
  • Date of birth: 5 December 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status:

    Anton Semkin : biography

    Anton Semkin was born in Moscow in December 1978. In his family there was no one from the world of theatre or cinema. Yes, and Anton always wanted to be an artist. He was a regular guy with traditional «boyish» Hobbies football and hockey.

    But in middle school, he thought about his future and realized that he wanted to try himself in different professions. And the best way to go in all ways at once – to become an artist. The world of theatre and cinema seemed to Anton Semkin mysterious and at the same time tangible. He watched favorite movies on the screen and try on different roles.

    After secondary school, Anton Semkin took the documents to the well-known drama school named Shchukin. He believed and did not believe that may be among students of the legendary «Pike». Having embarked, I felt in the seventh heaven from happiness. He was enrolled in a workshop by Rodion Ovchinnikov.

    In the early 2000s, Anton graduated from the Shchukin and was immediately accepted into the troupe of the Ermolova Theatre.


    In the Ermolova theatre and the debut of a young artist. The first productions of «the liar», «Saturday, Sunday, Monday», «photo Finish» – demonstrated the ability of the actor to transform into the opposite images.

    Soon Anton Semkin was involved in the private performance of «the Clown and the bandit». He demonstrated outstanding skill, appearing in two roles-brothers with different personalities and approaches to life. The premiere took place in the Moscow dramatic theatre headed by Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

    As a visiting actor, Anton Semkin appears on the stages of various theatres. In addition to the above, he stands in the Vakhtangov Theatre and Theatre Agency «Premiere».

    A cinematic biography of Anton Semkin began in his student years. He starred in a small role on the series «Black room» (Novella «Cleopatra»). In the future, the actor will appear in a myriad of different TV shows, including many criminal and military.

    In 2004, Semkin appeared on the screen in a TV tape «Twins», playing a character named Athanasius Mikheev. And next year, the actor was involved immediately in 4 series, the most famous being «Doomed to become a star» and «Talisman of love».

    In subsequent years, Anton Semkin appears on the screen more often. He is a famous actor whose face is well known to domestic audiences. Tape «Juncker», «SMERSH,» «Love under the gun: snipers» and «Margot» – everywhere you can see Semkin.

    Anton starred in two parts of the acclaimed project «the game», appeared as the son of Boris Sergeyevich. Saw it in Russian-Ukrainian melodrama «Marusya», paducha in front of screens thousands of people spectators of Russia and Ukraine.

    In 2012, filmgoers saw series Comedy film «Queen’s New clothes», where the main male character went to Anton Semkin.

    For today on account of the actor more than fifty roles in various movies. The main role he got in the project «Gemini», «the Autumn detective», «COP in the law».

    In 2016 fans of the actor can see him in the series «the Sun» where he played Peter.

    Personal life

    About my personal life Anton Semkin stubbornly silent. To find out anything about if he is married, does he have children, is extremely difficult.


    • «Doomed to become a star»
    • «Talisman of love»
    • The Junkers
    • «SMERSH»
    • «The Shadows Of Faberge»
    • «The game»
    • «Aerobatics»
    • «Marusya»
    • «Maiden hunt»
    • «The Effect Of Beauharnais»


    Anton Semkin

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