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  • Name: Anton Privolnov ( Anton Privolnov )
  • Date of birth: 1 January 1981
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 191
  • Activity: TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Anton Privolnov: biography

    Anton Privolnov was born 1 January 1981 in Moscow. His father — a former guitar player now doing business related to cars. Mother of TV presenter is a French teacher. When Anton was 6 years old, his parents divorced. He was left to live with her mother Tatiana Privolnoe, but father supports the relationship.

    In childhood Anton dreamed of an acting career or become a TV presenter. He played in school plays, but I think that will work a fireman or a seller. When the boy grew up, he decided to enter the acting Department of GITIS. Not waiting for 18 years, Anton was safely entered on a course of Leonid Heifetz. Already passed all the exams, he admitted that he had not finished school. I had to do something with the documents. Anyway, but the school Privolnov I finished night school while studying in GITIS. By the way, he went on one date with actor Paul Derevianko. Their friendship survived until now.

    After training, the gifted young man was taken to the Russian army Theatre, where he had a wonderful list of the most interesting roles. There he ministered with Peter Krasyliv.

    After Privolnov has worked as a waiter in an expensive Moscow restaurant. Anton never stops learning and improving. During this period he studied at the School of film and television on the course Khotinenko. There is interest in the television format.


    In 2001, he debuted on television in the program «secrets of the Themis», where he invited the leading.

    A year later his career went up sharply. The guy was invited to «the First channel» the program «Good morning». There he was author and presenter of the news heading. To achieve this was not easy. For a long time Anton Privolnov and his friend went on the doctor, knocking at the Studio and told me that they have a lot of ideas for television programs. Finally, a knock on the door of the program «Good morning» brought a good result.

    In 2003, he already is the permanent host. Category is OTC, and from 2005 and the morning hit parade «First program». In 2006, viewers learn Anton Privolnov leading «Control purchase».

    In 2013, the experience gained in the program about quality and healthy food, helps him, because Anton decided to go into the restaurant business and opened a cozy cafe home food «the Mashed potatoes». By the way, few people know that Privolnov — vegetarian.

    Today it also appears in the program «Good morning», but as the main lead.

    A lot of controversy on the forums was conducted on the diction of the artist. He does not hesitate to discuss this issue. And do not hesitate to learn what you can do at any age. Today Anton Privolnov is in speech therapy, not complex. And he still dreams about an acting career, but until that appears on the silver screen only in a cameo.

    Personal life

    Anton Privolnov married. Olga, future wife he met in the School of film and television. In the history of their relationship was not love at first sight. First, Anton did not notice Olga and didn’t see her as his girlfriend. But once they got to talking and realized that they have much in common. The couple formalized the relationship in 2007, and soon they had a son, Platon.

    For Anton Privolnov it is important to add a touch of joy to what he does. He wants to benefit from its established and new projects in the future, but also the presenter considers important to improve the mood of the viewer.


    • «Lady Boss»
    • «Residential district»
    • «After school»
    • «Shopping center»


    Anton Privolnov

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